Monday, November 28, 2011

Anything But A Card with Penny Black

 Stamps - Christmas Treasures 30-085 by Penny Black
Paper - Kraft and Vintage Cream
Ink - Jenni Bowlin Brown Sugar and Spice Tin by Ranger, Vintage Photo Distress by Ranger
Other - Vintage Envelope Die by Wplus9 Design

Happy Monday!

Today starts a new theme for the week on the Penny Black blog. You can visit the blog HERE!

I decided to make some gift card holders for our nieces and nephews. Please excuse my messy writing! I made 5 of them but they all look pretty much the same so I only photographed 2. It is a little sad that all of our nieces and nephews are old enough that they want gift cards or money for Christmas. I feel old! :)

Well... I hope you had a great week last week! We were super busy with lots of 'on the fly' plans and we had a blast. I got my Christmas decorations up, my house semi-cleaned, gifts wrapped, we saw Santa and had a picture made, we drove through to see some Christmas lights, I saw Breaking Dawn with a friend, and on and on. Like I said... busy but loads of fun (except the house cleaning)! :)

I also went through and looked at about 500 posts in my google reader. I started at over 1000 and went through and marked some of the company blogs, etc as all read. I had great plans to get caught up and comment on all of my 'usual' blog friends posts.... then I decided I was expecting a little too much of myself. So.... instead I commented here and there. I am down to 90 at the moment and will probably do the same .... just look... until I am back to 0. THEN I hope to stay caught up again! I promise to try!! :) Just wanted to let you know if you have noticed that I haven't commented lately. It has been a little crazy the past 2 months!

One more thing before I go... I have been meaning to 'talk' about this and I keep forgetting. I was reminded tonight when I was asked by someone what I do with all of my cards.

I, like I am sure many of you, could never use all of the cards, tags and bags that I make. I have given some to my mom and to friends. Recently I took a basket full of them (keeping a small stash for myself) to our church. Michael has the basket in his office. I sent an email to the staff and let them know that there were cards, etc in his office for their taking. I hope it will save them some money and/or encourage them to hand out more love! I plan to keep it stocked as I make more and more cards. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before so that is why I am posting about it.... in case you hadn't either. You could take a basket of cards to a school... for teachers or to your church ... for the staff. Lots of things you can do to bless others with all of those cards you could never use. Just another option for you if you have wondered what to do with them all. Please don't leave me any praise .... that is not why I am sharing this with you. I just wanted to put the idea in your head! :)

OKAY.... enough rambling! It is late and I am REALLY sleep deprived! :) That makes me extra chatty! Plus... for the last 2 weeks... my posts were scheduled a week at a time so I didn't feel like I was really 'talking'! I guess I am catching up tonight! :)

Peace and Love!!


Karen B. said...

These are too cute!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Kelley these creative gift card holders are going to make your gifts extra special. I love how you personalized each one.

Chunyuan said...

cute gift card holders.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Super fun gift card holders. :)

~Tammy~ said...

You have a heart of gold and your giving of your talents will come back in so many ways to you! Thing of all the smiles on peoples faces! What beautiful sprinkles of blessings!

As far as your weekend, I was exhausted reading trying to keep up with you! Seriously, now you need to come to my house and help! Carver and Ian can play! *wink* Seriously, wrapped presents! Ugg I am still trying to figure out who is getting what! :-)

Your gift card holders are just too cool and your handwriting is beautiful! Fantastic creations!

Annette said...

THese are adorable...Paige and Alex are going to love them...always so creative..

alexandra s.m. said...

Great Card Kelley!
and I do love to read your post too ;-)


Brenda said...

I love these gift card holders Kelley! And I know what you mean, it's kind of heart breaking when kids don't need little special gifts anymore! And thanks for the idea about offering a basket of cards to schools or churches, I am definitely going to look into it. Oh, and I am also trying to play catch up and am also probably expecting way too much from myself to comment on all 300 posts that I am behind (thank goodness not 1000!). I may have to simply comment on the last and then try to stay up to date for the next two weeks and then unfortunately I am off overseas for 2 weeks and there will be NO time to blog then! So the cycle starts again!