Monday, April 30, 2012

Just Crawling By To Say Hi!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend!

I am sharing a card that is up on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog today!

My card uses the Happy Bugs stamp set. This set is so cute ... check it out below...

That ladybug is one of my favs in the set too! And the bee... oh... and that flower petal so you can stamp your own flower... a full flower... a half flower that has lost some its petals. The possibilities are endless! :)

Keeping it short and sweet today. It is hard to get going after the weekend! :) My brain doesn't want to function at the moment! Make sure to go check out all of the *sweet* stamps in the Sweet Stamp Shop!

Peace and Love!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monogrammed Cards with Whisker Graphics

Happy Thursday!

Today is my day on the Whisker Graphics blog!

I decided I wanted to use the Sweet Sticky's Labels for my project today. I love these labels... and you can run them through your printer so the design possibilities are endless.

I chose to use my custom monogram stamp from PSA Essentials on mine. I used a few jewels to add a little dimension and bling.

Make sure to drop by the Whisker Graphics shop and take a look around! 

That's it for me today! Thanks for visiting!

Peace and Love! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hope Owl's Well

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am sharing a card that I made with a set called Everything's Owlright from Wilson Designs. Kim was kind enough to share this set with me some time ago and I hate that I haven't shared any creations with it yet. I made this card when I first got the set but I have submitted it several times. Obviously it didn't get picked if I am sharing it on my blog! :(

Now that some of my DT work has ended... I plan to play with this set even more... just for fun... because it is a fun set... take a look...

While I was on Kim's site to get the picture above... I saw this set....

I think I have to have it!! :) Love that negative strip and all of those funky cameras!!

Well... that is it for me today!

Peace and Love! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Stamp Shop and Tombow

Happy Tuesday! Today I get to share a project that I made combining stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop and products from Tombow.

Of course I LOVE Sweet Stamp Shop but I also LOVE Tombow! I have been hooked on Tombow adhesives for as long as I have been cardmaking. I was introduced to them right away by a fellow crafter. I have never looked beyond Tombow for adhesives. Why would you when you started with the best?

When I saw Tombow markers at my local Joann's... I bought them right away and I love them as well. I love using them to color my rubber stamps before stamping! 

Tombow was so kind to send us a generous package of goodies to play with. I used the tape runner adhesive and the hook and loop tabs on my project. Along with the It's A Man's World stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop. I tend to grab for this set a lot... I love it! I also used a bitty bag from Whisker Graphics! 

I made this bag for Carver. He will graduate from preschool next month and I wanted us to get him a little something special. We ended up getting him a big something special but it will fit perfectly in this bag!! He is getting a Kindle Fire. Shhhh!! It isn't quite the little something special I had in mind but I think he will get use out of it for years to come.

Here is a picture of the inside of the bag showing how I used the hook and loop tabs from Tombow.

Make sure to check out the Tombow blog for more Sweet Stamp Shop and Tombow inspiration.

Check out the Sweet Stamp Shop blog as well. Make sure to check it all week to see all of the DT projects and... you can find information about the current Sweet Stamp Shop Challenge too!!

Peace and Love! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sew What's New? with Avocado Arts

Happy Sunday!

Today part of the Pit Crew are sharing another project using the Avocado Arts April Kit called Sew Nice! You can visit the shop here to read up on joining the kit club or to purchase any of the kits. (BTW... make sure to check out the May Kit while you are there... it is up on the site and it is great!!)

For my card ... I stamped those cool spools, cut them out and wrapped them with thread. I stamped one of the sewing borders and the sentiment and then popped my spools up with dimensionals.

Here is a snapshot of the April kit and the Digital Die Cuts that you can purchase as well...

Sorry to keep this short and sweet but I am a little late getting started on my post! We have had a busy day! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Don't forget to stop by the other Pit Crew blogs... I am sure the inspiration will not disappoint!!

Avocado Arts
Emily Branch
Emily Leiphart
Savannah O'Gwynn

Peace and Love! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank You Card

Happy Friday!

