Sunday, November 29, 2009


I didn't know what to title this post! I have run out of time to reply to all of you guys... I have tried as time has permitted but please know that I thank you all so much for the love you have shown and the prayers you are offering up on our behalf!

I am doing really well! I find myself honored and excited! Of course I am anxious a little bit just about being away from Carver for a few days. I will miss seeing his sweet little face!

But... I am honored and exciting (as strange as that may sound to some of you) that God is allowing me to go through this storm. I know I will be a much stronger person. I know my family will be stronger. I am excited about the blessings that He is going to bestow upon me, my family, and hopefully others by me going through all of this! I am excited about all of the things that I am going to learn through this process and about how much closer I will be to my God and Savior!

Thank you all again for loving me and for the prayers! I am so blessed to have so many people love and care for me and my family! I love you all so much and so many of you I have never even met! :) You guys take care of yourselves! Michael will be updating on his blog and as soon as I am lucid enough... I will be catching up with you myself! :) I love you all!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ramblings and Specifics

I have so much to do or that I feel like I have to get done before Sunday! All that I can concentrate on right now is just getting my feelings out so... that is what I am going to do first!

Yesterday was a great day! Today has been a great day with one small breakdown over dinner! :) I don't even know really what I want to say. I just need to talk so thanks for listening and for caring!

I have faith that God is taking care of me and that I am going to be fine! I do, however, seem to let the devil come in from time to time and steal that away from me temporarily! I guess that is only human, right?

I received an email from a church friend that I read just a few minutes ago. In that email, my friend shared that my experience has made her aware of the need to take care of herself better for her children. After I read that email, I went out to feed our dogs and I found myself praying. Praying that for whatever reason I am being allowed to go through this experience... if/when I have come through it.... that I will have the courage and strength to do whatever it is that God wants me to do with this. I see so many 'things' at this moment that I feel could be the reason I am going through this. I see the opportunities that could open up for me to hopefully help others with my story if only I have the courage to do them. You see... some of these opportunities would involve things that I am very uncomfortable with doing at this point in my life! I think about how my husband is a youth minister. We have so many teenage girls that I could talk to about this storm in my life and hopefully make them see how the impact of what they do NOW... can affect their future. Is this personal experience that I have something that I am ashamed of.... yes... of course. Is it something that I am too ashamed of to talk about to others in an effort to help them maybe not make the same wrong decisions... not at all. Am I terrified of public speaking.... YES! Am I just uncomfortable talking in even a small group of people (even teenagers)... YES! Is this what God has in store for me? I don't know yet!

The reason I am even talking about this is because not only do I need your prayers for many other things... I am asking for your prayers that WHEN I come through this... that it will not be wasted! I need your prayers for strength long after the physical hurts are healed. I need prayers for clarity and that my eyes and heart will be open to whatever God wants me to do from here on out!

I hope all of that rambling somehow makes sense... at least enough that you understand my prayer request! :)

Speaking of prayer requests.... I have several specific prayer points if you would please... :)

Pray for my husband, Michael... he is going to be mommy and daddy for a while. Pray that he will remain healthy and strong physically and mentally.

Pray for my son, Carver... pray for a calm spirit... as any of you who know Carver know how wild he can be! While that is all fun and great normally... it would be awesome if he would be a little less rambunctious until I get home so it would help his dad out! :) The energy that boy has can wear you out in an hour!

Pray also for Carver that he will remain healthy and strong during all of this! As a mom, of course, I am worried that everyone is going to be so preoccupied with taking care of me that an illness in Carver could go unnoticed longer than it normally would be.

Pray for my parents... they are strong but I am their little girl! I am the baby and the only girl so my brothers like to say that I am spoiled... they don't know what they are talking about! :)

Pray for the rest of my family that they will remain strong and full of faith that everything is going to be okay! We are going to be depending on a lot of our family to help us out for the next little while. They all have their own lives, etc.... I hate to think about them getting worn down.

Pray for the doctors and nurses who are going to be taking care of me!

Praise God for the doctors and nurses who are going to be taking care of me!

Praise God for my doctor... Dr. Link... who has already taken care of me by listening to God and catching this!

Pray for strength for me and a quick recovery!

Pray that the doctors are able to get out all of the cancer and that the tests results will show that they did.

Pray that the initial tests were correct and the cancer has not spread!

And again... pray that this... whatever the outcome... will not be wasted!

Did you get all of that? ha.... I don't ask much, huh? :)

I am sure I forgot something that I will think of later so... you may hear from me again! If not.... I LOVE YOU ALL! I am soooo blessed to know you all and to have your love and to have you guys praying for me and my family! I wish I could hug and kiss you all!!

