Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CARDS Challenge

Here are a couple of cards that I made for the CARDS blog latest challenge. I am a little intimidated by ribbon... we seem to fight every time I try to make a bow! So... this is my best attempt! I won't tell you how much time (and ribbon) went into getting these bows tied!

The Christmas card was made just because I wanted to use my new SU stamp set!! Plus... I need to knock out another Christmas card. The birthday card was made with a family member in mind! Won't say who because two of the four women who have birthdays coming up... read my blog! I think they still do anyway! :)

I used my In Bloom set again and used several of the same colors from the card I posted yesterday! I jumped on the In Bloom bandwagon late but ... I am glad I did. The more I use it... the more I love it!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday! I cleaned my house while Carver was at school so that feels good... it is nice to have a clean house! Of course, Carver didn't take a nap at school so he is napping for a few minutes now! That gives me enough time to post these cards real quick!

I have a question for you!! Yes... you!! Any of you!! I am wanting to take an online photography class. Preferably nothing too expensive or time consuming. Looking for something to do at my own pace! Any good tips or suggestions?

I have so many things that I 'dream' of doing but have so little Kelley time that it is hard to accomplish too much outside of taking care of my family and our home. Anyway... it is a little overwhelming when I think of all the things I want to do... paint the whole house, redecorate, take a photography class, get into digital/hybrid scrapbooking, start scrapbooking, etc... !! I let myself get discouraged because I just don't have the energy most days to get started. Anyway... just needed to vent for a minute. Sorry to get off on that... wasn't planning to! :)

Well... hope you guys have an awesome night! Thanks for stopping by and Thanks in advance for any advice about a photography class!

Supplies: Christmas card
Stamps - Just Beclause (SU)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - True Black and Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Choc. Chip ribbon (SU), Crayola Colored Pencils, Frosted Lace Stickles, Kaiser Rhinestones, SU Corner Rounder

Supplies: Birthday card
Stamps - In Bloom and Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - Dark Chocolate, Rustic Cream, Scarlet Jewel, and Ripe Avocado (PTI)
Ink - True Black, Dark Chocolate, Scarlet Jewel, and Ripe Avocado (PTI)
Other - SU Corner Rounder, Kaiser Rhinestones, SU Dimensionals, Martha Stewart ribbon


Jane said...

Love both of them!!! I too don't know how to work with ribbon.......string yes but ribbon is too hard!!!

Christina Smith said...

Your bows look beautiful! I hear ya...ribbon can be a pain sometimes!! I will ask Quent about photography classes and I'll get back with you. He looks around in the photography world a lot. Something I have done with my own personal schedule in the past was write down what I want to do, and then start setting aside time to do those things each day, once a week, once a month, etc. Little by little those things will be done! You can do it! If I wanted to paint my whole house I would sit in the middle of the room and cry. Hahaha! (I don't like painting) Ok, I better leave before I get in trouble! Ha!

Amy Heller said...

Both beautiful cards! Great CARDS challenge submissions!! You know what's funny? That Thanksgiving card I did with the BIG bow - I created it on Thursday, before the challenge came out for CARDS- what a coinki-dink! I might send it in but I'll have a couple others (hopefully on Thursday that I'll send Paige. I actually found some great ribbon tutorials at Splitcoast Stampers ages ago - if you go under resources I believe it is. I hear you about time, and wanting to take a photo class, I want both, too - first I need a new camera! ;)

Dana Gustafson said...

Love your big beautiful bows. Especially the striped ribbon on the santa card. Too cute!

I wish I had an online course to suggest...I need one too :) Not enough "dana" time :)

Winter said...

So cute! I love the ribbon on both! I have a weakness for ribbon, I LOVE it! :) I have been wanting to take a photo class too, haven't thought about taking one online! Let me know if you find a good one! :)

Elise said...

Holy GORGEOUS BOWS, Batman! THOSE are such decadent and ample fun bows - HELLO! What adorableness and beauty in them, thar cards! Fabulous work, Kelley my Kelley! As for an online PHOTOGRAPHY course... um HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHOTOGRAPHY! Yeah, I'll be in the BACK of the class if you find such a thing! tee hee

Carly said...

Hi Kelley, both cards totally rock!! Great wide ribbon too! ;-) I so know whatcha mean cleaning the house. I did the same thing today and love the feeling of a clean, tidy house. And you so sound like me trying to juggle so many things and ideas. I am always going from thing to thing. As for the photography course did you try searching 2Peas? If I could find the link I would so send it to you. Sorry about that.

~amy~ said...

Oh Kelley...both of your cards are pure perfection...the ribbons are fantabulous!

