Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stamp It!

It is wee hours on Wednesday morning! I have been up ironing clothes while Michael has been finishing up the painting in the bonus room! I hate to go to bed while he is painting so I was able to get caught up on the washed laundry!

I am usually the painter... I love to paint! However, Michael started the painting without my help and I have had to let him do most of the work himself. Let's just say... we have a different way of approaching things and his way has left me unable to do any work without his help. :) So... it has taken a while. Scheduled times to work on it have not worked out and Michael has been really busy with extra computer work, etc.

Anyway... guess I am chatty in the early hours! Must be delirious!

While he is waiting for the 1st coat to dry on the last section of room... I thought I would go ahead and post a card!

This card is one of my very first publications! It is in the Stamp It issue of Paper Crafts that went on sale on Jan. 19th!

I have three cards in that issue ... all of them pretty CAS! I think CAS is definitely 'my style'! Apparently... because everyone says it is and any challenge 'wins/mentions' and any publication acceptances have all been cards that are completely CAS. I guess I just need to stick with those! :) I have realized recently that if this is truly the case... I have way too many supplies! :) Ha!

On another note... I want to share a couple of cute things about Carver.

We ask Carver not to say "Oh my gosh!"... instead we say "Oh my goodness"! Well... apparently at school (and everywhere else) he is the manners police. That boy doesn't miss ANYONE saying "Oh my gosh" and he is not shy about calling them out on it!

Last week, Carver got up out of his chair to correct one of his teachers for saying it. The teacher apologized and thanked him for telling her. Well... she said it again... Carver gets out of his chair and this time points his finger at her and says, "You're gonna learn this... we say Oh my goodness!"!! The teacher couldn't wait to get to Michaels office to tell him all about it! That boy is a mess!

It doesn't matter where we are... he gets on to anyone who says "Oh my gosh!"!!

We have started this new thing... well.. I did! When Carver gets real whiney... I always say... you need to quit being a whiney hiney! Well... recently I started saying... "do you have a whiney monster in your hiney?". Well... that seems to work for the time being. He will stop whining. He either wants me or daddy to get his hiney and get that monster out OR... he has decided that he can toot that monster out! :) That is usually his method of choice!

Speaking of tooting... I have my dad to thank for this! Carver has started saying when he toots... "Who fired that shot?"!! Grandpa's... what do you do with them? I have to admit... I do think that one is funny but I would prefer my son not say it!

Okay... one last thing before I go! These are all things I have wanted to blog about but haven't really had the time!

On Sunday night, I am speaking to a group of high school girls about my choices as a teenager and about my cancer, etc! I AM NOT a public speaker! It scares me to death! So... any prayers that you guys would offer up for me would be so much appreciated! I am not nervous about sharing my story... that is fine as long as I can come up with enough stuff to talk about! The actual speaking part is what makes me nervous! Thanks guys! :)

Peace and Love!

White paper from PTI, Stamp from Unity's Fresh Beginnings,
copic markers, Black StazOn, Making Memories tiny alpha stickers.
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Cindi said...