My surgery is at 8am CST on Monday the 30th! My husband, Michael, has started a blog and I am sure he will keep it updated if you want to check in on me! I know you do because you love me! I love you too! :)

His blog is !! Talk to you guys soon! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I find myself today, of course, being thankful for all of the blessings in my life! The 'normal' blessings that we are all thankful for. I also find myself being thankful to God for what He is doing in my life at this moment. I find myself praising Him in this storm because I know that He is going to see my through this. I know that God is going to use this in a mighty way to change my life forever and I know that He is going to use this to do a work in many lives around me. I know that through this, I will have a strength and a faith and an understanding of so many things that I have prayed to Him to have. I found myself at one of my lowest points thinking that THIS is what Jesus felt before He died on the cross for me. I have always had a hard time grasping the sacrifice that Jesus made. I wasn't there to see what he went through. I wasn't there to see the pain and suffering and how Jesus must have been so scared and nervous about what He was fixing to do. See Jesus was not only God but He was also human so I can only imagine that He had the same human reaction of being so scared and sick and sad about what He knew He was facing. I have longed to have a better grasp of what He went through because I felt like I would be even more thankful for the sacrifice that He made for me. I wanted to understand that so that I could be a better person and a person who truly put God first... above ALL else! I don't think that I could ever fully understand how He felt but I do feel that being so scared of losing my life and being so physically sick over it... I understand as best as I ever will until I get to Heaven! I am just thankful to God for this season of my life because God makes amazing things happen even in the worst situations! God doesn't cause these things to happen but He uses them to bring people to Him!

Thank you God for my life and for this storm that I am going through right now! I have faith that you are going to see me through this and I am going to be closer to You than I have ever been. I have faith that someone... even one person... will seek You through all of this and find a joy, a peace and a happiness that only comes from You. If one person finds their way to you... then it is all worth it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Latest

I love you all.... do you know that? I really do!

I have a real peace for the first time in this life changing few days! I went for my CT Scan this morning and we called a little while ago for the results. From the tests... it looks as if the cancer has not spread. It seems to be contained at the moment to my cervix. Due to the kind of cancer it is (rare), the surgery for a radical hysterectomy is still on for Monday.

After hearing this news and talking to the wonderful nurse, I can't help but have a peace! I know so many people have been praying for me/us. These are other things that I know......

The 'catch' of this cancer in my body is a total surprise to the oncologist and his staff. Apparently my irregular pap was just slighty irregular. The standard procedure for many gynos would be to say... hey, you guys have a great holiday season and how about you come back in Feb. and we will do another pap. There were no signs on my irregular pap of cancer. If the standard procedure had been done... this would have given my type of cancer plenty of opportunity to grow and spread. Instead my doctor immediately did a biopsy just to be safe! Have I said that I love him? :) I always have but man... I basically feel like he has saved my life or at least... done his part to try to!

My gyno started to refer me to another oncologist but said... hey... you know what.... I am going to send you to Dr. Dudley instead. I know why he had a change of heart.... God wanted me to be with Dr. Dudley. We have heard nothing but great great things about this man! His nurses sing his praises and everyone... everyone we have had contact with the past two days at the hospital have done nothing but sing his praises. Dr. Dudley's nurse told us that it is nothing for him to use his lunch time to go to the chapel and pray for his patient(s) and come back eating a banana that he picked up before starting to work again! I feel strongly that God wants this man to take care of me!

It is amazing that one day after learning of the cancer... I was in the oncologists office making plans and having tests. There was a cancellation yesterday that allowed me to come on in and be seen. The nurse has said several times over the past two days that 'someone' wanted this to go quickly for me! She and I both know who that 'Someone' is! She told Michael today that I had angels watching over me!

I think I already told you but as a favor to Dr. Dudley... the people who ran the tests for me stayed around an hour and a half later to see me. If they hadn't... I would have had to wait until Monday right before surgery to find out if it looks to have spread, etc! In my fragile condition... I don't know how I would have made it until then.

I am not a patient person and my nerves have been so torn up that I throw up and can't sleep! God knew that and I believe that He provided answers and hopefully a permanent solution in an unbelievable speedy fashion.

Knowing all of this.... I can't help but have a peace that I am going to be okay! God is moving in a mighty way to protect me right now! I am so unworthy of His love and grace but I am soooo thankful to have it!

I am also so thankful to have all of you! It is overwhelming to know that sooo many people care about you and love you and pray for you! I will never ever ever be able to express my gratitude appropriately! I just weep because I can just feel it! I can feel the love and the prayers and I am just so blessed!

Please continue to pray for me and for our family! My surgery is Monday and I will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and then I will have a 6 week recovery! Hopefully it won't take me that long though to get back in my craft room! :) However.... when i do.... things will be different. I pray that they are different! My life has totally changed forever and I pray that I will come out a better person because of it... a more focused person on the things that really matter and on the only ONE who really matters!

I love you all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update for today

Hey my dear friends, family, and church family! I wanted to share an update with you of our day as I know many of you want to know. First... let me say that I could never express in words the humbled gratitude that I feel right now to all of you for your prayers and comments/emails. Michael and I were talking on the way home tonight about the overwhelming joy that we felt today from so many texts, emails, phone calls from our family, church family and friends. It made the overwhelming despair/grief/worry a little more bearable. So... I will never be able to email each of you individually to express how grateful I am for you but please know that I am. I am so thankful for your prayers and I beg of you to keep it up!

