Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today is an appropriate time for me to post this card! I made this card for our neighbor's little boy, Grayson! I will come back to that in a few!

It is appropriate for me to post a Thank you card because... I want to Thank all of you.. my friends... for your sweet comments about my last post (and every post)! I talk about certain friends, on my blog, from time to time because for whatever reason... I have felt led to do so and wanted to do so! BUT... all of you have a special place ... just for you... in my heart! You all give me so much encouragement EVERY DAY.... and I can't tell you enough how much that means to me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today has been a busy day and I have replied to everyone's comments, by email, that I could! Some of you (I am sure if you are a blogger user you know what I mean) I can't reply to straight from your comment in my email because your email is not connected to it (however that works!?!?!) so... if you didn't get a reply from me as an email... I will leave you a comment very soon! (wow... that was a long sentence... hope no one is grading me!) I hope to check all my fav blogs (yours) tomorrow since I didn't get any blurfing (Karen's awesome word... THAT one was for you Karen!) done today! I don't like it when I miss a day of seeing what you have been up to!

I think I have said before... that a fault of mine is... I always feel the need to explain myself! That last paragraph is another example! :) I just want you to know that I want to personally (as personal as you can get over the internet) Thank you for your comments! :) I worry too much!

Anyway... I guess tonight is another chatty night for me! Sorry! Thanks for still coming back day after day! :) I am feeling a little crazy tonight... maybe I am a little delirious from lack of sleep!?!?

Back to the card! When we were preparing to go on vacation, we asked our neighbor, Jason, to feed our dogs. After we got home, Michael went over to get our food, etc. from Jason. Jason told Michael how he and Grayson had gone over every night to feed and play with the dogs! So... as a Thank you to them for taking care of our outside children... I thought I would make a Thank you for Grayson. I was so tickled when I remembered that I had this stamp from Sassafras! The perfect stamp for the job!

We got Grayson a little toy motorcycle... nothing expensive at all... but we wanted to get him something for coming over with his dad to take care of our Lucy and Buddy!

As an adult... I don't expect any gifts for helping out a neighbor. As a parent... I don't expect them either but it sure means a lot when someone does something for your child! So... even though it isn't a lot... I hope it means a lot to Jason and lets him know we appreciate them doing this for us! Jason is a good neighbor... sometimes he just mows our yard for us out of the blue! Makes me want to be a better neighbor!! I am so anti-social!! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! Thank you, if you made it this far, for enduring another long post! I will try to sneak a few short ones in here the next couple of days... to give you a break! :)

Whew... I'm tired... what about you? Ha!

Stamp- Freedom (Sassafras)
Paper - Vintage Cream (PTI)
Ink - Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Jute Twine (PTI), Enchanted Evening button (PTI), Jenni Bowlin Alpha Stickers, Nesties Labels One
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Elise said...

FIRST OF ALL! Darling, scrumptious, fabulous, I-can-smell-the-vintage wonderfulness: holy moly! I'm in love!!! Never, EVER have I seen that image and it's a DANDY! Plus, you showed him off like none other! Seriously. The simplicity of your design ASTOUNDS me! I can't DO simple elegance. To me, it's WAY advanced design technique and I think you have to have some serious mojo to pull it off... AND YOU DO! Breathtaking, Kelley! I hope (at least his mom will...) you neighbor CHERISHES it! DAR-ling!

Jane said...

that card is perfect! Love everything about it!

Vanessa said...

This card is darling!! Love the little guy with his dog! So cute!

You are such a sweet and kind person, Kelley! I am happy we are blog friends!


Cat said...

Such a cute card he will love it for sure. It is wonderful to hear what lovely neighbours you have, it feels reassuring to know that they will make sure that they keep an eye out for your house. Reminds me of when I was little and neighbours were friends, so lovely.:)

~amy~ said...

super darling sassafras'alicious card...I thought that little boy looked familiar and yahoo for sassy stamps...cute, cute, cute!!! You're just toooo sweet kelley!

Stephanie said...

what a sweet neighbor - impromptu lawn mowings....maybe I should move :) All my neighbor does is flash way too much skin for her age (we're talkin' lots of bikini wearin' for a 60plus women)....okay on to better thoughts :)

cute the image and how perfect for this card in particular. hope you're enjoying your time on cloud 9!!

LeAnne said...

You are such a sweetie--and so is this card. I love vintage/retro/school children stuff....this is SO cute!!! I will have to look into getting that set, just adorable!

Carly said...

This is a fantastic card and you're the best blogger friend!! A BIG Thank You to you too!!! :-) Happy Saturday!!!

Randee E said...

Hey There!

Love the card and as soon as I saw it I thought it fit in perfectly with this call;

You're on a roll girl! Congrats on all your recent stamping success :0). You're positive attitude and energy show through your creativity as well :0)

Janelle said...

Love that stamp, Kelley! And, you're right -- it was perfect for the occasion. Our neighbors take care of our dog when we're out of town, too. How precious good neighbors are!!

Alanna said...

Great card Kelley. I love how you used the nestie to make the card base. I need to figure out how to do that.

~kelly marie~ said...

I love this card! It reminds me of the little story books I read as a kid at my grandmother's. They were in Spanish and had images just like that one. So not only is this card gorgeous, but you just brought back some wonderful memories! :)

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh my! THis is adorable! I LOVE it! You know I'm a sucker for vintage stuff! You can't beat thoughtful neighbors. HOw special!

Traveling Mama said...

I love this card!! So cute! And CONGRATS on getting your acceptance letter! Woohoo! I am So excited for you! I had a few cards accepted too... I guess you never know what you can achieve until you try and submit, huh? I cannot WAIT to go to the store and buy my own copy!! And now I cannot wait to see your work in there too!!! That is SOO cool!!!!

Winter said...

This card is so cute! I love that stamp! It isn't hard to encourage you, I'm just returning the favor! :)

Karen said...

Aw, thanks Kelley!! :> What a wonderful neighbor you have!!! Random Acts of Kindness can put such a smile on a face. :> And it was thoughtful of you to acknowledge Grayson's (and Jason's) care of your dogs. I'm sure it was nice for you to not have to worry. Oh, back to that acknowledement! Your card is FANTASTIC!!! I love EVERYTHING about it! :>

Jill said...

I adore that stamped image!! Great card!