Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!!

I don't have a card to share today! I have some older cards (rejects) to share but I will do that some other time!

I had hoped to play along with the latest CARDS challenge for a New Years card but time has not permitted me to do so!

Anyway... I just wanted to say Hello and wish you all a Happy New Year! I will be back tomorrow when I will be sharing an opportunity for all of us to help a worthy cause! So... please check back!

On a different note... I saw on Christina's blog where she shared her word for the year. I am not sure about this word thing... I think it is an Ali Edwards thing but again... I have no real clue so... don't hold me to that! ANYWAY....I like the idea of having a word/theme for the new year!

I was thinking today about what I would like my word to be. I think my word for the year is ... LIVE!

I want to live without fear!
I want to live in the now and enjoy the now!
I want to live my life and stop putting it off until I have more time/money!
I want to live the life that I want to live... I want to make the dreams come true instead of sitting around and waiting for them to come to me!
I just want to live!!... I want my son's memories of his mother to be of a woman who loved him and played with him and enjoyed every moment of her life! Even the trials!!

Hope you all enjoy a safe and happy New Years!! Love you all!


Nancy L. said...

Happy New Years to you Kelley!!
I want to concentrate more on the little things and like you said just enjoy the moment! It was a rough year economically but we are happy and that counts!!

Janelle said...

Live is the perfect word for you for 2010! I've been thinking about this, too, but am still undecided. (And, you're right about Ali Edwards.) Have a great night -- and Happy New Year!

~amy~ said...

Happy New Year my's to a fantabulous 2010!

Karen said...

Hi Kelley!! Yup, its an Ali Edwards thing. I just posted mine today.......and its quite similiar to yours! In fact, I had considered yours for awhile, but went with what I did for my own reasons. If you want to read about the thoughts behind Ali's One Little Word, there is a link on my post for it. I think your {Live!} is wonderful and I'm looking forward to you, your blog, and all that you share with us in 2010!!!! Happy Happy New Year friend!!! :>:>

Karen said...

Okay, having a "Doh!" moment.....just saw Ali's link on your blog Still loving your {Live!} word and looking forward to chatting more in 2010! :>

Stephanie said...

happy happy new year to you, my friend!! I'm wishing you a year overflowing with blessing Kelley! love ya :)

Christina Smith said...

Happy New Year my friend! I love you and I'm so thankful for you!!!

Elise said...

You are EXTREMELY special to me, Kelley. Thanks for even MORE inspiration! I love your word and your vision.... MANY, many blessings to you and your dear family, darling friend! Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family Kelley. Thank you for your inspiration and for your kindness. May 2010 be full of wonderful things for you and your family and with it brings special memories.xo