Friday, October 8, 2010

An Apology

Okay... you guys are going to know now exactly how big of a worry wart that I am if you don't already know that!

I was cleaning up C's room before putting him in bed and I felt the need to make a formal apology!

No comment or anything like that triggered this... this is just one of those 'duh moments'! One of those moments that God said "Kelley!!!"!!

In my previous post I made a comment along the lines of "if you are a mother... you can understand how I feel" and I am so sorry for saying that!

Before I had Carver... I wasn't sure if I would be able to have a child. It wasn't so 'easy' to get pregnant!

When I would read things or would have people to say things to me like what I just wrote... it would hurt me. I always felt like people thought I was clueless about motherhood or loving a child because I didn't have one of my own and that was definitely not the case AT ALL! I had nieces and nephews and other family that I would willing lay down my life for in a second!!

I could go on for hours ( you guys know me... ) but I won't! I just want to say that I can't believe that I said that and I for sure don't believe that you have to be a mother to understand or to even know how to be a good mom! I took notes for years from watching family and friends! I was a mother way before I had my own child!

I try to remember how I felt about certain things and I try hard not to make people feel like I felt!

I can't believe that I am doing another blog post just to apologize. You may think I am crazy! :) I want to go back and just delete that sentence out of my post but in case it did offend someone who already read it... I want to make sure you know that I am sorry! Love you all!


Sarah Martina said...

:) Love how genuine you are... :) Hugs!

Christina Smith said...

I haven't read your other post yet, but I wanted to say that I so appreciate this post. Girl, I just love your honesty. Thank you so much for being sensitive. You are wonderful! (((HUG)))

Ann said...

Thanks, Kelley. Love you!

AnitaRex said...

Good for you Kelley going back and correcting yourself! :> Praying for you and thinking of you! I know Carver is fine! :>

AJ said...

Kelley- big hugs! seriously- nobody should be offended by your comment! and I don't think you are crazy at all! :)

Dawn said...

Awe,'s incredibly sweet that you would think about what you've said (or typed) after the fact and actually worry about how it may be percieved. That's rare. apology necessary in my opinion. It was obvious in the context of your post that you were trying to rationalize your worry. We all tend to go a little crazy when we are worried about loved ones.

I'm sure most people came away hoping things turn out all right with Carver, not critiqueing your choice of words. ;) big hugs!

Winter said...

This is why I love you...always honest! :)