Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Post

Hey guys... just wanted to pop on and say Hello! I have been hard at work on things for the craft fair on Friday. I will share pics later on of what I have made to sell.

Hope you are all doing well! I have tried to keep up with visiting but looks like I am going to have to concentrate on just getting my stuff made so I will have to catch up with you guys later on! If I am missing anything too exciting... email me! :) Ha

I got to go with Courtney to a scrapbook store tonight! That was fun! Nice to hang out and of course to go shopping at a scrapbook store! Carver went with us and I am sure he drove Courtney insane! Ms. Courtney... Ms. Courtney... Ms. Courtney! :) Courtney handled it all with a smile on her face. I guess she knew he wasn't coming home with her! Ha!

Carver is the type who winds up when he is tired... not down... and with just about 1.5 hours of nap time today... he was WOUND UP!! :) I love him but boy... he wears me out! Have I said that before? :)

So ... onto the cards. These are just two CAS cards that I made on WCMD while Courtney was here crafting with me!

Wanted to remind you guys about the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Challenge. You can link your blog post/submission on Kelly Maries blog. You can go directly to her blog post by following the EBKS link on my sidebar. So far we have only had a few people participating so the chances of you winning two awesome stamps sets are pretty good!

Hope you guys have had an awesome week so far! Talk to you soon!

Peace and Love!


The Quiles Family said...

I love the tree one Kelley! There is just something about Chrismtas trees that I adore!

Elise said...

Just looooooook at those gorgeous cards, Kelley! OMG! They are photographed so perfectly: I feel like I can touch 'em! Really beautiful work, my love! No worries on not "getting around" to all-o-us! {I don't know if I have authority to speak on behalf of "us", but I'm just sayin'... concentrate on CRAFT FAIR ITEMS!!! You know, creations you might get PAID for!} And we'll catch up on all of your crafty goodness - later! Meanwhile, I sure don't mind you taking the time to feed us your fabulous work, via blog! You know what I mean!

I hope you guys had a fun shopping trip - I'm betting that Ms. Courtney didn't mind your scrumptious boy in the least! But I do remember that "mind - numbing" frustration of a toddler not properly napped! Either way, I wish I had been along for the ride! You guys + shopping = FUN!!!! Hello!

Great cards, crafty one! And keep up the great mojo for your craft fair! You're my hero! xoxoxo- E.

Winter said...

I've been missing you, but I totally understand about deadlines! Sell that stuff, so you can buy some more stamps! :) Really cute cards! :)

Vanessa said...

Love your cards! And I can`t even imagine how you created the tree?? Have a great time, I`ll email you!


Catherine said...

These cards are so very pretty Kelley! I love your CAS cards. I hope that you have a good time at your craft fair and you sell lots of stuff.:)

Stephanie said...

Hey Kelley!! Love these Christmas cards - the white distressing around the snowflake card is perfect...looks like it's starting to frost :)

Hope you're getting everything done with the craft fair and that you took a little shopping break!!

Courtney Baker said...

Hey I saw those cards last night! Both cute! And I loved hanging out with C ... my big hug at the end of the night was the best - so cute!

Dana Gustafson said...

Wonderful craft faire cards! You are going to sell out in minutes! Scrap store adventure with girlfriend sounds great...and I have one of those wind up not downs as well LOL! crazy!

Jessica said...

Hi Kelly!!! It's been a few days since I've visited and as usual when I visit you have some awesome creations. As far as the your little one I know all about that. My little girl is full of energy and ends up wearing me out way to early in the day. Wish I could go to the craft fair ;)

Karen said...

Well, if those cards are any indicator, you'll rake it in! :> Love the festivity of the Christmas tree card adn the snowflake one is simply a frosty beauty!! Love 'em! Oh yea, I get the wind up kid thing. My kidlets will be playing quietly and then, it never fails, about fifteen minutes before its time to get ready for bed, suddenly they are WILD!!! And within five minutes, I'm exhausted. Glad you got some grown up crafty visiting time in though! :>

Amanda Winkelman said...

Hey girl- Hope you're doing well! I LOVE that Christmas tree card! It's super cute! Love the Noel on the side....super creative!