Lynnette said...

Girl, I know what you mean. I have so many things I want to tackle that I get overwhelmed. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Your cards are beautiful. Whatever time and ribbon went into them was well worth the effort:)

naomi chokr said...

me me me!! i have a suggestions. i signed up for a class with maggie holmes in jan 2010. its pricey at $200 but its the cheapest around. Everything else out there is above $1000. i'm slowly learning photography too. nothing fancy for me. just something that i can use to document my life and when we travel etc. what level are you at? im seriously a beginner. like i just purchased my camera a month ago. but the best advice i ever got was to purchase a prime lens aka nifty fifty aka 50mm. its great for low light. i hate using my flash. what kind of camera do you have??? i have a nikon d5000 so i had no other choice but to pay a bit for it. if you have a canon then the lens would be about $100. it will never leave your camera i swear!!! its that good. hmm do you get apeture and shutter speed yet? if you need some basic ranges to get you started email me and i will lt you know.

as for websites...i currently love www.popphoto.com. as soon as i take my class i'll be happy to share anything i learn with you. im all about sharing the wealth!!!

im just like you i want to learn everything....like today. i've dabbled into digi scrapping, scrapping, photoshop etc etc. i just need more time in the day. then i love tv so much and im tired after work that all i want to do is veg out. i suggest pick one first learn it then move to the next.

anywhooo hope this helps you a bit.... maybe we can teach each other??? share websites? i have a couple of saved tutorials somewhere...as i find them i will email them to you. good luck!!!

i almost forgot!!! your cards are awesome...did these get picked? i love the ginormous ribbons. thats right up my alley!!! i need to start submitting my stuff and see if they get picked. it would be so cool if one does.

Vanessa said...

Love your cards! The bows look fab - I am sure they`ll be spotlighted again! I am no help with the classes... I would probably choose Karen Russell - but I think her classes have loooooong waiting lists and I have no idea what they cost!


Emu Up A Gum Tree said...

Someone actually sent me a tutorial on Bow-Making using a fork... http://dianagibbs.typepad.com/stampin_with_di/2008/06/lets-fork.html

I haven't tried it yet, because a good friend of mine actually make me some pre-done bows and also some ribbon roses. So I haven't needed to make any for myself yet!

Randee E said...

Oh Kelley, these are both gorgeous! Again with the kraft . . .so loving it!! I was contemplating that Santa set for soo long, kinda has a Unity vibe don't ya think? Well, I never got it, but your card has put it back at the top of my wish list again :0)

Courtney Baker said...

Kelley I love these! You know as much as I do I still can't imagine having a kid, and I'm sure this will sound like silly advice since I don't have one. But awhile back I decided to give up to T.V. that's helped (I only watch it while we eat dinner together). I also realized (for me) that getting started is half the battle. If I can just get myself started then I'm all in. I'll be praying that you get a little Kelley time soon! :)

Courtney Baker said...

Oh and let me know if you want me to come help you paint! I certainly owe you! :) And it would be fun!

Jessica said...

These are lovely, Kelley!! And the lovely bow fits right in with them :)
If you find anything worthy for photography let me know, please!! I in need of some lessons myself :)

Savitri said...

Uhhm, by now I forgot what your card(s) look like... I've been reading the comments here... let me get back :)

Ok, WOW, the cards are stunning!! I just got distracted :P Nice photos too!

Photography... hmmm, depends on your motivation and time... Kelley time that is. But, if you get into the habit of having/carrying the camera with you and using each moment as a learning experience you'll be able to learn, esp. with a digital camera. I mean no film to waste!

I like this site: http://digital-photography-school.com/digital-photography-tips-for-beginners

It's free and I just read the tips and when I have time I'll try it out. Photography like paper crafting takes practice and remember what settings you used the last time AND getting yourself away from that little green button called AUTO :)

I think I might start a little photography post here and there. We'll see though.

What camera do you have and if it's a dSLR what lens do you have? I'm a Nikon user and LOVE taking pictures. I'm auditing a photography class now and love it. I work for a university, with a photography program, and so can take classes for free :)

~kelly marie~ said...

Both cards are so gorgeous! And so are those bows! I have the toughest time with ribbon too!

Stephanie said...

okay girl...I think you kicked the ribbon's butt!! I also have seen the bow making with a fork & tried it...really cool, but I have to look up the instructions to do it & I'm always in a hurry! and I hear ya on 'me' time - I finally spent some much needed 'lounging on the couch' hours today & well, let me tell you how much I love my couch!! I hope you find that balance soon :)