Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012 Photo Shoot

Carver and I went out today so I could take a few pictures! I think I took 230. :)

I thought I would share my favorites and wish you a Happy New Year!!!

None of these were edited... with the exception of the black and white one. I had not had a bath and had not put on any make-up so believe me... I was doing you a favor by making it black and white! It is a little less scary!

All my photos were taken in Auto mode (shhhh!!) One day I will learn how to use my camera! It was a little too cold today to play around with it much plus... a sheriffs deputy ran us off from the barn location before I was done playing! On the train tracks... well.... after our barn experience with the cop and the fact that trains do run on those tracks... I just wanted to shoot a few and get out of there.

I hope you have a wonderful last night of 2012!!

Peace and Love!!


Winter said...

LOVE Them all! He looks like a little GAP kid! Momma knows how to dress him right! :)

Bananastamper said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

Donna and Sara said...

These are really beautiful, what a lovely day you must have had.

Bethany S. said...

love these! Really love the ones with the train tracks. :)