Kelley, I have put you down on my calendar to be praying hard for you on Sunday. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I just went through it! I just had to give a devotion before a gymnasium full of people at church at an Upward Basketball event at half-time. I was nervous as can be! I bet I went into the bathroom 20 times and locked myself in the stall to pray and rehearse. At one point, I believe I had an agonizing Jesus-in-the-Garden-of-Gethsemane moment and cried out to God to "please take this cup from me!" But he didn't. :) God needed to use me that day. He knew how scared I was, but He was right there with me. He will "never leave me, nor forsake me". He comforted me. I said "Lord, I have practiced all week what I'm gonna say, but how in the world is this nervous little weak creature gonna be able to get out there and do this?!" He said "You just go out there and do the WHAT and I'll take care of the HOW". Two minutes before I walked out there, I wasn't sure of what my name was, but when the buzzer went off, I walked myself out onto that gym floor, microphone in hand, turned to the audience and just started talking. Everything got silent, eyes were all on me. One word after the other, God took control. At one point, I didn't so much feel those eyes staring at me, but rather, I felt them "engage" me. The message God gave me to tell was resonating. I even felt comfortable at one point! I remembered every word of my testimony (even my name!) and I even calmly led them in prayer. When I walked off the gym floor, Mike was standing off to the side. I went over to him, and he smiled at me and said "You did good" and we hugged. You KNOW how much that meant to me!! I had so many people come over and say "I wish I could talk in front of people like you." They said I didn't even look or appear nervous to them! Isn't God SO GOOD?!! I told them "I" can't do anything. It was "God" that did it THROUGH me. I am a weak, fragile little vessel, but God is awesome and God is strong for me. God loves to use weak little vessels like me and you who have powerful stories to share because it brings God glory and satisfaction and pride when He looks down and sees his weak little precious daughters out there praising Him and lifting Him up to others. After I got done with my devotion, I walked around about 2 feet off the ground! God blessed me with joy unspeakable that day after the devotion. That was His little reward to me for my obedience. Kelley, God needs to use your weak little vessel for His glory. He will give you all you need Sunday night as you talk to those girls. I have no doubt. Kelley will show up and do the WHAT and God will show up and do the HOW. You and I have no idea what the outcome will be of our talks before people, but God does. "I can do all things, THROUGH CHRIST, who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)" is what I constantly repeated to myself. It gave me such comfort, so I just wanted to share that with you. God is going to use you and your message for His glory Sunday night. May God bless you mightily for offering yourself up and stepping out of your comfort zone for Him. I will have you covered in prayer. I love you!!

Ann said...

Kelley, your card is so sweet--congrats on the pubs! And your Carver stories are TOO funny!

Good luck with your speech. I'll be praying for you!

Carly said...

I saw your cards in the pub and they looked fab! Congrats girl!! And good luck with your speech, want an amazing thing to do telling your story. I'll be thinking of you.

Karen said...

Cute card, Kelley! And even if you do rock CAS cards, which you do, it doesn't limit the supplies you need for them! :> And just because you've got your CAS groove on, it doesn't mean you can't play with other can have fun with whatever bangs your creative to speak!! :>

Your Carver is a crack up! Thanks for sharing his Carver-isms. A few years ago, we had to tell our son that 'stupid' is a bad word as he was hooked on it from Woody saying it with such enthusiasm in Toy Story and he was too young to decipher what an 'appropriate' time was. But, boy oh boy, has that stuck! Both kidlets now tell anyone who says it that it is a 'bad word'!

Best of luck to you and your speaking engagement! What a great way to serve! :>

Elise said...

WAHOOOO! Congrats on ALL the pub-love! You DESERVE it, baby! Let me just say! YIPEEE!

Secondly, the card on this post is spectacular! I love the color work - I just want to see it and love it and touch it! hee hee

Thirdly, your boy is HILARIOUS! He'd lock me up in jail and throw away the key... I say "Holy CRACKERS" a lot.. I can't imagine what he'd do with that! Hee Hee

FOURTHLY (can you say, fourthly?) - Public speaking... Try not to think about THAT part.. Just pretend you are blogging! Just using your mouth instead of the key pad! YOU'LL be awesome. You're speaking from experience, with love and with God on your side... Need I say more! I'm so proud of you!

Christina Smith said...

What does CAS stand for? I was like, "Huh?" Cute stories about Carver. I was totally cracking up! I seriously want to meet that little man. He sounds hilarious!!! You will do awesome when you speak to those young ladies. Trust in the Lord to give you the words to speak. He will!! I'm not a public speaker either, so I hear you on that! But there have been times where I have shared messages to youth groups and when I'm up there it's like totally the Lord because it's not me. Sometimes when I think back to some of the things I said and did, I'm amazed. That was definitely the Lord!! Love you and I will be praying!!

Stephanie said...

oh my word, Kelley! That Carver is a hoot :) His little remedy for the hiney monster made me think of my fourth grader who earned the privledge of sitting in my chair yesterday and said, "Too bad for you, Miss Jake - I had beans for lunch!!" Kids!!