I am in a weird place right now as I type this. I am trying to just make sense of this all and how our lives have changed forever in 24 hours. I am calm at the moment... due to prayers and to some Xanax the doctor gave me today! :) I first have to say that I know all of you reading this don't believe in God and maybe this is an opportunity for me to reach out to you and somehow through this heartache in my own life... I can show you that God is real and that he loves you. I don't believe this is happening to me because God is making this happen to me. I don't believe that this is God's perfect plan for my life. I believe that God knows when you are going to die and how because he is all knowing. But... I don't believe that he chooses that time. I believe that God gave us free will and when sin entered the world.... all of these diseases, etc are a result of that. I don't believe that God would make a baby to be born with deformities or diseases. God doesn't make anything that isn't perfect. I believe that being human and sinners has done that. We have done so many things to our bodies and after all these years of sin... these things have come about. I believe that God performs miracles but I also think that since he gave us free will that he won't step into every situation and perform one. I think sometimes the negative outcome can have a greater impact for his Kingdom and that is what this life is really all about. It is/should be about God... this life is only temporary!

Now... saying all of that... I am scared... I am so scared! I pray that God is going to take care of me and that I will be around a long time for my little boy and for my husband! I am human... I can't help but be terrified. I am really trying hard not to be but being a worrier anyway.... it is just really hard! I want to think positive and I want to believe that this will all be okay. I just know that even if this inital battle turns out okay... I am going to have a constant battle for the rest of my life... trying not to worry if this is going to come back.

So... let me quit rambling and tell you the details!

So... the oncologist did his own examination today and talked to us for a long time. I had some tests run today and am having a CT scan bright and early tomorrow. I should know the results of everything tomorrow afternoon at the latest. What he is looking for with these tests is to see any signs of cancer anywhere else in my body. He doesn't feel like that is going to be what they find but.. as I found out today... nothing is for certain... anymore...! I will have a radical hysterectomy on Monday the 30th. They have to do an old fashioned total slicing type hysterectomy with this kind of cancer to make sure they can get to all of the places that they need to get to. So... that means longer recovery time. I will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and then he said it would be about a 6 week recovery. I won't actually know for sure if they think it has spread until after everything is removed and they run tests on it. That will determine what my chances are of remaining cancer free. There is a chance that after they get in there and do the procedure that I may have to have chemo or radiation. They are hoping that I will only require surgery but if they think that it is at all present anywhere else.. I will have to have other treatments.

You know.. when I focus on the positive I feel like it is all going to be okay. My doctor had an instinct to do the biopsy in the first place because we found out today that my pap was only slighty abnormal and some docs would have just said come back in 6 months. Everything we have heard about the oncologist is just wonderful. They had a cancellation today so we were able to get in today and get more answers and a plan going. They staff that ran all of the tests for us today stayed an hour or more longer so they could do a favor for our doctor. Since some of the tests were today... we should know all of the results tomorrow instead of waiting until right before I go into surgery to find them out. The nurse practitioner said several times today that someone ... meaning God... wanted us here today and not having to wait to see them until next week. So... when I think of all of that... I am positive!

When I look at my little boys face... I lose it! My heart just breaks thinking of him having to go through life calling for me and me not being there for him. I know I should not focus on that ... I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. I am his mommy and he means the world to me! I need to be here for him so please please please.... keep praying! Keep praying for peace... pray for the doctors/nurses who are treating me... pray for healing of my body! I am upset beyond words to know that I will never have another child of my own but I am so thankful that God blessed us with Carver. The only option today for me and Michael was to get it all out... it is more important for us to try and make sure the one child that we have... gets to keep his mommy around!

Thank you again for all of your prayers, thoughts, and concerns! I love you all and thank you for loving me and my family!

Prayer Request

Hey guys... you all know that I am usually a pretty open book on my blog and with you my friends. Well... this post is no different. I need you guys to pray for me. I desperately need some peace. This is pretty personal stuff so just bear with me.

A couple of weeks ago I had a pap come back abnormal. They did a biopsy last week and I was suppose to call tomorrow for the results. Instead, they called me yesterday and asked me to come in so my doc could talk to me. Basically... I have cancer inside my cervix or cervical canal... I am so out of it that I really can't tell you. My doc said I am only the 3rd person he has ever seen with this and he has been around a long time. Anyway.... he told me that he knew I wanted to have more kids but he didn't think that was going to be an option. It looks like I am going to have to have a radical hysterectomy. I am going to the oncologist today. I am so scared about the cancer. I am so scared that it will be worse than what they think it is and that I will die and leave my son. I couldn't sleep and I was throwing up all night. I desperately need some peace that only God can give me. I am so thankful to go to the doctor this afternoon but I am also scared about that. I hope to have more peace after going but I am worried I will just find out more bad news!

