Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Pictures

This is my second round of pics... if you want to see the Pumpkin Patch pics... they are below!
Again... no editing of the photos and in no particular order ... too lazy! :) Just wanted to share some recent pictures.

Here are our lame... I mean... scary pumpkins! :)

This is Dr. Eubanks in his scrubs today at preschool. Can you see the Dr. Eubanks stitched on there? Aren't they so cute! He wanted to be a doctor for Halloween. It was between that and Spider man! Not the best pic but I couldn't wait to share his little outfit.

Our lame...I mean... scary pumpkins again... during the day!

I can't believe that he actually put his hand in the pumpkin... he only did it once. He doesn't like for his hands to be dirty. I think I have created a monster! :)

I love it when he puts his 'helmet' on. He puts it on from time to time to ride his tricycle and when we throw the ball.

This is my sister-in-law, Lisa, and my neice, Natalee. Natalee will be 12 years old tomorrow... hard to believe! Aren't they both beautiful?

This is what Carver's hands look like after he gets done making a card. :)

This is Carver making a card... he used markers and stickers... so cute!

Check out Carver's face! He was helping to blow out Poppy's birthday candles! He had to have some help from his cousin! :)

Thanks again for checking out my pics! Peace and Love!


Jessica said...

No editing?!?! These are great, Kelly!! You have a very sweet family and yes, your sister-in-law and niece are beautiful!!! Oh, and you little Dr. Eubanks is looking great ;) Thanks for sharing a little portion of your heart with us :)

Winter said...

Oh my! That is a cute little Dr.! :) Cute pumkins too! :)

Vanessa said...

This is so cute!! Love Dr. Carver! And your pumkins are super!


Christina Smith said...

That's so cute that Carver wanted to be a doctor for Halloween. He's so stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures! Love it!

Catherine said...

These photos are just beautiful Kelley. So cute to see your little boy and his card making, what a handsome little doctor he is.:)

Stephanie said...

love that dr. costume, Kelley - Carver as Dr. McCutey!!

Stamping at tiffanys said...

omg!! love your pumpkins!! carter wanted that cake too!! hehehe!! so sweet!

Elise said...

How on earth did I miss THESE adorable snapshots of your cute life? Oh, Kelley! DR. EUBANKS! "Paging, Dr. Eubanks!" Is he really the riot I presume him to be!?! Such a fun photo montage of the Eubank's clan! Great share, doll!