Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Bit of Random

Happy Wednesday!

I don't have anything crafty that I want to share today. Instead I just thought I would 'talk' and share some recent photos.

For the past couple of months... I have been scheduling my posts in advance... sometimes a week at a time. I am still getting accustomed to being on a few DT's and I have found that this helps me to keep up! However... I don't feel like I 'talk' a lot anymore! Sometimes I am fine with that and sometimes I am not! I am going to try and throw in a talk post here and there. A picture post here and there. And who knows what else here and there! :)

I am selling some of my supplies that I don't use often... in hopes of making enough money to buy a new printer. I have my eye on an Epson printer. I really really really want to start scrapbooking more. Carver is already 5 and I haven't scrapped anything. Oh wait... I did scrap one page a long time ago! :) If I have to send the photos to print and then go pick them up or wait for them to be delivered... I am afraid I won't stick with it. So... I have decided that I need a good printer so when I am in the mood to scrap... I can just print what I want to scrap right then and there. I am also thinking about starting Project Life or my own version of it in April. I thought I could start on my 35th birthday since I didn't start at the first of the year and just keep up with it from year to year in that way.

If you saw yesterday's post... you saw that I have recently transformed my craft room. I am anxious to get started on another room! For the past couple of years... especially last year... we have worked really hard to pay off our debt. We are not done yet... we have acquired some more this year ... we had to get a new to us vehicle and momma needed a new laptop. :) BUT... even with all of that in mind... God has continued to provide and we are looking good as of right now! Our house really needs some TLC... all of it... so I have declared this year as the year of the house! :) I am tired of not doing things because we need to pay off debt. I don't plan to go crazy and spend a ton of money but I do want to fix it up a little at a time and make it the home that we want. One that we will happily live in for many more years... Lord willing! You can only let things go for so long!

Carver starts Kindergarten in the fall.... I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I am not too upset about it right now but I find myself thinking about it more and more each day! My friend, Kim, and I talk about homeschooling and how good it sounds ...a lot lately! :) I have also been thinking... "we did it". When we made the decision that I would stay home with Carver... we weren't sure if we would be able to swing it. It is so strange to look back and think... wow... we did it. That time has gone by so fast. When I say we... I really mean... God! I feel so blessed to have been able to stay home with Carver. God has provided above and beyond and I am so thankful for these past 5 years! I am thankful also for a husband who works his tail off to provide!! He is a keeper! :) I don't plan to go back to work right away when Carver starts school. I am not really sure what I will do. I need to start praying about it more! I would love to stay home and be able to volunteer often in his class. I wouldn't mind picking up a part-time... part-time job if you know what I mean. Work a little but still be able to be with Carver at school whenever his teacher will allow. :) That is the plan as of right now but we will see what God has in mind!

I have joined several DT's lately and I find that I am really enjoying that more than I thought I would. It has been fun getting to know more crafty women and it seems that I always have plenty of blog content! :) Not to mention that I get to play with the latest and greatest stamps from some great companies! I still submit for publication but I have kind of taken the pressure off of myself. I have given up on my dream to be a Go-to-Gal! :) I am not that talented/diverse and that is okay! I just am who I am and I want to be happy. I think God changed my heart on the whole Go-to-Gal thing. I still LOVE my Paper Crafts and I am pretty confident that I always will. I think that is the problem. I think if I ever was a GTG... I would just be one big stress mess! I would want to do such a good job that I would constantly stay freaked out. LOL! I am trying to pay attention to myself. On nights that I don't feel like crafting and working on a call or DT work... I don't. A lot of times I find myself really wanting to work on a project (like getting my craft supplies ready to sell) and I ignore it and try to push myself to make cards. I have realized that I don't come up with great cards... or cards that I like... when I do that. It is best for me to just do what I really want to do and concentrate on making cards or whatever... when I feel like it.

I am still not great at keeping up with my google reader. I wish I did better at keeping up with all of you. The truth is... there is only so much time in the day! Those of you with jobs or kids or both... I am sure you totally understand! I do most of my computer stuff... emails, etc.. at night after my son is in the bed. I do all of my crafting at night after his bedtime. I am trying really hard to not be consumed with it during the day... concentrating on our home, errands, and just being mommy and wife. Some days I run in my room and check my email more often than I would like but I am doing some better. My thoughts are definitely not consumed all day long with crafting and that makes me happy! I guess I am just trying to work myself out of some bad habits that I have gotten into.