I just need you guys to pray for me, my husband, and our son! Thank you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ho ho ho

Hope you guys have had a great Sunday! I have done nothing all day... nothing! I didn't even go to church! I started not feeling well last night and went to bed by 8pm. Yeah... I said 8pm! I thought I felt better this morning but I soon realized that wasn't the case. Michael came home and took Carver to church. My in-laws took Carver to eat lunch and then came by to pick up a bag so he could spend the night with them. They didn't take him because I was that sick... they just wanted him to spend the night. So... a little while later... Michael left for an overnight trip to do some computer work! So.... here I am... all by myself. I did good to get off the couch and post this! I feel better and was never really like throwing up sick... just really tired and my stomach has been hurting a lot on and off. Anyway.... just giving you a play by play of my day! :) I miss my boys! It is too quiet!!

So... this is another one of my WCMD rejects! :) I really like this card! Nothing spectacular about the card.... I just love that My Mind's Eye paper. I love the ho ho ho and I don't think I have any more h's in those brown thickers! :( Oh well... you live and learn!

Just a reminder about the Everything But the Kitchen Sink sketch challenge going on right now! You still have two more days to play along and possibly win a $25 g. certificate to Two Peas!

Well... I am off to maybe do a little crafting! I feel like it is midnight and it is barely after 6pm. I don't like it when it starts getting dark so early!! Hope you guys have a great rest of the night!

Peace and Love!

Paper - Kraft(PTI), Old St. Nick (MME)
Ink - Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress (Ranger)
Other - AC Thickers, Scarlet Jewel buttons (PTI), Jute Twine (PTI), EK Success Embossed Curve Punch.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #19

This is my submission for Dawn's latest color challenge! This is a busy time of year for birthday cards around here so it helps me to participate in these challenges to get color/sketch ideas! Plus... it is just fun, right? What is it about challenges? Is it that competitive nature in all of us coming out that makes us want to compete for the win? :) Or do people REALLY do it just because they want to play!?!? :) I think it is because we all want to make something that someone else likes! So... when your cards don't get picked for that challenge or that publication ... why do we keep doing it? Torture? ha...

Sorry for the ramble... have been in deep thought lately about a lot of things! :) And.... I... am one to talk about it... not just keep it inside and put on a pretty front! :) You all know I am crazy by now anyway.... right? :)

Back to the card.... Usually I am trying to think of the very best idea that I can possibly think of and make that card! This time... I just pulled out one of my Unity stamp sets and did my best to make it work. I think it turned out pretty! The picture doesn't do the colors, rhinestones, and stickles justice but... that is how it goes when you don't have a light tent or know how to work your camera! :)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far! I had a baby shower to attend this morning and then we had Thanksgiving with Michael's side of the family this afternoon. So... I am going to spend the rest of the night taking care of things around the house! Until bedtime that is and I am sure I will be right back here.... visiting with you all! :)

Peace and Love!

Stamps - wherever you go (Unity), Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - Dark Chocolate and White (PTI)
Ink - Dark Chocolate, Fresh Snow (PTI), Black StazOn
Other - copics, Raspberry Fizz ribbon (PTI), Kaiser Rhinestones, Labels One Nesties, SU Dimensionals, Star Dust Stickles

Friday, November 20, 2009

Embellish Brads Challenge

This is the card that I made for the Embellish mag color/brads challenge. My nephew turns 7 towards the end of the month so I thought these colors would be great to use on his card! I made it a 4x4 card to tuck in with his gifts.

Hope you are all doing well! I am working on catching up on my blog hopping and about a million other things! Only have a minute but wanted to get my post up and out there! :)

Have a great weekend!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Transportation (Martha Stewart), Birthday Basics (PTI)
Paper - New Leaf and White (PTI)
Ink - Enchanted Evening, Pure Popp, and New Leaf (PTI)
Other - Brads (Basic Grey), SU Dimensionals
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello friends!! First off I want to say Thank You for all of the prayers and well wishes for my doctor visit today! I appreciate all of you! Sharing my world and my creations with you guys, on this blog, has become such a huge part of my life. You guys bring me so much joy with your comments and your friendships! I feel like you are all my best friends and I have never even met you! Thank you guys for loving me enough to come back for a visit day after day! I feel blessed to be a part of this blog world community of friends!

My visit went really well today! I was so nervous last night that I had a hard time getting to sleep. I also thought I was going to throw up at any second. I don't ever get like that so I must have been really nervous!! :) I took a pain pill.. ha... before I went so I barely felt a thing. I am so relieved that it is over! Now... if I could just get rid of this sickly feeling from the pain pill... everything would be great. I knew I would feel this way but decided to take the pain pill just in case. SOOO glad that I did! Whew... glad that is over. Hopefully I won't have to have anything further done! I will find out on Wednesday!

Anyway... Thanks again for the prayers! And... I am still getting some photography feedback so Thanks again for that. Hopefully soon I can sit down and sort through the information and do some research. I will be sure to share with all of you what I find and think will work best for me! Several of you have expressed interest in doing the same thing!

Now.... on to the card! :) You can't see it real well but there are some Star Dust stickles on the white part of the stick. This is one I sent in for WCMD! Does anyone else submit things and then wonder... why did I do that? I mean... I love this card but it is just so simple... of course it wouldn't get picked! When you think of all the submissions they get... gorgeous submissions... I am sure a card like this would have done better to stay in my pile of cards at home! However... they did send the cards to a worthy cause so...

