Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo post

The sun came out on our way home late this afternoon... after a day full of rain, rain, and more rain!

The sun, an empty Publix parking lot, a few rain puddles, a storm drain, rain boots and the fact that I had my camera... made for a great random photo shoot! I am in no way a professional photographer... I don't claim to be. BUT... I do see things that make me say "THAT is a great picture". Today I had one of those moments! If I knew how to actually work my camera ... and if I would actually edit these photos (instead of being lazy)... they would be better.  I love them just because of who is in them! :) One day I will learn.... one day!

Silly goose!!

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Bethany Stellpflug said...

love these Kelley! I really think that last one is adorable and sweet! :)