Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The box

The soap box that is.....

I was having a conversation late last week about people/women being fake. You know... the women who make their lives, marriages, children... whatever... sound so much better than reality? Someone asked me if I thought that people actually lie about things like that to make themselves have a 'perfect' appearance. My answer was a "YES"!

Then on Sunday, our pastor, included a point in his message about Getting Real... and it was right along the lines of the conversation I had just had! It has just been on my mind a lot lately.

Being real is one of the things that I am very passionate about. Reason being.... I have been burned by being ignorant to the fact that not all people are real. I was in a situation years ago where I was not very happy with my marriage and was looking at a 'friends' marriage thinking... I wish mine was like hers. Years later I found out that hers was not what she had portrayed it to be. Thank the Lord... I didn't ultimately let my envy of her 'real marriage' play a part in the fate of my own.

Am I perfect at being real? I am not perfect at anything!

Do I think that you should tell everyone your business all the time? Not necessarily! But do you find yourself being real when the opportunity presents itself? Or do you put on a face? If you put on a face.... you are doing damage to anyone who may be looking up to you... or at you for guidance!

Let's be real!! Real women have or have had real problems! Perfect women... perfect marriages... perfect children... perfect mothers... are not real!! They don't exist! If you believe that Jesus is the One and only perfect person to walk this earth... then they can't!!

Another 'lie' that gets on my nerves.... the one I hear that goes "oh... he is just a man"! Or if you are a man reading this "oh... she is just a woman". Are we made differently? Yes. We are different. But to say that someone can't change a bad behavior. etc. because they are a man/woman.... is a lie that people believe way too much. Jesus can change the hearts/ways of murderers and prostitutes and so on.... but He can't help my husband/wife _______ (insert your own whatever). OR... the "I just am who I am".

I understand that people have mental/physical disabilities that Jesus may not choose to heal them of in this life. I am not referring to those type things.

WE ARE WHO WE ARE CONTENT WITH BEING!!! If you think otherwise... aren't you limiting what it is that Jesus can do in you?

This world is FULL of lies and deceitfulness. If you don't already question the things you believe to be true or the things that you place importance on in your life... you should start!!! Compare them to what the bible says and ask yourself a question... do you believe God's word or do you believe something because everyone else on this earth (where Satan is allowed some freedom) does?

Okay... I am done now!



Just me... said...

agreed - as always, very insightful :) xoxo N.Rixon

It's Jenn! said...

LOVE this! I spent many years telling stories to build myself up, and I'll tell ya, it's hard to keep up with all your own lies. It's so much less stress just being real. Not only that, but the people who love me for who I am, who I REALLY am, I know genuinely love ME, flaws and all. Funny thing you named it soap box, as it was the title of my last post too. I was just being whiny though, not insightful =)

Tami Mayberry said...

I <3 you/ :)