I thought I would pop in today and post a card that I made a while back. I used Say It All by Hero Arts for the sentiment and several Prima products... the cotton tape, wood button and jewel.

Keeping it short and sweet! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Peace and Love! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tell Them....

I dropped Carver off at school this morning and then went to run a few errands. As I was walking through Target, I walked past a woman who struck me to look a lot like my mom! My first thought was... "boy... if I didn't have my mom anymore... that would have just upset me". Then I got upset anyway and then I thanked God that I still have my parents!

When I got home... I felt compelled to write them a letter. I had to write it because I could never say what I was feeling. I was crying like a baby just writing it!

I have been blessed with two wonderful Christian parents who sacrificed so much and still do so that we (my brothers and I) have a good life. Are they perfect... no! Is anyone... no! But God definitely blessed me from the start when he gave me Howard and Katha as my earthly parents!

As I have gotten older and become a parent... and finally understood more about being a wife ... our relationship has changed somewhat. I have my own opinions and my own way of doing things. It doesn't mean that the love I feel for them is not still there. I am just doing what it is that they taught me to do... be my own person and try to be the best one I can be.

As they have gotten older, I can tell from what they say and how they act... that this is a hard stage for them right now. They are both in their mid 60's. I think as retirement has come for my dad and is thought more about by my mom... it has been hard on them. Their children are grown with their own families. They have put so much of themselves into raising us and providing for us. I can only imagine how hard it is when you realize that your babies are not babies anymore and their babies are not babies anymore! (Carver is the youngest grandchild) None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow and I can imagine as you get older... that becomes more and more of a reality that you have to face.

That being said... when I saw that woman in Target... that was the very first time that I had ever seen anyone that resembled my mom so closely. I don't think I have ever even seen someone that resembled my dad that closely. Knowing how I was feeling and knowing (or thinking I know somewhat) how they are feeling... I just felt like I needed to tell them how much I love them and how thankful I am for everything they are and for everything they have done for me. I am thankful that like my Father... they love me even though I don't deserve it!!

I needed them to know that when the day comes that I don't have them anymore.... they will be missed! Not a day would go by that I didn't think of them and miss them. I needed them to know that my life would be less happy without them in it!

Don't we all need to know that we are loved that much!?!?

Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge April 19th - May 2nd

Today starts a new SPARKS challenge!!! And it happens to be the last for this current DT! I will talk more about that later!

First... lets look at the inspiration picture...

And here is my interpretation....

I was going for a mirror over the table. I am not sure that I achieved the look I was going for. But... if you read my last post... you already know that I have struggled with creativity lately. And with photo editing. I had to switch to Photoshop Elements and I haven't quite figured out how to lighten my pictures enough. They look good while I am editing them but then they look too dark to me after the fact. Frustrating! Anywho...

I used Vogue Abode on this card!! Love that set!

Make sure to check out the SPARKS blog to see all of the challenge deets! :) And to see the rest of the DT inspiration!

Now... on to this being our last challenge....

Marie had the idea to do something special to say Thank you to Kim. So... today... we are sharing an extra card that we made for Kim.

Kim... thank you for allowing me to be a part of the SPARKS team!! I had a great time playing with my Paper Smooches stamps and I will forever be a Paper Smooches fan!! :)

Peace and Love!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today I Am....

I had planned to post earlier today but the day has just gotten away from me! I hope it will still be my birthday by the time I finish this post! :)

I have been thinking for a month now about what I would post on my birthday! I am still not sure what all I will talk about so ... this has the potential to be a long post! This is your warning! :)

I have been thinking about turning 35 for the past four months. I am totally fine with that number. It doesn't bother me to turn a year older. However... something about this year just feels different to me. I am not sure if it is the year... or my age.

