Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paper Crafts Card Creations Publication

Wow... long time no post, right? It has been a month today!

Nothing huge going on around here these days but I have been pretty busy! I hope to post again tomorrow and I will give you my list of excuses as to why it has been so long. :) It is really late... or early depending on how you look at it and I am ready for bed!

In the meantime... I thought it was time to get my birthday post off the top of my blog. So... today I am posting a picture of the current Paper Crafts issue... Card Creations Vol. 9. The card at the very bottom is mine! This is my first cover card so I am very excited! :)

I hope all is well with you (if there is still anyone reading my blog)! I apologize for going a month without posting. I don't think I have gone that long without posting since I started my blog!

Thanks so much for visiting! 

I am not sure what is up with my signature crowding the text! Gonna have to fix that!!!


Andy said...

The card is very beautiful. Liked it very back. Good news is you are back again blogging.

It's Jenn! said...

I thought I recognized your style when I saw that cover! Congratulations Kelley!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

You could never be forgotten Kelley! You're everywhere, like ON THE COVER!! WOOT! So happy for you girl, that is so exciting.

~amy~ said...

Ginormous congrats girlie!!!!

Karen B. said...

Congratulations, Kelley. So well deserved. I'm sorry about the signature, I have no idea how to fix it! But if needs to be redesigned or anything of that sort, please let me know!

Ezlie J. Perez said...

What a great accomplishment! Love your cards and your clean and simple style. You do great work! Keep it up!