Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Am A Minister's Wife

and I am very happy to be! Let me just start by saying that! :)

It isn't an easy 'job' though! There are a lot of things that go along with being a ministers wife ... a lot of blessings and some difficult stuff as well. The blessings most definitely outweigh the difficult stuff.

But for today... I just need to rant a little bit. And here's why... for the sake of ranting!

I got a little feisty (as my husband likes to say) yesterday when my husband asked me to make sure and just leave well enough alone about a certain issue. My opinion about what he asked was... I had already made that decision on my own... without any help from him. My opinion was also that I had being doing this 'ministers wife' thing for 14 years now so I think I got it!!

You see... people in the 'outside' world or congregation... can go around and tell their stories or say whatever they want. And their stories usually sound good and most times have some truth to them. However... they are still only one sided.

A minister.... a good minister... doesn't engage in personal attacks or even feel the need to set the record straight on what has really happened. They are more disciplined and have a sense of something bigger than themselves. They try to keep the peace and mend relationships. Which is what we should all strive for!

Being a ministers wife is the same. There are things that I know and want to comment on. There are people that I want to have a talk with... that I can't! It can be frustrating! Because sometimes people are just not nice to my husband! My husband is not perfect... by any means... but he is sure expected to be! I think if everyone would take a look at themselves in the same way they take a look and tear apart someone else.... they wouldn't have the heart to tear apart someone else due to what they see in themselves!

I feel I have come a long way as a person and in my relationship/understanding of God and what life is all about. Do I think I know everything? Absolutely not!! I do however... find joy... in where I am... all the while longing to be even farther along! Sometimes I find myself being a little self righteous and I don't like that. It is really a hard line to walk. Some things are just so stupid to me! So many things actually... that we ALL (including myself) care about in this life. Anyway... that is a whole different blog post so I will stop there. :)

I had this silly assumption in my head that everyone ... or most everyone... would be working towards making themselves a better person.... constantly! The sad truth that I have found... is that a lot of people are not. Either they think they are just fine the way they are... or they are too scared to look at themselves too hard. I always say that no one can be as hard on me as I am myself. I have spent a lot of time in a mild depression over the realities of who I am/were. It is not an easy thing to do.  I say a lot of times that I am fat... etc. etc. But I am not really hard on myself about that. I am hard on myself about the things that really matter... the heart things... not the how I look (although I need to care a little more than I do. LOL). It is just really surprising to me... the older I get... that there seems to be so many people perfectly content with who they are. I don't ever want to be content with the person I am. I will never be perfect.... but I want to be as close as I can be because I want to do that for Jesus. He did so much for me! I want to get it!! I want to understand!! I want to feel it! I want to live it! I want to show it! 

Okay... back on track... There are a lot of things/topics that I would love to discuss/share my thoughts on... on my own blog. But... the ministers wife thing keeps me from doing so most times. I don't know why. I mean... I take great pride and strive to be the same person everywhere I am. If I am angry... I can't hide it. I am going to let you know that I am angry and I will apologize for not being a lot of fun to be around. I am who I am so I will most likely tell you whatever I think... as long as it isn't one of those church things that I can't. I might as well blog about them, right? So.... here is my first one! It is just a bunch of random thoughts that I needed to get out there! :) Maybe something I said will help someone with something! :) If nothing else... maybe it will help you take what you hear about a minister or a ministry with a grain of salt and not assume that it is truth because you didn't hear the other side. :) Or maybe it will help you remember to say a prayer for your pastors wife! :)

Peace and Love!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Word Verification

Yup... I know everyone hates it.... including myself but I did it! I added it back to my blog for a little while. I am getting WAY too much spam.

I cleaned out my spam comments two days ago... and there were almost 1000... seriously! When I went in just a minute ago to add the word verification back.... there were 70. I was thinking that I was getting at least 30 a day! And.... they go to my email... and make my phone beep!

It had to be done!!!

Peace and Love! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Practicing Creativity, Papertrey Ink, Hero Arts and Skipping Stones For Sale

Here are a few more sets that I have for sale. They are not in original packaging. They are packaged in a cd case. Email me at if you are interested and we can talk shipping!

Don't forget to check out this post for my Stampin' Up stamps for sale!

I will have more coming!!

Brrrthday $5 - Skipping Stones

Fall Fest $5 - Practicing Creativity Designs

 For the Love of Dots $5 - Practicing Creativity Designs

 It's A Celebration $5 - Papertrey Ink

I have removed a few sets off of this post because they were sold!

Stampin' Up Sets for Sale

I just listed these on my For Sale page.

I had taken pics to add them on Facebook as well so I thought I would just post them on here too. :)

Let me know by email if you are interested in any of these and we can talk shipping then. I will accept paypal only! Thanks! :)

Bronc Buster $6

 A Little Somethin $6

 Fall Flair $6

Dilly Dally $4

Art By Design $5 ( I kept one image out of set)

 A Tree For All Seasons $5

Trendy Trees $5

 A Taggers Dozen $6

Toucan of My Love $5

 Aviary $6

Flowers In Silhouette $2

How Old Are You Today?

Happy Thursday!

Today I am here to share a card that uses twine from Whisker Graphics and a stamp/die set from My Creative Time!

Make sure to check out the Whisker Graphics blog today... my card will be up over there but there is a lot of inspiration if you want to stay awhile and scroll through!

For my card today I used the Brown Sugar Divine Twine!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Love!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Perfectly Perfect Day with Avocado Arts

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am back to share a card using the August set from Avocado Arts. The set is called Perfectly Perfect Day! Check out this 'perfect' set....

I kept my card super simple as usual! I just stamped the images and sentiment and I applied stickles to the dragonfly wings!

Make sure to check out the other ladies posts and leave them some love....

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Sorry to keep it short and sweet! My craft room is in the middle of a reorganization/purging! I have stuff EVERYWHERE!

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Peace and Love!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grateful For You with Avocado Arts PLUS a giveaway!!

Happy Wednesday!

Today the entire Pit Crew are sharing creations with our Avocado Arts stamps! :) I am using the August set called Perfectly Perfect Day with a sneak (the sentiment) from the September set called Grateful Season. Here is a look at the full August set and the digi files that can be purchased to go along with it....

To recreate my card today... you would make your card base. Cut a thin orange border and adhere. Stamp the tree and the leaves. For my leaves... I stamped some straight from the pad and others... I used the stamp off technique. Round the bottom corners and ink the entire card... heavier on the edges with distress ink.

Now... for the giveaway...

The sweet ladies behind Avocado Arts are going to be giving away 3 mini sets to a few random people who comment on the Pit Crew blog posts. So... make sure to visit and comment on every blog along the hop. Here is a look at what is up for grabs...... 

SOOOOO CUTE! Good luck!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Thoughts with Avocado Arts

Happy Tuesday!

A few of the Pit Crew are showing projects today using the August Kit from Avocado Arts. The set is called Perfectly Perfect Day and here is a look at it...

LOVE!! Looks like a fun set, huh?

My card is as usual... super simple. I stamped everything onto the kraft card base, rounded the corners, inked the edges with distress ink, and added twine/bling.

Make sure to go visit these wonderful ladies on their blogs to see what they created using the kit....

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On a personal note... I know I have not been around all summer! I plan to post about that hopefully soon. I just spent all the time I could being mommy! Carver started Kindergarten (for his first full day) yesterday. I can't believe he is in Kindergarten! Anyway.... I plan to be more active on my blog and hopefully find some mojo soon! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Love!