Since January I have had a different attitude that I am not quite sure how to explain! I don't know if this feeling is coming from me or from God. I feel like this is going to be a different year for us/me than the past few have been. The past few have been great but we have had our challenges... mostly health issues for me. There are so many people that I care about that are dealing with cancer and it still scares me. I have my moments but I just have to remind myself that God took care of me before and I have to trust that He will continue to. I can't change anything that comes my way...... I can only trust that no matter what happens to me, Michael, or Carver.... it will all be okay. This life is temporary... something that I had a better understanding of/peace about at one point in my life... and something that I don't want to have to be reminded of again! As much as it hurts and scares me to think about how I learned so many things about what is important.... I don't want to forget those things because they made me a better person. I found a peace and a joy that I had not had before. Sometimes I feel like that is slipping away from me because things have been pretty good for a while. That scares me and it upsets me. I don't want to get sidetracked and I don't want to forget what God has done for me! He deserves my praise EVERYDAY!!

Okay... so I rambled a bit. There is potential for lots more of that! :)

I have stayed home with Carver for over 5 years now. It is hard to believe that he will start Kindergarten this fall. During that time we have acquired debt and payed off debt. Last year, after doing a study called Radical as a church, we worked really hard at the paying off of the debt. We haven't done a lot of improvements to our home since we moved in 11 years or so ago. In the last 5 years... we haven't even painted which was something that I did do at least once a year because I love to paint! :) This year... we have been on the ball about getting busy on home improvements. I don't want to acquire a lot more debt and we don't plan to. But... I am ready to make our home a place that we are proud of. You can only go so long before things around the house start falling apart!

My point in all of the house talk is that I even have a new attitude about that. Since Carver was born.... we have gone back and forth with... do we fix it up or do we move? We have FINALLY decided to stay here. We don't 'need' more room... and I am really happy with that decision! I think we both are. I know Carver is. Of course he doesn't want to move... he loves his house! :) He doesn't like change!

I feel good about fixing our house up the way that we want it and if the way we want it is too expensive... then coming up with a new the way we want it plan! :) It sounds silly but we have lived here for 11 years... we have been through a lot in our marriage here.... we have brought our son into the world here... I don't want to leave this house until we have made it... transformed it... into a house that we LOVE! Thinking about that makes me happy!

On the crafting front.... I have gone through soooooooo many changes.... or had so many mood swings if you want to call it that! :) People who aren't into this crafting life would be so shocked at all of the emotion and drama, etc etc that is involved! It can be so draining! I choose to stay out of the drama part and have been shocked myself at some of the drama that I discovered is out there! It has been though... a very emotional rollercoaster for me.

In an effort to keep it short(er) and sweet so it will still be my bday when this post is over... basically....I have been burned out! I worked hard at the first of the month to complete my April DT assignments and was not just loving most of them. I have not worked hard on the last few Paper Crafts calls... which is actually a good thing. I am learning to let that go... as far as... how much emotion and time and energy that I let that consume. I don't see me completely giving up submitting to Paper Crafts... but I am determined to have a healthy balance in my life... including how much I invest in submitting! I have been pretty proud of myself for that. I love the women of Paper Crafts (and the magazine itself) and I think they love me.... but their job is to sell magazines... number one... and my job is a mom/wife... number one! The competition is hard and there are so many great crafters out there. I am not that special in my crafting abilities but I am pretty special... and the only mom... to a sweet little boy! I don't want to look back one day and regret how I spent my time and energy. I already do to a certain degree but I feel like it has been a learning and growing experience. I have learned so much and gained so much knowledge and confidence about myself from crafting/blogging! I literally wouldn't be the person I am without having experienced it and continuing to experience it. So... I can't regret that part of it.

I took on several DT's all at once about six months ago. I was so excited because that is what I wanted to do. At this point.... I think God gave me the opportunity to experience that... so I could see that it isn't really what I want. Now... I LOVE the companies that I work for. Please don't hear otherwise. I am grateful for the opportunities. I am just glad that a couple of them are ending this month... I took on too much at once! Lesson learned! :) I think sometimes when we look too much at what others are doing... it makes us think that we want that too. I have learned to stop in my moments of brief jealousy... to sit down and think what it would be like if I were in that persons shoes... and it usually ends up with me realizing that I really don't want it! I wouldn't want the time commitment and stress!

