Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Discovery Worth Sharing

While I was shopping in Staples the other day... I ran across some of this Creative Covering by Con-Tact. The packaging says it is Adhesive Covering and that it is Removable. Hmmm.... sure looks a lot like vinyl and it is a huge roll... 18 in x 24 ft. Luckily... a lawbreaker before me had opened a roll of the blue so.... since it was already open... I took a feel and it felt a lot like vinyl.

I took a chance and bought a roll.

So... the next day... I cut a shape (that the hubby purchased for me for Valentines Day... thanks honey!!) with my Silhouette Cameo and guess what... works just like vinyl! Score!!

 $10.99 a roll... I do believe I will have a few (at some point)! :) I have my eye on some blue and green. I also saw yellow but it looked too thin... you could see the backing paper through it.

The same day... I saw some wood grain rolls in Wal-Mart (same brand as in Staples)... in the shelf liner section. I don't think I would want that in my cabinets... but it might look cool as something cut from my Cameo!?!

Later the same day I made a stop at JoAnn's. They have some new (to my store) vinyl sheets for sale. While I LOVE the colors... a sheet of 13x19 (approx) vinyl is $3.99. Those will be great if you have a very specific project you want to do and have a half off coupon!

As for me... I am excited about my discovery! I feel like I can make lots of stuff for myself and/or others... without breaking the bank!

Peace and Love!

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