Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thanks Chickie and a Giveaway!

 Stamps - Handwritten Notes by Papertrey
Paper - Raspberry Fizz and True Black by Papertrey, Hambly Couture
Ink - Tuxedo Black by Tsukineko
Other - SU dimensionals, Doodlebug Jewel

Hello!! I wanted to pop in today and share a card that I made a while ago!

I also wanted to have a little giveaway! I have a few mini albums that I have acquired over the past couple of years that I will not use and I thought that I should give them away here on my blog! So... see the picture below and if you are wanting to own these albums... leave me a comment and I will draw a random winner sometime on Monday, Jan 10th!

In the meantime... over the next week or two... I plan to post a few cards that I have not posted here yet. I will also post a few cards that I have had published recently! AND.... while I am doing that... I am going to be praying about what this year is going to be about for me! Any of you that have been around for a while know that I am in a constant struggle with time management and guilt! :) I am going to stay focused on getting my home in order (organized, purged, and cleaned) over the next couple of weeks. It shouldn't take that long but with an almost 4 year old under me all day.... well... it just does! :)

I want to focus on some life issues and habits that I want to change this year! I love making cards and blogging and submitting and blog hopping! But... one of my goals this year is to sleep more! I want to have more energy to play with Carver everyday and I want to get on some sort of teaching/learning schedule with C this year. My head has become too busy with thoughts of things that I 'need' to do like blogging, making cards, blog hopping, keeping up with emails, etc! And honestly... those aren't things that I 'need' to do! What I need to do is sleep and play with my son and start preparing him for school... I only have a couple of years left (he will be 6 when he starts)! I don't want to wake up in a couple of years after he has started school and regret wasting time and energy on things for me when I could have spent more of it on him and Him! He is my only one... ya know.... this time is so precious!

So... okay... enough rambling! Just letting you know what my thoughts are as we are in the start of a new year! My prayer is that God will be able to use me in the blog/card making world this year. My prayer is that I do whatever it is that He wants me to do and that I do it willingly and that I will give up this thing that I love so much if He wants my time and attention elsewhere!

Until I feel like I know for sure what I am suppose to be doing... I will be posting the cards that I mentioned before! Away from the computer... I will be working my tail off to accomplish my goals around my home and praying for direction! I pray that I will finally find this year that I can 'do it all' and do it wonderfully with God's help! That is my goal but we will see what God has in mind! :)

Love you all and thanks for listening! :)

Peace and Love!


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Super cute card, Kelley! I believe that things can be done in moderation. What if you only blogged once a week or something? I don't know. Hugs! I hope you find your answer.

Winter said...

Girl...we are SO like minded it's scary! I have been doing the same kind of thinking, about not wasting precious time with my kids, for things I want to do! If you read my Facebook post the other day about Kids, it is the same feeling! I want my kids to feel 100% special and I can't show them that if I am not spending time with them! I have had to let go of things for God or change how much time I spend on other things to spend more time with Him or my family and it was the BEST decision I could have made. I will be praying for you about the decisions you have to make. Love you!

Lindsay said...

I love your attitude Kelley! It is so true they grow up so fast and time with them is short! I feel the same about my priorities sometimes and need to remember that if I am feeling stressed and pressured it is of my own making. Here is to 2011!! I will be praying for you dear, that God will guide you.

Scrappy Jackie said...

I love what you wrote today! Thank you for sharing from the heart... time... God will guide you I am sure of that... you just need to be patient and listen for him!

Lisa Petrella said...

I support you one hundred percent, Kelley! I think it's really important to take a step back every once in a while and make sure we're focusing on the things that matter the most. But, I have to confess----I hope that you'll still find at least a little bit of time here and there to get crafty because it seems like you really enjoy it and you are so very talented!!!

Jane said...

Gorgeous card and an awesome giveaway!
I too struggle with time management! LOTS of things I need to change.

AJ said...

girl- you are reading my mind!! I am constantly battling with the cleaning/organizing/purging thing in my house! I often let my blog go when things are crazy in my world, we can start an organizing/purging support group! :)

mustavcoffee said...

Hiya Kelly, Happy new Year, Do what you have to do my friend, only you know what it is, look after you and yours, hugs to you:0) xxx

Sandy Ang said...

I'm in love with all things fashion-related and your dress form card is so chic ! Best wishes for the new year and that you achieve the balance you are looking for.

Janelle said...

Cute card with all those dress forms, Kelley. I so relate to your struggles (and I'm so much older than you!)... maybe it's a lifelong thing. Hope that doesn't discourage you -- but I think there are always things that are going to try to pull us away from what is truly important in life. That's why it's important for you to do what you're doing... devoting yourself to prayer and the important family things. I love your transparency... I love your heart. Hugs to you!

Haley D. said...

Love your card! Good luck on your journey. You can do it!