What I want at the moment is to continue working on my current DT's... and hopefully after a crafting break... come back to the table with a renewed desire to create. I want to make stuff that I love!

I also want to start scrapbooking! I am soooo excited that I am going to be starting Project Life... as of today... my 35th bday. I have all of my supplies ready to go! I am ready to start documenting our everyday lives because I think we are pretty cool and have some pretty great moments to remember! :) One of my main goals with this project ... since I am starting it on my bday and will keep it up from year to year in this way... is that I will share a lot about myself. I love my parents but when I sit and think about it... I feel like I don't really know them... at least not a lot about what their childhood was like or the struggles they had as parents, etc. I want Carver to know me! I want him to have a record of who I am! There is so much going on inside of me at all times... so many things that don't get said or talked about. Things that I want to write down so he knows just how special I am... how special his dad is... and how special he is... and mostly... how special He is! I am ready and excited to do this for us!!

Speaking of supplies... changing subjects because I am running out of time... I thought I would show you my birthday present. But first... I want to introduce you to the earlier versions.... just because! :)

This is the camera I got as a present for my college graduation... I believe from my in-laws but I may be mistaken. It is a film camera. It still works but the back won't stay shut so I am thinking the pictures won't come out well! :) I had planned to get it fixed (after dropping it) but it never happened.

This is the camera that I got before Carver was born... I wanted a digital because I knew my picture taking would reach new heights... which it did. :)

And this is my new baby! It has video too... woo hoo! Our video camera was on its last leg.

Thank you honey! :)

My parents always give us money for our birthday. Thanks Mom and Dad! I have been wanting a new purse/wallet. I have been wanting a Fossil purse but they are so expensive. Now... I know they are not as expensive as a lot of purses... but I wouldn't pay what those other purses cost... for a purse. Fossil is as expensive as my taste gets! :)

Well... I guess that is all of my ramblings for now! Those are just things that have been on my mind lately and things that I really wanted to document... because I have also been reminding myself why I started this blog... for myself! I love you all... anyone reading this... and I appreciate your visits. But... I am ready to get back to why I started this crafting and blogging stuff... because I love it and because this is my journal!

Sorry for all of the rambling! Lots of late nights lately (working on house stuff) and getting a late start on this post didn't help. I just hope some of it made sense! LOL! I was hoping it would come together better than what it did but... it is what it is! 

Peace and Love! :)

My Last Post for Penny Black

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am sharing with you what happens to be my last post as a DT member for Penny Black. I used Soft Wings and Gratitude on my card! Both are great stamps/sets!

I hated to title my post... My Last Post for Penny Black but when I looked at the sentiment on the card I made (before I knew this would be my last post)... it is A Day To Celebrate! LOL!! I didn't know which one sounded worse! :)

I want to say "Thank you" to Penny Black and to Jenyfur for having me on the team! With some upcoming changes (nothing major) for the DT members... I felt like God was giving me an opportunity to resign from the team. I have had concerns about the job that I have been doing for them since I started. Although I was reassured that my work was good... I still felt like I didn't bring to the team what the other ladies were bringing! Jenyfur was very gracious and understanding and so were all of the women on the DT. Wonderful group of ladies!!

Sooo.... I will leave it at that for the moment. I have more to say as far as my 'creative feelings'  and just life stuff later on but nothing that is specific to Penny Black.

I will probably be back with a post later today! Just a catch up/talk post!

Thanks for visiting!

Peace and Love! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Stamp Shop and Core'dinations

Happy Monday!

Today I get to share a couple of tags that I made using Sweet Stamp Shop stamps and Core'dinations Core Tags! Make sure to check out the Sweet Stamp Shop and the Core'dinations blog all this week for more inspiration!

Core'dinations was kind enough to send us a generous amount of cardstock and tags to play with. I was not aware that Core'dinations sold tags! If you were not either... make sure to check out this page!! I love these!! I love them so much... that I had to use a couple for my post today!

This is my first tag...