Anyway... not trying to slam myself/my creativity or looking for any pick me ups! :) Just rambling a bit! And wondering if anyone else submits stuff that you really like and then later on .... after it is rejected... wonder why you sent it in the first place. Maybe I just need to be more picky about what I submit!?!?

Maybe that pain pill is making me chatty! :) Maybe I am just chatty all the time! Ha...

Well... thanks for stopping by! A little reminder that you still have several days to submit a card for the Everything But the Kitchen Sink challenge. A 2peas g.card is on the line! There are so many amazing submissions already!! We are all so excited about the participation!! Thank you for the support! Oh.. you can get to the EBKS blog anytime by clicking on the link on the right hand side of my blog!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Spin Baby (Unity), Scripty Words (CHF)
Paper - White (PTI), Only Orange, Pink Passion, Tempting Turqouise, Green Galore (SU)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Real Red (SU)
Other - SU Dimensionals, Star Dust Stickles (Ranger)
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SPCC #24

Hey guys... quick post... trying to sneak this in while Carver is still napping!

I wanted to play with my SU stamp set/punch and thought these colors would be a place to start! I love these colors!

My Certainly Celery didn't show up very well but it is cloudy and cold here!! :(

Thank you guys for all the great advice/tips on life in general and photography classes! :) You guys are the best!

I have one more request... I am having a female issue looked into tomorrow and it requires a little procedure! So... if you guys would just say a prayer for me... I would appreciate it! I am not nervous yet but I know I will be... about the pain involved! :) Love you guys!

Stamps - Delightful Decorations (SU), Polka Dot Basics II (PTI)
Paper - Bashful Blue (SU), White (PTI)
Ink - Bashful Blue and Certainly Celery (SU)
Other - SU Ornament Punch and Corner Rounder, Pure Poppy Ribbon (PTI), Darice Bells, SU Silver Cord, SU Dimensionals, Kaiser Red Rhinestones

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CARDS Challenge

Here are a couple of cards that I made for the CARDS blog latest challenge. I am a little intimidated by ribbon... we seem to fight every time I try to make a bow! So... this is my best attempt! I won't tell you how much time (and ribbon) went into getting these bows tied!

The Christmas card was made just because I wanted to use my new SU stamp set!! Plus... I need to knock out another Christmas card. The birthday card was made with a family member in mind! Won't say who because two of the four women who have birthdays coming up... read my blog! I think they still do anyway! :)

I used my In Bloom set again and used several of the same colors from the card I posted yesterday! I jumped on the In Bloom bandwagon late but ... I am glad I did. The more I use it... the more I love it!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday! I cleaned my house while Carver was at school so that feels good... it is nice to have a clean house! Of course, Carver didn't take a nap at school so he is napping for a few minutes now! That gives me enough time to post these cards real quick!

I have a question for you!! Yes... you!! Any of you!! I am wanting to take an online photography class. Preferably nothing too expensive or time consuming. Looking for something to do at my own pace! Any good tips or suggestions?

I have so many things that I 'dream' of doing but have so little Kelley time that it is hard to accomplish too much outside of taking care of my family and our home. Anyway... it is a little overwhelming when I think of all the things I want to do... paint the whole house, redecorate, take a photography class, get into digital/hybrid scrapbooking, start scrapbooking, etc... !! I let myself get discouraged because I just don't have the energy most days to get started. Anyway... just needed to vent for a minute. Sorry to get off on that... wasn't planning to! :)

Well... hope you guys have an awesome night! Thanks for stopping by and Thanks in advance for any advice about a photography class!

Supplies: Christmas card
Stamps - Just Beclause (SU)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - True Black and Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Choc. Chip ribbon (SU), Crayola Colored Pencils, Frosted Lace Stickles, Kaiser Rhinestones, SU Corner Rounder

Supplies: Birthday card
Stamps - In Bloom and Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - Dark Chocolate, Rustic Cream, Scarlet Jewel, and Ripe Avocado (PTI)
Ink - True Black, Dark Chocolate, Scarlet Jewel, and Ripe Avocado (PTI)
Other - SU Corner Rounder, Kaiser Rhinestones, SU Dimensionals, Martha Stewart ribbon

Monday, November 16, 2009

True Friend

Just wanted to pop on real quick and share a card! This is a card that CARDS mag regrettably could not publish at this time!! Ha ha!! That was for you Elise!! Elise is so funny!! This is what she suggested that I say instead of a CARDS reject! :)

I totally love this card! It is the same layout of a card that I made a few weeks ago for the Raspberry Suite Challenge. I changed the colors but that was it! I LOVE these colors together! Few cards that I make do I just want to sit out and stare at but this is one of them. I think it is just the combo of colors that makes it so appealing to me! I think that they are all my favorites of the PTI colors. That Scarlet Jewel is just gorgeous! Anyway... enough gushing over my card... I am really just gushing over the color combo... !! :)

Hope you are all having a terrific Monday! Carver is napping so this is a perfect time for me to sneak in a post!

