Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watch out... Kelley's preaching!!

And I am not really sure what will come out!

I am a little bit angry right now and I am also very very sad!

I just read on a lady's blog a little bit about a spiritual journey that she is going through. A lady who is battling cancer! The part that makes me angry is a comment that I read telling this woman that she doesn't have to believe in God... just believe in a higher power! Who do you think that power is lady?

It makes me angry because this woman who is at the beginning of a spiritual journey is being told that she doesn't need to believe in God! I pray that she doesn't listen to the 'wisdom' of the lady who left the comment!

The comment itself makes me sad because the lady who left it is obviously not a believer!

There is a God! If you don't know that there is a God then it is because you don't know his son, Jesus!

God sent his son, Jesus, to live on this earth and die for our sins. God is so perfect that He cannot even look at sin. God sent Jesus to die for our sins... to be a living sacrifice for me and for you so that He could see us! We are sinners! We will always be sinners! God sent his perfect son to be the sacrifice offered up on our behalf. If we believe in Jesus and accept His gift of salvation then God can see us through Jesus! Only through Jesus! So if you haven' t accepted Jesus' gift/sacrifice then no... God can not see you and you probably don't know there is a God!

We were created to bring joy and praise to God! Even us Christians think that God created us so He can bring us joy! He created us and He demands our adoration and praise! He deserves it! This life is not about us! None of us! This life is about dying to ourselves and giving our lives to God and doing His will. WHATEVER that means!!

We are so concerned about ourselves and our families and our futures... if we will be able to retire... if we will have enough money to buy that new fancy car or go on that big trip! We just don't get it! IT IS NOT ABOUT US!! It took me having cancer and being afraid that I would die to really get that! I pray that is not what it takes for you. I think it is really easy to say but not really easy to 'get'! We still care way too much about ourselves!

Why am I on a rant about this?

I feel so strongly about all of this because of what I have learned and gone through this past year and a half! God is my joy and my peace! I have been a Christian most of my life but like so many other Christians... I just didn't get it! I still had Kelley as my #1 priority! I still had my family as my #1 or #2 priority (depending on the day)! And I still do sometimes! I will never be perfect at anything!! God protected me and He turned my situation into something that would glorify Him! And you know what... I am happier than I have ever been! It may not appear that way on the outside sometimes ( I am human and not perfect) but I cannot describe the joy that I have in my heart! I have a peace because I have said "yes" to God. I know that He knows what is best and I want what He wants. Even if it means something not so good for me. I know that even then... it will be what is best! And I am okay with that! Because I know that this life is not about me!

I want everyone to feel what I feel! I feel so strongly that unless you feel what I feel... you can't be happy or at peace! I guess I thought I was but I didn't know what true joy and peace were until I died to myself! I LOVE MY FATHER!! He is the perfect Father who knows what is best! There is no greater joy that can be found than in his arms! I want to be right there all the time!

If you haven't accepted Jesus sacrifice then I KNOW that there is something missing in your life! I pray that if this is you and you are reading this that you will reach out to someone (even me) and find Jesus and take His offer!

If you are reading this and you are a Christian but are still too concerned with yourself, your family, money... whatever it is... then I hope that you will pray for God to show you how to put Him first! I hope that you will ask God to help you get where He wants you to be.

I am still praying that myself! The journey has been rough at times but God didn't promise that it would be easy. He did promise to be there with us and He has never let me down! He never will!


Winter said...

AMEN! I pray that people would feel the peace & joy, that only God can give! Thank you Jesus! :)

Lisa Stenz said...

Hi Kelley. I also have been reading the blog of the gal you are referring to and have been trying to figure out a way to tell her about Christ without seeming too preachy, but ya know what? There is no way to tell someone the truth without trying to not offend them or seem too preachy. And actually, we as Christians, are called to do just that. So, thank you for your post and for reminding me that life is too fragile and God is too important to water down or sugar coat. HE is the reason we are here like you said. It IS all about glorifying Him and not us. So, kudos to you for following the Lord's leading and posting your awesome post tonight! Now I not only admire you for your amazing creative talent, but I admire you for being a TRUE child of God and following His command to go out and make disciples. God Bless! *Ü*

Lindsay said...

So true Kelley. It makes me sad that so so many people have no room for God and will do anything to shun Him. Unfortunetly all we can do is tell them the truth of our Saviour and let Him do the rest. It is always necessary to be reminded to keep focusing on Him and not get sidetracked with petty things! Our relationship with Him is so much more important. Thank you for the reminder girl!

Christina Smith said...

Preach it girl!! AMEN!!!!!!!

It's Jenn! said...

Thank you for this Kelley. And one of the commenters above was correct. It's impossible to tell someone about Christ without sounding preachy. I may not come to them with words, but instead I pray and hope they see how beautiful my life is with Him in it. I take everything as a learning experience and even my darkest of times I'm thankful for because I listened to Him and it brought me to where I am today. Living a thankful life just feels good and it's incredibly infectious!

susan r. opel said...

Amen and Amen.

AnitaRex said...

Kelley you should leave a comment for this girl and link back to you. The biggest thing you can do is pray that what this person said will not have impact. Leave her Godly comments that help continue to lead her to God. Maybe verses that would be fitting for her. And pray for her whenever you think of her. :> It is so frustrating what we see. I know that for Canadians there are less Christians here than there are in many other countries in the world that we still send missionaries out to, that these countries are sending missionaries here to save us now! Not sure what it is for the US but I think people like this "believe in a higher power" lady make it harder.

Sum said...

Looks like you should tell Michael to step aside one Sunday! :O)

Janelle said...

You preach it, Kelley! All you said was true and I pray that others' eyes would be opened to see the truth. Really... I don't know what I would do without Jesus and without my Bible. What a lonely and miserable existence that would be. We owe it to everyone to tell them about the only source of true peace, true joy, true love, true comfort... the only source of Truth period. Love you, girl!

delightfuldaisy said...

It is so refreshing to find a young person who will stand up for God in this day and age. I was looking at handmade cards and just stumbled upon your blog. I am so proud of you for your beliefs and your desire to serve God. May you be richly blessed today and everyday!