Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Cards

Whew... what a day! I have been cleaning since the minute that I woke up! Thought I would take a break for a second (before I straighten up my craft room) to post some cards that I made for the quilt ministry at church!

The pics aren't great! I wanted to show them all but without taking a picture of each individual color!

Apparently... we are having lots of babies around here right now! :) Which is always a good thing!

Anyway.... I have had a productive day even though I stayed up until 3:30am for the 2nd night in a row!

I really thought I would go to sleep early last night but while waiting for Carver to fall asleep (so he wouldn't want to get in my bed as soon as I went to bed), I started watching Twilight. And then I had to watch New Moon so yeah... I stayed up way too late. And... I am pretty sure that after I did go to sleep... I was having dreams about Edward! :) It's okay... I have already told Michael! And... he isn't worried! Ha!

Oh... and that was my first time to see Twilight all the way through and first time ever for New Moon! MUST SEE ECLIPSE SOON!!

But even though I haven't had much sleep, I have been fairly productive today! And apparently I am chatty too! I haven't stopped long enough today to talk much so... if you are reading this... you are having to pay for that! :)

I got out all of Carver's fall/winter clothes from the attic this week and I have just about gotten all of them washed and ready to take to the consignment shop. If only they took more than 30 items at a time. I have 3 years worth of fall/winter clothes! That's a lot!!

I cleaned up the bonus room which was a wreck... seriously... it was bad. Everything that could be out and on the floor in piles... was! I cleaned Carver's bathroom and I cleaned out Carvers room. I organized his toys since they seem to have gotten all out of place lately. I went through all of his clothes and got rid of stuff that wouldn't fit... either in the Goodwill pile or the consignment store pile. I cleaned out his closet... not only the clothes and toys but everything that was on his shelves.

I still have more to get done tonight while I am apparently on this manic kick! I hope to get lots more done tomorrow!

Okay... I will stop talking now!

Peace and Love!


Alice Wertz said...

these are so cute, Kelley! sweet baby cards!

Sarah Craig said...

If you run out of things to clean while on your manic kick, you are welcome to come to my house!!!

Nancy said...

Adorable baby cards. I love the design!

Alanna said...

Super cute baby cards. And how fun that you watched those movies. You've definitely got to see Eclipse soon. I sure do {heart} Edward.

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, love your baby cards, oh yeah I could do with some cleaning round here, any chance?? :D xxx

Winter said...

So sweet! I love those cute little stamps! I wish you were closer so you could help me clean mine! :)

Janelle said...

Love these new baby cards, Kelley. I have that Unity KOM and haven't inked up that stamp yet. I really must -- it is just too cute. Love the simplicity of your cards!