Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Great Project Life Catch Up

Okay... so I am like really really really behind on my Project Life. I started it and got hmmmm.... two weeks done and then that was all. :) I didn't start PL until April so I am not looking at catching up on the entire year but it is still pretty sad how far behind I am.

I have been taking pictures (ask anyone who follows me on Instagram... hee hee) and I have been keeping up with my 'what we did daily' notebook. I plan to get back on track and get caught up. I just have to get over the feeling of 'I am so far behind' and just do it.

I had not planned to share my PL pages on my blog but I got to thinking that maybe it would motivate me to get started on the getting caught up! :) I guess when I started it, or soon after, is when our lives started getting crazy (good but just crazy busy) and it still hasn't slowed down much. I am going to have to make time because I really want to do this project!!

I started my PL on my 35th birthday so I decided to print out my blog post from that day to start off the album.

Behind my blog post is a piece of Carvers work from his day at preschool.

I just did one page to get the album started so that the next week I could start doing the two page layouts for each week.

From what I remember... I really enjoyed making this page! LOL!! I am a little embarrassed to show my PL because I am not really a scrapbooker. I am hoping to find my style with this project as I go along! I am just glad that I started getting our life together on record.

I will post the next weeks pages soon!

Wish me luck with the catching up! :)

Peace and Love!

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Laura O'Donnell said...

love the first pages!

my first pages took forever, too. don't worry it gets easier. for me printing the photos is the chore. if you're behind a few months just do a big print order and stick them in the pockets, then come back and make the cards.

anyway, looks great so far!