Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lots O' Random

Happy Thursday!

My mom and dad took my little man for a few hours today. We met them to do a little shopping and to have lunch. Them taking him was a surprise to me so I am going to try and make good use of my time while he is gone. I have a TON of laundry to put up and/or iron. Fun Fun!

Anyway... I wanted to get a post up real quick too! I hate that I haven't posted much the past month! Carver has started soccer games/practice. This is his first year playing and Michael is helping to coach the team. I started learning to coupon a little over a month ago. While I don't intend to do 'extreme' couponing... it is still VERY time consuming!!! A lot more than I thought it would be but it is also addictive. I guess that is why I spend a lot of time on it! I like saving that money at check out!

I have been keeping busy with my DT assignments and Paper Crafts calls. I haven't had time to make anything just to post on my blog. At some point... I would love to get back to that but I haven't been able to yet. I keep telling myself that when Carver starts back to school this fall that things will be better. I will have 3 days to work on cleaning, laundry, couponing, errands, etc. I have not once regretted keeping Carver out of school (mothers day out) this year but as time has gone on... I think him going back is going to be a good thing... for both of us. I hope it will help me to be a better mommy. I hope I will be able to just play more with him when he is home because everything else that 'has' to be done... will be done. Or at least I will know the next time that I can get them done! The answer to that at this point is NEVER!! :) I think Carver needs to have a little time away from me as well! I will miss him but I hope it will help us to get along better! :)

We are also planning a trip with my parents that is coming up before too long! I will tell more about that when we return. I don't really like to post stuff like that for all to see! :) Just know that until we leave and get back... my posting, etc.. may still be a little here and a little there!

Okay... so .. the projects that I am posting today are projects that I made for the PSA Stamp Camp blog. I am also throwing in a different version of the Rosetta Anniversary card that I made for my aunt and uncle for their anniversary last month! The pictures are not the best. Since the time change I have really struggled with getting good natural lighting pictures. HOWEVER... I am thrilled to report that I think I have figured it out! The time of day to take them and my camera settings! I think!! I was really pleased with the pics I took for my last PC submissions. We shall see! :)

I am not going to list supplies because I have rambled on enough and I really need to get to that laundry. You can go here and here to see the supply lists on the PSA Stamp Camp blog!

Thanks as always for visiting! Love you guys! :)

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Lindsay said...

These cards are so fun Kelley! I'm glad you had some time to do stuff! Love when the rents take the little man for awhile! Such a break. Have a good one!