Now for this public speaking, I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. I also want you to remember a couple things (sorry, the teacher in me is gonna come out - I have kids giving presentations all the time)...first and foremost, the audience is on your side - they want you to do as well as you want to do! Remember to breathe - when speaking, I think we get caught up in getting our point across or engrossed that we stumble over a few words. Nobody notices it unless you let them. Breathe and talk from your heart - all the notice is wonderful you!!!

plus - another CONGRATULATIONS!! All of your cards are CAS - clever & spectacular :)

Winter said...

What a sweet card! Congrats! I think my style is CAS too, I really feel the best when I do those and I have won contests and was published with those kind too! :) Carver stories cracked me up! When Chace was little, he always asked people if they washed their hands after they were finished in the bathroom. He would tell them, I didn't hear the water running! He was too funny! :) I will be praying for you, I feel your nervousness, but just remember God has a plan for your testimony! I shared my testimony with a friend of mine, and she was saved right then and there! Not anything I did, but just being a mouth piece for God! I figured out a long time ago, don't worry about what you will say, just ask God to give you the words to speak! He will see you through it! :)

Nancy L. said...

carver is sooooo funny! i'm crackin up on the "who fired that shot"! hehe

Courtney Baker said...

Congrats on on STAMP IT! Remember how excited we were? It was the best huh?

Sarah said...

Congrats on the publication!! I am jealous..yes jealous! Your card is so sweet. Good luck on Sunday.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So, um, I hope this isn't a stupid question: what's CAS? :) :) :)

Love that card! Congrats on the pubs!

Those Carver stories are too funny.

And good luck on Sunday - you'll do great!

Jessica said...

Lovely card, Kelly!!! Congrats :) Thanks for sharing your little guys story-they are way too funny. As for the speaking I'll be praying for you. If God is to be glorified by it then there's no need to fear :)


Sarah Craig said...

Thanks to all the people who asked what CAS is - I don't stamp but I like to follow your blog and I don't know what it is either!! Love love love the card - especially the way the girls look 3-D (at least in the pic!) Carver is, as always, adorable if sometimes inappropriate! Fortunately, at his age he can get away with it... You will do great with the talk with the church girls. Someone above was right - just pretend you are blogging! You are beautifully articulate in your blogs and should have no problem (other than nerves) speaking to those girls! Love you!

Martha Whitman said...

You will do great with the girls on Sunday. I praise God for your courage!

Lea L. said...

This card is so cute! Congrats on it being published! Carver sounds like a little pistol! And good luck at your speaking engagement....just pretend everyone is in there underwear. Oh wait....maybe not. Tee hee! I don't know why anyone ever said that would make you feel better when speaking in public?! Have a great day!


~amy~ said...

hey you...congrats on the pubs!!! Woot Woot!!!!

Your Carver stories are always soooo fun to read about!

Good luck on sunday...although I know you won't need'll be thee rockstar speaker!

Krista said...

Carver sounds like a hoot! I can't wait to meet him (hopefully this summer). :)

I wanted to "tell" you, I helped B create a birthday card for her friend the other day - and thought about you when we did it. If she could see your supplies, she would flip!

Alanna said...

Your card is so cute. Congrats on it being in the magazine along with the others.

As for the stories about your little man, he's sure a cutie pie. I just love what comes out of kids' mouths.

Good luck with the public speaking thing. That's something I'm definitely not good at but I bet you knock it out of the park.

Sara said...

Good luck on Sunday! I hate public speaking too. Just remember to breathe and it's ok to pause when you need to collect your thoughts and continue. BTW - I am dying to use "Who fired that shot?!" Haha! Too cute!

~kelly marie~ said...

Congrats on Stamp It! girl! I absolutely love all of your cards in there! They are just amazing!

Janelle said...

Wow, there's a lot to comment on here! The card -- precious! And congrats on having it published in Stamp It! The Carver stories -- so funny. Glad you shared them. And the public speaking -- hope it went well. I certainly would have been praying if I'd been a better blog friend and kept up with you this week! I find myself in public speaking situations quite often and find that bathing it in prayer is what works for me. I'm always nervous until I open my mouth and start. They the nerves go away and it just flows. Since I didn't pray for you before or during, I'll be praying now that the words the Lord spoke through you will impact the hearts of the girls in the audience and cause them to draw closer to Him -- making Him their first love. Blessings to you!