Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Picture Show #2

Carver had just woken up from his nap on Friday
He wanted to watch the house being built across the street
He talks everyday about Mr. Ric's house being gone
He talks almost everyday about a fire burning our house
He didn't even see the house burn (he was asleep)
I wonder if he will ever forget!

I love this foot
I love both of his feet!!
They were the first thing I noticed when I saw him for the first time
He has big feet
He is going to be a tall young man!

Love this face!

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Winter said...

How cute! These are great! :)

Nancy said...

These photos are priceless, Kelly! What a sweetie!

Alice Wertz said...

thanks for sharing those wonderful photos of your son and husband, Kelley! they are so cute! you have a sweet family! =) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne said...

Such wonderful photos, Kelley! Perfect for using on a scrapbook page. He's a cutie!