Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cards and Asking for Advice

Happy Tuesday! Carver went to school today and I found that I didn't get much done while he was gone. Time flew by and it was time to pick him up before I knew it! Anyway... he is taking a short nap now (so he won't be so ill later) and I wanted to post a couple more cards and ask for some advice!

Here are the cards....

Stamps - Giggle Grove (Unity)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Orangerie (Superior)
Other - PTI buttons, SU Corner Rounder

Stamps - Game of Chance Bingo (Unity), Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Reflection Blue (Superior)
Other - copic marker, Kaiser Rhinestones, SU Corner Rounder

Stamps - Spin Baby (Unity), Handwritten Notes (PTI)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - copics, Kaiser Rhinestone, Star Dust Stickles (Ranger), SU Corner Rounder

Stamps - Polka Dot Basics II and Mega Mixed Messages (PTI), Gem Stone Insects (Inkadinkado)
Paper - Scarlet Jewel and Vintage Cream (PTI), More Mustard (SU)
Ink - True Black and Scarlet Jewel (PTI), VersaMark
Other - copics, Nesties Labels One, Big Shot, Glossy Accents (Ranger), Plum Pudding ribbon (PTI), Kaiser Rhinestones, Clear Emboss powder (Superior), TH stapler, SU Corner Rounder and dimensionals

And here is my question! I am wanting to get started scrapbooking our pictures... mainly Carvers pictures right now! It is so overwhelming to even think about and you can tell from me talking about getting my Thank you cards out... that when something seems overwhelming... I tend to put it off as long as I can.

So... I need some tips/advice on where to start! Do I start from the beginning or do I start with the now and keep that up while going back and getting caught up? I am not even sure what to scrapbook. I have to fight this need for everything to match... like all special occasions or by the month, etc. I know I need to just do it all... some pages just about a story, some holidays, some just because... I just need help! If you scrapbook ... please help me! :) ha... I am looking for ANY advice! I think the main thing is to just START!! :)

Thanks in advance for any tips you guys offer!

Peace and Love!


Amy Heller said...

There's a lot of people who do it chronilogitcally, but I don't. That becomes stressful when you get backed up. I haven't even done my kids baby books yet. I do what inspires me at the moment. Sometimes it's a photo, sometimes it's from the paper, then I go back and look for a photo that works - just start with something that makes you happy. There are lots of great books out there, like Clean and Simple Scrapbooking By Cathy Zielske that are good foundation pcs that give you easy to follow sketches. Sketches are such a great way to get started. There are also kits out there that make it easy to just simple place photos then add embellishments. Let me know if you want more info, and I'll give you some more deets . . . HTH :) Love your cards, too, Kelley!

Mary Dawn said...

http://www.cathyzielske.typepad.com/ has lots of great advice

also in this article, particularly about starting out: http://theradioblog.marthastewart.com/2010/02/got-an-urge-to-scrapbook.html#more-1780

KAREN B. said...

First, I really Really really love your Giggle card. It reminds me so much of the cards on Splitcoast (and probably here) that first got me watching daily what you come up with! I was hooked with the buttons.
And secondly, about the scrapbooking. I first started out scrapbooking and moved to cards, so Scrapbooking is my first love. I do not do anything digitally, although I'm really tempted. (Because of your friend Christina-she does some amazing stuff! I think it would be a lot more quick for me to do digital) If you are thinking about the cut and paper type of scrapbooking, I would first start out current. Especially with a little one. You can remember so much, and live in the moment. If you are like me and wanting to start from the beginning, I feel that I have to finish 2007 before starting yesterday, and by the time I get to "yesterday" months, even years have passed and I've forgotten all the special aspects of why the photo or story was important. Also, I'm so caught up with catching up on the past, that I feel bogged down sometimes and would rather create a card. Sorry for the long comment, but, well, I'm being honest with my thoughts. In any regards, good luck!

Courtney Baker said...

Kelley Ali Edwards has a lot of advice on this. I used to do strictly chronological, but I found that I was not having any fun. So I started scrapping when I felt inspired. I think another thing I've learned over the years is not to scrap everything. Edit edit and edit. Just pick the best of the best otherwise you'll never get done!

Karin said...

I only scrapbook events...aka our vacations. It is too overwhelming for me to do day to day stuff. So, I would start with one event you have photos of, complete that and go from there.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Your butterfly card is stunning!

As for your scrapping question, here's what I did (not sure if it will work for you but here goes) I put together Brady's first year from the beginning. I did a page for each month with his a couple pictures from that month, stats and milestones (little milestones like first time in a high chair, I just journalled.) Then I did a page for big events such as a holiday or a big milestone like crawling. I figure, it gave me a goal to put in mind so it didn't seem so overwhelming. And if there are pages I want to add, I can always go in a add them later.

