Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Wreath

Hello!! I have let this week get away from me as far as posting goes! I have been busy around the house. After cleaning out my attic yesterday... I am taking it a little easier this morning!

Today I wanted to show a fall wreath that I made a while ago. This is my first wreath attempt! :)

Also.... I wanted to show off my new banner. I got it from the same shop/sweet lady that I bought my last one from. You can check out the Etsy shop HERE! There are some really cute Halloween banners.... I had a hard time deciding which one to get. I went with this one so I could leave it up through Thanksgiving!

Well... I guess I had better get after it! I have been super busy with the house! I spent 2 days this week on the bonus room. We had to do some repair work on the ceiling in there so there was drywall dust all over the place. Fun stuff! Yesterday I spent the day lugging buckets upon buckets of stuff down from the attic. My back is a little sore but... my attic looks good! :) It bugs me if I get too much stuff in my attic! I am weird... I know! If there is anything opposite of a hoarder... that is what I am becoming! I want it all out of here!! :)

Today my plan is to clean the rest of the house. It has all been cleaned at least once so I am hoping to get it all done before I get C from school! THEN... I am devoting the rest of any 'free time' I get this weekend to working on the Paper Crafts call! Woo Hoo!!

Sorry to subject you to all of my plans! I am trying to motivate myself to get up and get going! :)

Peace and Love!


Lisa Petrella said...

Cute wreath! And I LOVE your festive new banner!!! So perfect for Autumn!!

Annette said...

awesome that purple ribbon

Karen B. said...

Cute wreath. Congrats on your hero arts win!

Lindsay said...

Love this wreath Kelley, so so pretty with that big purple bow!