I am so excited about the amazing creations that are already being linked to the Everything But the Kitchen Sink sketch challenge! It is so much fun to see our friends and new friends getting excited over the new challenge addition!! Thank you guys for your support! You are the best!! :)

Peace and Love!

Stamps - In Bloom and Background Basics Retro (PTI)
Paper - Rustic Cream, Kraft, Scarlet Jewel, and Ripe Avocado (PTI)
Ink - Scarlet Jewel, Ripe Avocado, True Black, Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Cream Twine (PTI), Kaiser Clear Rhinestone, EK Success Embossed Curve punch, SUDimensionals and Corner Rounder

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Sketch Challenge

Happy Sunday!! Today is the day that the EBKS girls announce our newest adventure!! So glad that you stopped by to see what this is all about!! :)

Today we are announcing a 2nd monthly challenge... a sketch challenge and a new Everything But The Kitchen Sink blog! Woo Hoo!

We felt a once a month challenge gave you too much free time and we want to make sure and keep you guys busy! :) And... in an effort to keep things more simple... Courtney has created a new blog just for our challenges.

So... let's do a recap of Everything But the Kitchen Sink....

A sketch challenge on the 15th of every month

A household item challenge on the 30th of every month

You can now visit our blog to post your submissions, etc!

Now... on to today's sketch challenge!

Courtney Baker is hosting this challenge. The fun part about these sketch challenges are that they will be based off inspiration in our homes, etc. !! This is the inspiration picture that Courtney based her sketch off of. This is from Courtney's home... isn't it gorgeous?

Courtney is offering up a $25 gift certificate to Two Peas to the winner of this sketch challenge! Woo Hoo!

So.... click here to visit the new Everything But the Kitchen Sink blog! You can check out all the girls inspiration cards for this sketch and you can become a follower so you can keep up with all the happenings! :)

Speaking of inspiration cards... this is mine...

Get busy girls!! I can't wait to see your creations! I know they will be fabulous as always! :)

Stamps - Holiday Tree (PTI)
Paper - Pure Poppy and Spring Rain (PTI), Tis The Season- Treasure (Bo Bunny)
Ink - Pure Poppy, Spring Rain, Fresh Snow, New Leaf, and Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Frosted Lace Stickles, Kaiser Clear Rhinestones, Circle punch, SU Dimensionals

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Post

It hasn't been that long since I posted but I thought I would throw another one in before the Everything But the Kitchen Sink post I will be doing in the morning! Make sure to check back for some fun news!

This is one of my CARDS rejects! I love this Unity stamp(s)... so cute!! I seem to have a lot of cards that I haven't posted yet so I may be doing more posts or more cards on each post just to get caught up. I like having them all on my blog ... even if I am not fond of the card.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday! Mine has been great so far. Carver is napping and when he wakes up, he and I will be going to Daniels birthday party!! Carver has been excited all week!

Peace and Love! :)

Stamps - wherever you go (Unity)
Paper - American Crafts Everday Paper pack, My Mind's Eye pp, Basic Gray (SU), White (PTI) Ink - True Black (PTI), Basic Gray (SU)
Other - SU Dimensionals, SU Silver Elastic Cord

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Place Cards - CARDS Challenge

Hey... hope you have all had a great day! I have stayed busy all day and I am glad to be sitting in front of my computer right now... giving my feet a rest!!

Just wanted to share my Thanksgiving place cards that I made for this weeks CARDS blog challenge. The Carver and Kelley cards were on the CARDS blog today! Have I said how much I like Paige? :) I don't know her but I sure do appreciate her posting some of my projects on the CARDS blog lately... it is so good for the mojo! :) She did post a link to her personal blog on today's post... she is adorable!! So is her new puppy! Just thought I would mention it in case anyone wanted to visit her and be able to put a face to her name... that is always nice!

Does anyone know who makes this turkey from the Turkey Turkey set? I bought it before I started blogging and keeping up with the names, etc. of stamps. I guess I could look it up but I thought I would be lazy and ask you guys first... maybe one of you own it!

Anyway..... I guess I am a little more chatty tonight than I was last night. I was having some rejection issues yesterday! :) No takers for PC but CARDS did take one of my cards so I was excited about that. I had just been sad too long yesterday to get too excited when I got the email from CARDS! I know... ungrateful, right?! I am really not ungrateful... it was just hard to change my mood. Yes... I am fully aware of when I am acting like a baby... sometimes I just can't help it! :) I am thrilled to have a card in CARDS... it will be my first and hopefully not my last! :)

Well... that is all for tonight! Just wanted to show my place cards and document a few things (including my embarrassing childish behavior) for myself! :)

One more thing... bright and early Sunday morning the Everything But the Kitchen Sink girls are going to have a fun announcement... can't wait.... !!

Peace and Love!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moxie Fab - Plum Crazy

This is the card that I made for the Moxie Fab Plum Crazy Challenge!

