Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Card and Tag and an Update

Hello! Hope you are having a great Friday!

I am going to try really hard not to be negative in this post so I am going to keep it as short as possible! It has been 'one of those days' the past two days! Michael has been out of town since Saturday on mission trip and the last 2 days Carver has really acted ugly and I am ashamed to admit but... so have I! It has just been one very long week.

Anyway.... let me get to the update real quick. I went for my ultrasound yesterday. I have not heard officially from the doctor yet but the tech went ahead and told me that the cysts were bigger. So... I know the surgery will happen next Friday! So... that is that. :)

I appreciate all of the prayers and I ask that you keep em coming! :) What I dread the most is having to drink that nasty gallon of stuff the night before. I have a very weak stomach for that sort of thing. I couldn't drink it all the last time and I am worried that since I already know how it is... that I won't get much of it down this time. Anyway... I know I have to but if I start throwing it up... it isn't working anyway. So... if you could also pray about that for me.... I would greatly appreciate it! Yuck! :)

I wanted to post something crafty today. I haven't been very crafty the past couple of weeks. I have not made hardly anything... not compared to 'normal'. Knowing that this surgery was coming up... I have been working hard on the house cleaning, etc and getting other things taken care of that need to be taken care of in case I am 'down' longer than expected! :) Anyway... here is a card and a tag that I made a while ago for a PC call.

Stamps - Background Basics Text Style and Spooky Sweets by Papertrey
Paper - Kraft by Papertrey
Ink - Tuxedo Black by Tsukineko, Orangerie by Superior, Vintage Photo Distress by Ranger
Other - Lily White Doodlebug Jewel, Natural String by May Arts,  Pumpkin Face punch by EK Success, SU Corner rounder and sponge, Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz by Tsukineko

Stamps - Jar by Inkadinkado, Polka Dot Basics and Simple Alphabet by Papertrey
Paper - Clearly Creative Cardstock and Kraft by Papertrey, Pink Paislee Twlight Collection - Eclipse
Ink - VersaMark and Tuxedo Black by Tsukineko, Vintage Photo Distress by Ranger
Other - Black and White emboss powders by Superior, True Black buttons by Papertrey, Natural String by May Arts, Old Olive Ribbon by SU, Tiny Tag punch by SU

I have one more prayer request. The most important one! I took C to the doc today because his ear is hurting. It wasn't a big deal... he just got some ear drops. But... I noticed a few weeks ago... a spot on his iris that was a lighter brown than his dark brown eyes. The doc (by text) didn't think it was anything to worry about and just wanted me to show it to him the next time we came in. Since we came in today, I showed it to him. He still isn't very concerned but he went ahead and tried to contact one of his ophthalmologist friends. He couldn't get him but talked to a nurse who said we should make C an appt. just to make sure. So... we have to wait A MONTH to go to this appt.!! If you could please please please pray that it is nothing and that our little boy is going to be fine... I would really appreciate it! If you are a mother... you can understand how I am feeling right now! On top of everything else and then I feel like I have to worry about this for a month to find out! I want to know now!! I am going to try not to worry but when it is your child... how can you not? Anyway....

This post was way too long! Like I said... it has just been a long week!!

Thanks for listening and praying! I hope you have a fab weekend!

Peace and Love!


FreeforAll said...

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naomi chokr said...

everyone has a right to vent! and you have good reason to. dont worry you and carver are in my prayers. im so sorry this is happening. when it rains it definitely storms. but just never let go of that "hope". everything will ok.... no matter what.

take care and take it easy

Winter said...

I'm praying for you and for Carver! God is going to take care of everything. We had a scare with Chace's eyes a few years ago. His pupils dialate(spelling?)at different times. So one might be small and the other is big! It looks very weird and scary, but after visits and tests the last couple of years...they say he is fine. It still does it to this day! Anyway, I can realate to your nervousness! Sure wish I could be there to give you a big hug and help you out. Love you! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

So sorry to read about your stressful week. You and your son will be in my thoughts for sure! Just try to stay strong and take things day by day.
I don't have kids of my own yet, but I can just imagine how overwhelming it must feel like to have to worry about such health issues. You're a wonderful mom for caring so much. And I'm sure everything will turn out fine for you and your family. (Big Hugs)

Alanna said...

My prayers are with you Kelley. Sorry that you do have to have the surgery. I'm sure it will go great. That stuff you have to drink doesn't sound good at all. I also have a weak stomach when it comes to stuff like that.

I hope the next month goes by quickly while you wait for Carver's appointment. Waiting is so hard and not knowing. Blech.

Your crafty items are super super cute. I love them. Take care!

Ann said...

Prayers to you both! I'm confident that everything is going to turn out just fine for you and C.

Love your adorable card & tag! Have a good weekend!

Julie Campbell said...

Hey Kelley! :) I'm a pediatric nurse (I work in the surgery dept.) & work with some of the top pediatric opthalmoligists in the country. Anyway... I'll be seeing them on Tuesday & would be happy to ask them about it. If it makes you feel any better... we see some of the most severe eye conditions in kids from the midwest... and I've never had a pt. that needed a procedure for something like this. Hopefully it's just a little pigment difference that isn't harmful. :) I'll be praying for you!

Brandi said...

I hope all turns out well for you! I adore your jack-o-lantern card. It is so neat!

Karen B. said...

First, your top card is so Kelley! I LOVE it! Its wonderful. Second, there must be something with little boys and eyes. One of my sons eyes is a darker shade of brown than the other, I too, was worried. Went to the opthamologist back then and just recently and he is fine! I'll be thinking of you and your little one.

Christina Smith said...

I'm a sucker for pumpkins! When I saw the picture of it in my blog roll, I was like, "Oh cool!" I just love it! I am praying for Carver!

Jennifer said...

Your card and tag are just Too CUTE!!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Tenia Nelson said...

Miss know I will be prayin' for ya!!!! Love ya Miss Lady!!!!! I am soooo lovin' your projects!!!!!

Alice Wertz said...

wonderful halloween projects. you are in my thoughts, Kelley. hope all goes well. sending you bug hugs. =)

~kelly marie~ said...

I am just seeing this, Kelley. I am sending you love and prayers and everything else! You are superwoman, and I know you will make it through this too. Sending you lots of hugs.

Lori Pilla said...

Kelly, just cam here by way of Moxie I think. Love the jack o lantern card. Very cool. Hope surgery is going to or went. My thoughts and prayers are with you.