Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PSA Essentials Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!

I have not had a lot of crafty time lately. I did make something today while Carver was in rest time (he hasn't done rest time in a long time) but I can't share it yet. It is a gift for a friend and I want to wait until later to post it. Anyway.... I thought today would be a good day to do a little giveaway!

I happened to get an extra PSA Essentials stamper and a Peel and Stick pack (called Anchors Aweigh)  a couple of weeks ago. Seeing as how I am on the DT and already have these... I figured maybe someone out there would enjoy them!!

I am all about home decor and organizing at the moment!! Truthfully I am all the time but I really have a fire lit about getting some things done around here! So... that being said... just leave me a comment telling me your best tip on home decor, organization.. home or craft, or cleaning!! You have until Tuesday the 16th of August at 11:59pm to comment to enter! I will pick a random winner soon after!

Peace and Love! :)


Lindsay said...

What a fun giveaway Kelley! Best cleaning tip? I have picked up some really great cleaning tips from her system that I still use today.

Romaine said...

Do little bits when you have a few minutes: I always have everything I need to clean the bathroom in the bathroom. I will do a mirror, the toilet or counter whenever I am in there- then it is almost always clean (except the kids' bathroom, THAT they do themselves; thankfully it is not the one that guests use!)
I go through and dust when I have a few minutes; dust the floors when I am on the phone ( the only carpet we currently have is on the stairs and the upstairs hall).
In our old house, when the kids were small I vacuumed daily ( we had more carpet), often right after supper.
Have shelves with baskets to hide stuff (this waas great when my kids were little and all the toys wewre on the main floor in the main area- there was no playroom). It was quick to stash and the house did not look like it was a buried in toys.
Get rid of what you do not use or love! It has taken me years to be willing to do this, but it saves on clutter. We have enough purging each year to have a garage sale ( though sadly, we do not always have the time to do one and have it piled in the garage!)

I change out my dish cloths and hand towels daily. Prevents funny smells, looks better and does not spread germs!

I also have assigned days that I say wash all the floors, do sheets, etc. Laundry is a constant for me and I fold as I unload and have a basket for each family member or bedroom (or used to until I filled them with other things, lol!)

Hope these help!

Maria said...

great giveaway Kelley. I hope you get some crafting done soon

Isha said...

Home or Craft or Cleaning...Hmmmm!!!Thinking from heart no questions about it...Craft wins. Practically...give your home a good clean including wet dusting and mopping....and enjoy 15 days of more Crafting and less cleaning...Crafting
Thanks for giving a chance to win this gorgeous PSA stamp.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I TRY to put away as I go when creating, it is a lot nicer than looking at the mess at the end :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I am bad about that as well. I would much rather craft than clean!

amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

Elise C. said...

Thanks for the chance to win! My tip for cleaning would be to do a little bit each day.

Susie said...

these are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win! I have been in the purging mood at home and have been donating lots of clothes, shoes, purses, etc to our local Goodwill. Feels great to make some space!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Fun giveaway, Kelley! Honestly, I am HORRIBLE at cleaning! I have been looking on Pinterest for new, fun and CHEAP ways to organize though, so that's my tip.

Chunyuan said...

Cute giveaway. Cleaning tips? I try to do some whenever I get a chance.

Gina said...

My tip for cleaning is to create a "home management schedule" and post it on the fridge for everyone in the house to see (and HELP!) -- break down everything you need to do to clean the house into what has to be done every day, what can be done once or a few times a week, what can be done once or a few times a month and what can be done seasonally or maybe only once a year (the "big" jobs like cleaning the ceiling fans or blinds, cleaning the carpets, etc). And if what you post on the fridge is "pretty" it gets looked at more and stuff gets done. :D (here's a link to mine just in case you want to see what I'm talking about: I LOVE my home management schedule!

The Quiles Family said...

Juan and I work on the cleaning together and it gets done pretty fast. Thanks for the chance to win!