It is midnight and I am still up typing this post so I am obviously still not doing a great job at getting in the bed earlier. I do some nights but most nights... I am still a late night owl. I want to do better though. I want to exercise... drink more water... lose weight. I am ready to go clothes shopping but I have refused to buy many new clothes until I lose weight. It has been 5 years now... it is getting old. I am ready to be all girly... well... kind of girly. I have NEVER been the girly type. I will still wear my jeans and my chucks most of the time but I am ready to be not so big and buy some cute clothes! :)

At the first of the year... I kind of just made goals for the year. I don't do well with starting anything on New Years and sticking with it. I decided to just make a goal to improve a lot of things this year... all year long. So far... so good I feel like. I still have a positive attitude about it so... that is good! :)

Wow... I didn't know I had so much to ramble about! :) I guess it has been a while since I have just put what is on my mind/heart on my blog! It feels good!

I thought I would share some recent pics of my little man. I LOVE Instagram!!!!

 This was taken on Friday at the Science Museum. I just love the look on Carver's face. He looks guilty! He was just eating a cookie and we gave it to him so he wasn't doing anything he shouldn't. I also love that he has chocolate all over his mouth! :) 

 This one and the next few pics were taken on Monday. It was a beautiful day so after Carver and I ran some errands... we went to a local park. Instead of playing on the playground... Carver wanted to walk on the track. We spent a lot of time playing under a bridge. Pretty cool place to take pictures. 

 He had to step in the water to see how deep it was. We started to walk across to the other side but it was a little too deep. I didn't want my entire foot wet. 

 He has grown up so much lately. He keeps getting taller ... I guess that is what he is suppose to do. I have noticed that he has really matured a lot the last few weeks. Almost a totally different little boy!

 He had so much fun just throwing the big rocks into the water! :)
He wanted to throw this one in and begged for me to help him! 

We walked about a mile total. For a boy who has so much energy all the time... he can get lazy when it comes to walking. I had to carry him part of the way back! No wonder my back has been hurting! :) 

Well... I guess I will hush now and maybe get ready for bed soon! Thanks for visiting and enduring my ramblings! :) And thank you all for the sweet comments about my craft room! 

Peace and Love!


Ezlie J. Perez said...

I appreciate your 'talks', as it helps me feel like I get to know you a bit better. I realize you and I have a lot in common. I was agreeing with you throughout your post. =) I admire your work and your realistic view on matters should be commended. Keep it up Kelley. You are inspiring. Thanks.

Karen B. said...

Just another post that confirms why I admire you so. Great photos too! He's getting so tall!

Winter said...

Just a post that makes me love and miss you more! Love you, Kelley! :)

Winter said...

Just a post that makes me love and miss you more! Love you, Kelley! :)

Winter said...

Just a post that makes me love and miss you more! Love you, Kelley! :)

Laura said...

Re: clothes -- you should buy one pretty spring/summer outfit that fits you right now, that makes you feel happy and pretty when you put it on. You'd get enough wear out of it this year that even if you lost weight and couldn't wear it next, it would still be worth buying it. A way to make you feel good about yourself right now. :)

Sum said...

I do not like posts about Carver growing up and going to Kindergarten.....because they mean my Daniel is growing up and going to kindergarten! Yikes!

Brenda said...

I think it's good to ramble, we all need it at times! And it was good, healthy, meaningful rambling about stuff that we all think about, often, and sometime never "ramble" about! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and those beautiful pictures of LIFE! I have recently discovered Instagram and am also loving it! Once we move back overseas my aim is also to buy a printer so that I can print my photos when I want, for the same reasons as you! Hugs, Brenda (you see, I can also ramble!)

alexandra s.m. said...

Great Post Kelley, it's nice to get to know you a bit more ;-)

Jay Gee said...

Great post and great photos Kelley... it was nice to learn a little more about you :)