Carly said...

Lovin' your cards! About your scrapbooking question I say you scrap the pictures and moments you want, when you want. I would feel having to do it in order would be too much pressure. When I scrapbook it's usually because a particular picture or momement happens and I want to capture it right away on a page. For me at least, it's all about getting the photos I really love and/or that tell a wonderful story, I want to focus on and if I have time to do the other stuff, great, but no pressure. Hope that helps!

Winter said...

Very cute! I really love the butterfly one!
Well I started out scrapbooking and I always went in order, but it gets WAY to stressful like that! I go through all my pics and find the ones that really tug at my heart, and I scrap those! My goal for the year was to scrapbook more, but I'm not getting off to a good start! I hope you do better than me! :)

Alanna said...

Hey Kelley, I love your cards. They are all so great. I've got to get me that bingo stamp.

As for scrapbooking, try not to get overwhelmed. I would start from where you are right now in his life and then go back as you have time. Just don't forget to journal and to tell the story. I can't wait to start seeing your scrapbook pages.

Cindi said...

Scrapbooking our memories is on my to-do list too. I saved this website http://www.scrapbooksbydesign.net/index.html on my Favorites to go to it whenever I am ready to begin. I know nothing about scrapbooking, but this site sorta appealed to me. Good luck!! Love you!

Sarah Craig said...

Love the cards! Giggle is my favorite, but they're all great - hang on to that "have a goodie" - Nancy's got a birthday this weekend!

On the scrapbooking, I think you're getting good advice to start with current stuff; the only thing I would add is that you could do the old stuff much faster on a website like How Fast Time Flies - Nancy uses them and does a page a month for Lilli. It's only like $5.50 a page which is pretty reasonable, and it doesn't take nearly the time that doing it yourself does, so you can maybe get some of those old events scrapped while you are keeping up with the current stuff!

Mainly - just remember - it's supposed to be fun!!!!

Catherine said...

I love your giggle card Kelley, it's fun and love all the buttons. And the butterfly card is very pretty and the colours you chose work well together.xo

BananaStamper said...

Hi Kelley,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Such fun cards again today - my fave is the first b/c I LOVE buttons and kraft paper! Love the bright colors on the pinwheel card too!

About scrappin - I definitely to more cards, partly b/c I find it a bit daunting. I always say, the photos won't go bad! lol! But seriously, I don't scrap in order. I go with the flow and scrap the photos that speak to me. I think the trick is to "spend some time" with your photos and get inspired then go from there. Lately, I've been into card challenges - but plan to start playing along with some of the layout challenges to give myself a kick - start!
Have a great night,
Shanna :)

naomi chokr said...

Hi hi hi!! Great post for me to see!!! My only advice is to never think of it as work. All of my scrap crop friends stress out all of the time because they have to start from the beginning...in chronological order. You don't have to. If you can be ok with that then you should be fine. I work on the images i have now then work my way back. this works best for me. the memories now are just as important as yesterday. but i find that documenting them now somehow makes me appreciate them better.

hmm what else let me see i scraplift.... hahahah i change things a bit but lifting eases the pressure too.

Also try digi scrapping. I think i might do this to help me catch up to the past. Im thinking about using ready made templates so i can just drag and drop my pictures into it...print it and be done with it.

Hope this helps!!!!! Talk to you so! So thankful that you are doing good!!! God is amazing isnt he???

Janelle said...

Love the giggle card, Kelley! About scrapbooking... I spent 10 years as a Creative Memories consultant, but haven't done a single page since I quit several years ago. :( Maybe you're overthinking the whole thing (I say this because it's my natural tendency, too). Give up the idea of doing it the "right" way or the "perfect" way and just do something. Do one page -- old, new, doesn't matter -- and then do another. And another. And see where it takes you. (Or, start a family blog. Post pics on it, do a little writing, and then get it printed into a book once a year. May not be beautiful and have the tactile benefit of arranging pieces of paper, photos, and embellishments on the page, but it will be telling your story and that's the most important part.) Whatever you do, I know it will be fabulous!

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that giggle tree - the colors made me SMILE :)

not a scrapbookr, so sorry that I don't have any advice for you other than grab some caffeine & play some fun music!

Sarah said...

As to scrapbooking...ummmmm I suck LOL...I just do whatever I feel like at the time!

Linda Beeson said...

Those cards are so wonderful! Very creative! As for tips, just get started somewhere. Pick out papers you love and find photos that go with it, find a sketch that motivates you and find photos that will fit. You can start at the beginning if that makes sense to you but I find that I work better when I get inspired by the occasion, theme or photos.

Lea L. said...

Beautiful cards Kelley! Each one is just fabulous!

