Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Pictures - Visit with the Sims

Today we got to worship with Winter and her family at our church. We went to eat lunch and then went to Courtneys for desert and to just hang out and talk for a while. This is a picture of the three of us! Me, Winter, and Courtney! I started not to post this pic because I look like a huge cow standing beside these two skinny women but... oh well... it is what it is! :)

Couldn't leave out this picture of Maddie! Maddie is Chase and Courtney's dog and she was wanting her picture taken. She jumped up on my lap so I took her pic! :) Isn't she cute?

Autumn was our official photographer of the day! Such a pretty and sweet young lady! Just like her mommy!

Chace was a man of few words... :) but... he was also very sweet! Autumn and Chace were sweet to watch and play with Carver! Carver was being his usual self and was a wild child! :) Thankfully Michael did most of the watching of him for me so I could visit! Thanks honey!

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Ann said...

You girls are all so cute! Glad you had a good time! :D

Christina Smith said...

WOW! I think it's so awesome that ya'll met! Whoohoo!! It's so cute to see all of you together at the same time/same place! And I don't think you look like a cow!! No way! You are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures! Happy belated Valentine's Day!

~kelly marie~ said...

Okay, now I am even MORE jealous!! I so wish I was there! What a joy it is to see all of your beautiful faces in one picture!

Stephanie said...

what a great pic of you three!! how fun :)

Tiffany said...

hello!! what great pictures!!

Winter said...

What a great time! :)