Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Crafts Publications

It has been a while since I shared any of my Paper Crafts publications so I thought would get caught up on that! I have been meaning to post everyday. I have this thing that I feel like I have to post in the morning. I am not quite sure why or when that started. I think that is why I go some days without posting. I just can't get a post up in the morning. When I was scheduling posts... I did better about posting but I didn't do a good job of 'talking' so I didn't end up liking that very much! Anyway... I have made a decision to quit worrying about what time I get a post up and just post something! :) I have lots of cards at this point that need to be posted! Whew... glad I got that off my chest! :)

This card is from the current Paper Crafts Stamp It Cards Vol 8.

This card is from the current Paper Crafts July/August issue.

Last but not least... this card was in the Paper Crafts May/June issue.

On a different note... I am totally excited because I am suppose to be getting a new light box/lights delivered tomorrow! I have been wanting one FOREVER. My sweet hubby bought me a portable light box a long time ago and the lights that go with it are just not what I need. They are really small and don't put out enough light. After reading this post, from Carly, I ordered what I needed. Carly did all the work for me... she told me what I needed and I didn't have to do the research to figure it out! :) I can't wait to play with it. I am hoping it makes things easier! 

Okay... I guess I will hush now! Thanks for stopping by! :) 



Ryann Salamon said...

Hi Kelley! Can you share where you purchased your light bulbs? Thank you!

Lindsay said...

LOVE these cards Kelley! So excited for you about your light box! How fun!

bonnie said...

Super cute cards sweetie...I know what you mean about posting, when I schedule posts I don't say alot because it's in the future so I just now post when I can! Great news about the light box :) Hugs x

Lisa Petrella said...

Congrats on all of your pubs, Kelley!!! So well-deserved!!! Your work is FABULOUS!!!