Not feeling chatty tonight so if you are visiting... you get a break from the rambling! :)

Hope you all had a great Thursday and have an even better Friday!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Big Pieces (SU), Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - White and Lavendar Moon Bitty Box (PTI), Basic Gray and Lavendar Lace (SU)
Ink - True Black and Lavendar Moon (PTI), Basic Gray and Lovely Lilac (SU)
Other - Quikutz Polaroid Die, Circle Nesties, Olive, Iris, and Purple felt, Kaiser Pearl, Copic, Studio 18 Rhinestones, Jubilee and Rosebud Bazzill floss.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whootin' Hi...

This is my little girlie girl owl!! I made her for the latest Embellish Challenge.

These colors are amazing together! Such a fun card to make!

I gave my girlie owl a pretty hair bow and some rhinestones toenails! :) I think she is cute!

Hope you guys have had a wonderful Wednesday! Carver was with my in-laws most of the day today and I didn't do a lot of anything but play around in my craft room. So... I guess I had a pretty good day! :)

Thank you guys for visiting me and for always leaving such sweet comments! I just love you guys!

Peace Out!

Stamps - Wise Owl and Background Basics Retro (PTI)
Paper - Spring Moss, Vintage Cream, Chocolate Remix and Berry Sorbet Bitty Box (PTI)
Ink - Dark Chocolate, Spring Moss, and Berry Sorbet (PTI)
Other - SU Modern Label and Corner Rounder, SU Dimensionals, Certainly Celery ribbon (SU), EK Success Heart Punch, AC Brown buttons, Bazzill Parakeet floss, Kaiser Clear Rhinestones, Modge Podge, SU On Board So Tweet

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love Grows

This is a card that I made for WCMD and sent in to Paper Crafts for the contest! I haven't heard from them so I am pretty sure that it is safe for me to go ahead and start posting the cards I submitted!

I love this card! I know it is simple but there is just something about Unity Stamps!! Every time I use one of their stamps... I just end up really liking the card!


Hope you guys have had a wonderful day!

My husband is at church right now and my son is spending the night with my in-laws! I really don't know what to do with myself. For the past hour, I have just been trying to figure out what to do (first)! Poppy and Granna plan to keep Carver all day tomorrow too! I have a feeling that by lunch time... I am going to be ready for him to come home! I love having some 'free' time but I miss him at the same time! But... it is good for him to spend time away from us and with his grandparents so... I guess I can suffer through! :) Ha!

Well... I am off to make some place cards for the CARDS challenge! :)

Oh... I keep forgetting this... I have been given some awesome blog awards over the past couple of months from some amazing ladies! I procrastinate on things that I know are going to require 'work'... you know... like a lot of copy and pasting, etc! If you have given me an award... I promise that I am going to pass those along soon! It always makes me feel so loved to get a blog award and I want to make sure you guys know that I do appreciate them! I am sorry for procrastinating for so long!

Peace and Love!!

Stamps - Love Grows, Friendship.Love.Miracles (both Unity)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - Black StazOn
Other - Copics, Jute Twine and Hibiscus Burst Button (PTI)
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tuesday Trigger

This is my card inspired by the latest Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger!

I love this picture of these pumpkins! I would love to have this framed to set out this time of year! Just gorgeous!

This picture reminded me of Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving dinners that we will be sharing with our families soon!

I wanted to make this before 30 mins. ago but it just didn't work out! I put so much stuff off last week that I have been catching up on... you know... washing and ironing, blah blah blah! Fun stuff! Sorry about the picture quality.... my kitchen lighting is not the best at 11pm!

Anyway... I hope I am not too late! I just wanted to play along!

Peace and Love! :)

Stamps - Guidelines II and Mega Mixed Messages (PTI)
Paper - Rustic Cream (PTI)
Ink - More Mustard (SU), Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Kaiser Clear Rhinestones

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hey girlies!! Hope you all had a great weekend! Saturday was busy for me but Sunday, while still busy, was much more relaxing. I was able to actually spend the rest of the day at home after church. I had hoped to take a nap but spent Carvers nap time taking pics of the cards that I made last night for the current PC call and then submitting them. I definitely needed a nap after that but wouldn't you know... as soon as I got finished with my last one... Carver woke up! Oh well!

I have high hopes for some early bed times this coming week! :)

This is a card that I made for the last PC call. Nothing fancy. I think the color combo is one of Dawn McVey's challenge combos from a while ago.

I will keep it short so I can get busy working on more cards. Feels good to be making cards... I missed it! And... I missed all of you. So glad to have caught up with most of you! Hope you guys have a fab Monday!

Peace and Love!

Edit: I just cleaned out my hotmail inbox and had this email from my friend, Alison. Please either post this info on your blog or... pass along to anyone that you know who may want to send this precious boy a card. Thanks... and Thanks Alison for sending it to me!

Noah Biorkman is a 5 year old boy who is in his last stages of neuroblastoma cancer after a 2 1/2 year battle. His family is celebrating Christmas early as they do not expect him to make it to Christmas. All he wants for Christmas is cards. There are many, many articles on his situation if you Google his name. If you are at all able to, please join in the efforts to make sure he gets more cards than he could ever imagine!!

