Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Crafts Nov/Dec Publication

Happy Monday! I am trying to sneak in a late afternoon post! Michael just got home so he is entertaining the boy but... we are going to dinner soon with some friends so I have got to get ready!

I thought I would post one of the projects that I had published in the Paper Crafts Nov/Dec issue! Love this issue!

Well... I have to run! I am doing well! Thank you all again for the prayers! They have definitely been felt and most of the time... I feel great! If I don't... I sit down or take a nap for a while and then... I feel great again! :) Love you all!

Hope to get back to crafting and blog hopping very soon... like tonight! :) Lots to catch up on!! 

Peace and Love!


Karen B. said...

Beautiful old time feel, makes me think of when I was little. Love the pleating too.

~amy~ said...

DARLING Tag Kelley!

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful tag. love the vintage look!

Sara Jones said...


Was flipping thru some craft mags and saw a few of your tags and cards... I pointed them out to my hubby while on a Barnes and Noble date - saying "hey I know her! well i mean, i don't know her, but I follow her blog!" :o)
Congrats on all your hard work being published!

Is that a crazy process? I have never tried it before.