Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Picture Show #1

Just wanting to post a few pics from the past couple of days...

Daddy and Carver in mommy's craft room on Thurday night!

On Friday we went to the church to fly Carver's plane in the parking lot.
I love this pic of these two.
Carver is just like his daddy!
I have always found it funny to watch from behind
As Michael and his Dad walk side by side
Their bodies look just alike
I think we have a 3rd Eubanks man!
He looks just like his daddy
And that makes me happy!

Michael flying the plane!

Carver trying to catch it!


Amy Heller said...

Oh, these are awesome, Kelley - how fun!

Elise said...

Do we ever discuss what amazing photo talents you possess? We SHOULD! These are outstanding, sweet girl! I mean, do you EVEN know how great they are! I'm enthralled! I can't even tell you that one is better than the next, but they are allllll wonderful! If you don't, already... Please enter them somewhere! Frame them, scrap them - something! Gosh! Great work!

Alison F. Collier said...

I agree, I LOVE the picture of Michael and Carver walking side by side.

Jeanne said...

Another set of fabulous photos! Wow! You sure are talented in this area as well. Amazing!

Vanessa said...

I love all of your super photos!! I agree with Elise - you possess amazing photo talents! And your two boys are cute!


Randee E said...

So sweet, I just love these pics :0)

Stephanie said...

love the photo of Michael & Carver walking together! they do really look alike....but I see you in that face too :) thanks for sharing!