Friday, August 13, 2010

I Am The Worst Blogger Ever

Okay... maybe that is an exaggeration but that is how I feel! :)

I just have to be honest and say that there are several factors in my lack of blogging/blog hopping!

First excuse is just Life! Life has been busy and hectic and crazy for many reasons! Second excuse is that I have just been burned out! I felt like I had let my priorities get mixed up and I am still not sure that I have those straightened out. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that I want/need to do! And lastly... on the blogging front... since the recent Paper Crafts rule change of not submitting anything seen on your blog before.... that has really cut down on what I have to blog. I am assuming it is still okay to post things you plan to submit to CARDS but if it is anything that I think I might submit at some point to either... I have not posted it. So... since when I do get some crafting time in... I am usually working on something for a call... then that doesn't leave a lot to blog. It leaves me with cards that I don't like a whole lot! So... what's a girl to do!?!?!

Well... I am not sure yet! I am going to have to figure that out! I do know that I miss blogging and I miss blog hopping and keeping up with my blog friends! I am reminded of that every time that you guys visit me and especially when I have a prayer request and I know that I have some great women out there lifting me up in prayer!

So... I am here to say that I am going to try and get back in the game! :) I have thought about as a way to start a new chapter... doing a blog makeover. However... since I would need some professional help... that may have to wait. I am not sure how much something like that costs so... if you know and wouldn't mind sharing... please do! I am also thinking about taking my blog list off of my blog except for some manufacturer/magazine/challenge blogs. I think I am going to try Google Reader again (wasn't a fan the 1st 2 times I tried to use it) for the rest of my blogs that I want to keep up with. I need to update my list and add some new friends, etc and my list keeps getting longer and longer on my blog!

Anyway... just felt like sharing! :)

Now... if you want to see a couple of cards... here are a few.

I have started playing around with my Cricut and have to say that I have enjoyed using it. I am still trying to figure it out but I at least took the first step of trying it! :)

Well... I guess I will quit talking now! I have had a semi-productive day today around here but there are a few more things that I need to do before I can craft or go to bed so I better get after it!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Let's Hang Out
Paper - Bazzill Basics
Ink- Distress by Ranger
Other - Corner rounder, dimensionals, Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge

Supplies: For You

Paper - Papertrey Ink and Bazzill Basics
Other - Kaiser Rhinestone, Corner rounder, Cricut Sweetheart Cartridge

Supplies: Date Night
Paper - Bazzill Basics, Papertrey Ink and Stampin Up
Other - Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge, Rhinestones from My Mind's Eye


Ann said...

Such cute cards, Kelley! I understand about the whole blog problem is that I don't want to leave my blog readers hanging, so I focus so much on that, then I never have time or energy to submit much to the magazines...not to mention that when I do, I get depressed 'cause everything gets rejected...oy, now I sound depressing! Sorry! Have a great weekend! :D

Janelle said...

Cute Cricut cards, Kelley! I really need to use my Cricut again; it's been awhile! Don't stress too much about the blog thing. Just post when you can/feel like it and maybe you'll enjoy it more. Maybe you're putting too much pressure on yourself. I, for one, will still love you even if you don't post everyday! :)
My Google reader is now saying I have 1000+ unread posts. Since I didn't get a chance to check blogs too often while I was gone... well, for all I know it could be 3000+ unread! I think I'm just going to have to mark them all as read and start over. But first I might see what kind of dent I can make in it this weekend. :) Have a good one!

Alanna said...

Super cute cards Kelley. Our cricuts can do so much for us, can't they?

Good luck trying to get the whole life/blogging thing worked out. I do miss you but completely understand. Have a great weekend.

Laura Isham said...

Love the "Date Night" card. So elegant!

Life gets in the way of a lot of the things I want to do, too. But all you can do is be grateful for what you can do and enjoy every minute!

Sarah Craig said...

Kelley, I have given you a Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here:

Winter said...

I SO know what you mean about everything get in the way of blogging! I hope to get my time worked out to do a little of everything and not alot of just one! I hope it works! :)

Jeanne said...

Hey Kelley, I've not commented much lately, but I have been reading and enjoying your posts. I'm so glad that your recent medical scare turned out okay.

As for the blogging may just be putting too much pressure on yourself during this season of your life. You've got a lot on your plate right now. Your little guy needs a lot of your time and attention, but it won't always be that way. I don't know much about getting published, as that's never been a goal of mine. I would think if you focus on why you started your blog in the first place, that might help you focus on what you really want your blog to be. Also, even though you might not always be able to stick with it, maybe get a sense of what type of schedule you can develop for blogging. Post a day or two a week for now and take the pressure off yourself.

Remember that ultimately, this is supposed to be fun. If it's not fun, back off for a bit, take a break, create just what you want to and if you feel like sharing...go for it.

Not sure if this helps, but good luck!

Alice Wertz said...

love your cute cards, Kelley!! hope you are having fun creating!!

Ulli said...

Hi Kelley, You should not lose your passion about crafting. I have similar problems about crafting cards for challenges, writing on my blog etc. I know you spent lot of time getting this blog running but people will understand if you let loose for a moment or a longer time. Spend some time with your son and your husband and completely forgetting about blogging and crafting. Your energy for crafting and blogging will soon come back. Always think about that more precious is the real world with your family and friends. Take the step and step back a little bit right now. Honestly everyone of your readers will understand. I wish you all the best finding the right way for you.