Monday, March 12, 2012

Instagram Monday

Happy Monday! I don't have anything crafty to share today but I thought I would share some recent Instagram pics! :) You know how I love Instagram!

 Friday morning breakfast at McDonald's! :) Love this pic! They love each other!!

 Momma's new toy! :) I went with a cheaper version than what I had in mind.... but I think it will serve me just fine!

 I kept this from Cracker Barrel. I think it is the first time Carver has ever written letters/words in one of these. Michael had to tell him the letters to write but he was able to take it from there!! So proud! :)

 Tucker has apparently decided to take back his room. He has been hanging out with me in my craft room lately! :) 

 This picture shows how Tucker got his name. He will also tuck his head under your arm or whatever. It is really sweet! He is a sweet kitty boy!

 On Wednesday of last week, John Mackay... a Creationist... came to speak to the youth at church. The next day... they went on a field trip looking for fossils, etc. On Friday... Michael took Carver and I to one of the local spots they had gone to the day before. :)

Carver had to bring home a pet rock! :) It is sitting on 'my front porch'! Hee hee!

Hope you have a wonderful day! :) 

Peace and Love!

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