I don't scrapbook much any longer, but I did for a long time. So, I do have advice. Don't feel like you have to scrapbook in order. Some people do, and some don't...do whatever strikes your fancy. I took the approach of only scrapping the best photographs. You can always add sleeves for 4x6 sized photos to slip in between pages. Now that I don't really scrapbook any longer...I have decided that at the end of the year I will put together a coffee table style photo book. You could always go that route too!


Lydia said...

I love the use of buttons in your first card and as for scrapping, I share the opinion of most of the comments made already. Start with what inspires you and the rest will fall into place. Here is the process I have gone with, adapt it a little or a lot but I find it works for most.

Find your most favorite photo of the moment.
It may jump out at you because, you have a story to tell or maybe just because it is beautiful but either way it will be the most inspiring because you love it.

The other way that sometimes helps is product inspiration, if you have a product that you love or that you find inspiring, go in search of photos that match the theme, feel or color scheme.

Hope some of this helps, but the best advice that I can give you is enjoy the process!! :)

Jane said...

Love your cards! I too have been trying to do layout and I'm just overwhelmed...don't know where to start!!!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Love your cards again! You are on fire! I have never scrapbooked before, so I am completely useless! I will send you lots of luck though! :)

Jeanne said...

You sure create some awesome cards, Kelley! Great work.

As for scrapbooking, while I didn't read all the previous comments (and so I might be repeating something) my advice is to start current and work your way back when you have time. It might be a good idea to write down things your little guy does or says in a journal (or here on your blog) to remember events/things you want to scrap about. There are no scrapbook police, so do you want you feel drawn to do. Mix up page sizes if you want.

You might want to look into Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom book. She teaches a Library of Memories class at BigPictureScrapbooking and it helps you set up your photos and such for memory keeping. Great class!

Also, consider digital scrapping. I've switched from paper scrapping to digital and have love it. No mess to clean up (big grin) and my paper supplies are used for card making. Win-win for me.

Sorry for such a long comment from someone you don't even know. Hope it helps, even a little bit! *Ü*

Jessica said...

Beautiful cards, Kelley!! I wish I could offer advice but I am in the same boat. So I'll come back to this post when I'm ready to start scrapbooking and read your advice ;)

I must say I can't wait to see your layouts. They are going to be so pretty :)

Karen said...

Fantastic cards! That giggle on made me smile! :>

I scrap! But, my time for scrapping is much less (or I should say, it takes me a lot longer to do a scrap layout than a card and so, I get a lot less done..........but, I'm finally okay with that!). I have mostly chronilogical albums. And then a baby album for both kidlets and a school album for my son (I'll have one for my daughter....when she's in school!). The school album is just school photos, class photos, and then a couple school events & artwork for the year....the rest of the stuff, even if its tied to school goes into the chronilogical albums.

Now while they are chronilogical, I do NOT scrap in order. That would make me insane!! And since my scrappy time is more limited right now, I scrap either what speaks to me when I sit down OR what I have time for (as in an event with one, two or small handful of photos vs. a big event with several dozen photos or more). I used to go ahead and put them into a post bound album and figure I'd rearrange later, but that is kind of a pain. In the last few years, I started putting them into page protectors and then into 12x12 three ring albums until I have a completed year and am ready to put them into an album.

I scrap 12x12 primarily. For the first several years, I scrapped 8 1/2x11 in three ring albums.

Also, because I am so far behind (and that's OKAY!!), I have been both writing journaling or just a brief bit of memories for an event and saving them in MS Word AND I save my emails to friends and family with stories of my kidlets. I find if you just label what you are saving well, in an organized way that speaks to you, its easy to bring it up and use it whenever you do get around to scrapping that page. It has taken A LOT of the pressure off of me since I started doing that. That way, I don't miss any of the great stories of their wee years, even if I can't scrap them right away. Its also why, I can scrap whatever pictures, moments, or memories that are inspiring me the most at that particular moment and not feel guilty that I 'should' be getting such and such event scrapped! :>

I'll bet that you have fun scrapping!! If you have any questions, drop me an email!! :>

Karen said...

Whoops!! I'm a bit of a chatty one....lol Guess I was into writing a book this morning!! :>

Karen said...

Okay....this is it, I promise!! I KNEW I was spelling chronological wrong, but I didn't check.....................tsk, tsk on me! Blogger needs spell check in the comments!!! Okay, I'm done! :>

Christina Smith said...

You've received some awesome advice here. I was thinking about your question over the last couple of days and here's my answer: scrap wherever your heart is leading you at that very moment. I used to scrap in chronological order, but for the last few years I've scrapped in no order whatsoever...and I LOVE IT! Maybe one day you'll scrap Carver's first pictures, but then the next day his 2nd birthday party. Just go with the creative flow! And eventually you will have all of the pictures you want scrapped, scrapped! This is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see your pages!