I used Sweet Stamp Shops Happy Bugs stamp set! I stamped the flower pieces onto some of the Core'dinations cardstock, cut them out, and paper pieced them onto the tag. I distressed the whole tag with the Sand It Gadget! Then I inked the edges and front with distress ink. I used some of the twine from the Timeless Twine Sweet Sampler and a rhinestone to finish it off.

Check out the Happy Bugs stamp set.....

Super cute, right? Such a fun set to play with!

For my next tag... I used It's A Man's World stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop.

Another great stamp set!!!

This time... I sanded the tag and then paper pieced the image onto the tag! I LOVE this cardstock.... so fun to distress!

Not only did Core'dinations send us a generous amount of cardstock and tags.... but they also sent us these.....

The Sander Gadget is perfect and WOW is all I can say about the Dust Buddy! That thing made the clean up a breeze!

Thank you Core'dinations for all of the products! I am definitely a fan!! And thank you to Nicole for allowing me to play with some pretty *sweet* stamps!! :)

Thank you for visiting! Peace and Love!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks for Being My Friend with Avocado Arts

Happy Sunday!

I hope you are doing well! I have been MIA for a week. It wasn't a planned break but a much needed one! :)

I am back today with a card for Avocado Arts. The sentiment on this card is from the April kit called Sew Nice. The ladybug is a sneak peek from the May kit called Thoughts & Smiles! The May kit is one of my favorites so far! Make sure to hop along with the rest of the Pit Crew to see more sneak peeks!

My card is super simple. I am new to the whole washi tape thing.... and I LOVE it! :) This is my first card  using washi tape. I just added some 'grass'/tape, stamped my image and sentiment, colored my image and done!!

Did you see the oh so cute glasses on that sweet ladybug? I LOVE IT!!

Here is a picture of the April kit.... along with a pic of the digi files...

You can check out how to join the Kit Club here.... and see all of the Avocado Art stamps here!

Make sure to hop along....

Avocado Arts
Emily Branch
Kimberly Crawford
Emily Leiphart
Becky Oehlers
Savannah O'Gwynn
AJ Otto
Julia Stanton
Latisha Yoast

Peace and Love! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

You're Sew Nice with Avocado Arts

Happy Saturday!

Today I am sharing a card using Avocado Arts April Kit called Sew Nice! I love this set.... it is so fun to use!

You can read about joining the kit club here! There are several options to choose from so you can find one that suits your needs/wants!

My card for today was super easy! I made my card base, stamped the stitching and sentiment and then stamped the buttons on my colored paper. I cut those out and adhered them to my base with dimensionals! Rounded my corners and.... All done!

Here is a look at the entire April kit....

And don't forget about the Digi Cut Files that can also be purchased.....

Make sure to hop along to visit these wonderful and talented ladies for more Sew Nice inspiration!

Avocado Arts
Emily Branch
Emily Leiphart
Savannah O' Gwynn

Peace and Love!! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge April 5 - April 18

Happy Thursday!!

Today starts a new Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge!! This is the next to last challenge for most of the current design team!! Make sure to keep an eye out for a new DT call!!

Check out the inspiration photo for this challenge...

And here is my take....

I used Word Salad, Metropolis, He Said She Said and Little Fella.

Make sure to check out the SPARKS blog for info on rules and prizes and for more DT inspiration!

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Penny Black Tags

Happy Wednesday!

I am back with more Penny Black goodness today! Make sure to visit the Penny Black blog today to see lots of tag inspiration!

I used Dreamy 40-102 and Posies 40-107 on my tags. I left them sentiment-less on purpose! When I go to use one... then I will add the appropriate sentiment. I loved them too much to guess on what I would use them for! :)

I also used my new Tim Holtz Distress Markers on these tags. I love that I can color rubber stamps before I stamp them!! And these stamps were fun to color up! Gorgeous images!

I hope you have a great day!

Peace and Love!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Penny Black Mini Cards

Happy Tuesday!

Jenyfur is showing off mini cards on the Penny Black blog today! Make sure to check it out here! You can see mini cards made by other DT members!

On my mini cards... I used the set Sweet Wishes 30-104. It is such a cute set!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Love!