Here is his address:

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178

Stamps - Background Basics Retro (PTI), Scripty Words (CHF)
Paper - Vintage Cream, Spring Moss, Hibiscus Burst, Melon Berry (all PTI)
Ink - Hibiscus Burst (PTI), VersaMark
Other - HB, SM, and MB buttons (PTI), Clear Emboss Powder, Square punch, SU Dimensionals, Corner rounder
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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Craft Fair....

IS OVER!! Woo Hoo!!

I am so excited to be done with the craft fair!! I am excited to be getting back to my regular routine... with hopefully a few minor changes which involve getting more sleep! :)

I am excited to start getting caught up on what you guys have been up to and be able to see all of your gorgeous creations!! I think that will have to wait till tomorrow though. My immediate plans (after this post) are to go watch Criminal Minds with my husband and get my head rubbed! :) Maybe my feet too... they are really tired! :) And then.... go to SLEEP... Oh Sleep... how I have missed you!

So... I think this was my last craft fair! I did okay today but made about half as much as I did last year at this particular event. There were a lot of lookers but not as many buyers. I think everyone had the same experience for the most part. I saw a lot of empty handed ladies walking around! I at least made my money back on the space rental and probably for all of my supplies that I bought with plenty of stuff left to sell/give away! Maybe a little more but not as much as I had hoped for! I am just thankful to have what I did make! It could have been a lot worse!

I made less stuff this year because 1... I procrastinated about getting started and 2. I had planned to because I didn't want a lot left over. Well... I still have plenty left over! Very disappointing but hey... you live and learn!!

So... here are some pictures of what I made and sold. I made these jumbo clips with initials on them which sold like hot cakes last year. I tell you what... I bet I made 150 of these last year... I was SICK of them by the time Christmas was here! I made 2 sizes of notepads and a few frames. I had some little Christmas bags left over from last year that I took back this year! I made a few of the covered letters that I just LOVE!! And... thanks to Courtney... I took my cards with me and sold a surprising number of those! I priced them all for $2 a piece and sold several of them. Thanks Courtney for the push to take my cards! :)

I had intended to make some gift tags but never got around to doing that! I also made and sold several soldiered necklaces last year but I didn't feel like messing with those this year. I had several left last year but my soldiering was less than good so I didn't want to take them again this year. I felt that I could do better now (after having more practice) but just didn't take the time to make any!

Anyway... just thought I would give you guys a rundown on my craft fair experience(s) and of course... record it for myself!

Speaking of recording stuff for myself... I had a nice surprise when I got home and had a card over on the CARDS blog today! I wasn't able to make anything new for this last challenge so I sent in one of my EBKS cards that I made using newspaper! Paige was sweet enough to show it on the blog today! I like her!! :)

Oh... and speaking of the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Challenge... you have until Sunday night to enter to win 2 awesome stamp sets!! Don't miss out!! :) You can go directly to the latest challenge post by clicking on the EBKS logo on my sidebar!

Well... hope you guys have had a great week and I sooooo look forward to catching up with you all this weekend!

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease! (Thanks honey for the new saying!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Post

Hey guys... just wanted to pop on and say Hello! I have been hard at work on things for the craft fair on Friday. I will share pics later on of what I have made to sell.

Hope you are all doing well! I have tried to keep up with visiting but looks like I am going to have to concentrate on just getting my stuff made so I will have to catch up with you guys later on! If I am missing anything too exciting... email me! :) Ha

I got to go with Courtney to a scrapbook store tonight! That was fun! Nice to hang out and of course to go shopping at a scrapbook store! Carver went with us and I am sure he drove Courtney insane! Ms. Courtney... Ms. Courtney... Ms. Courtney! :) Courtney handled it all with a smile on her face. I guess she knew he wasn't coming home with her! Ha!

Carver is the type who winds up when he is tired... not down... and with just about 1.5 hours of nap time today... he was WOUND UP!! :) I love him but boy... he wears me out! Have I said that before? :)

So ... onto the cards. These are just two CAS cards that I made on WCMD while Courtney was here crafting with me!

Wanted to remind you guys about the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Challenge. You can link your blog post/submission on Kelly Maries blog. You can go directly to her blog post by following the EBKS link on my sidebar. So far we have only had a few people participating so the chances of you winning two awesome stamps sets are pretty good!

Hope you guys have had an awesome week so far! Talk to you soon!

Peace and Love!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tis The Season

Just wanted to hop on and share a card real quick.

I have a craft fair that I am doing this Friday and just started on the stuff I am going to sell. Why do I procrastinate?

Anyway... may be a little more quiet this week on my blog and yours... maybe... we will see! I hope I can do it all but I have my doubts! :)

This is a card that I made for a card swap with some of my good blog buds... organized by sweet Lynnette! I got some gorgeous cards in return (and a few surprise treats from Lynnette). I really enjoyed my first swap!

Hope you guys had a great Halloween! We had some fun and we are all exhausted. Go Go Go!!

Don't forget about the Everything But the Kitchen Sink challenge... come on girls... break out the toilet paper!! :)

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Signature Christmas (PTI)
Paper - Kraft, Pure Poppy bitty dots, Ripe Avocado bitty box (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - Twine (PTI), Sizzix Holly and Berries Die, Big Shot, SU Dimensionals