Monday, August 1, 2011

To A Great Pear

Stamps - Fruit Fusion Pear by Papertrey, Distressed Dots by Unity
Paper - New Leaf and White by Papertrey
Ink - Garden Green by SU, Pear Tart by Tsukineko, Jenni Bowlin Fountain Pen by Ranger
Other - Doodlebug Jewel, Fruit Fusion Pear Die by Papertrey, Big Shot, SU Dimensionals

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are having a good day so far! I am having myself a pity party today! My morning started with Carver telling me he wished I worked and his daddy stayed home. So... that on top of already feeling like I suck at everything doesn't make for a good day so far. I even suck at blogging because I am a downer! :) I wish I could put on a pretty face and act all chipper even when I am not but that is not who I am. Am I the only woman alive who has days or weeks like this? I feel like I suck at being a mom... a wife... a sister... a daughter... etc etc!!

Okay.... I will hush now. Seriously... not looking for a pat on the back or anything like that. But I am curious if anyone else is as hard on themselves as I seem to be!?!?

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to be a downer! :)



Lindsay said...

You better believe it Kelley! I feel like this a lot, especially if certain things are pointed out to me, then I can't stop thinking about what a shmuck I am! Everyday is different and a new chance to improve. Don't give up and know that you are a fabulous wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend! That is all. ;0)

Have I mentioned I love this card? It's delightful! I need to use more green.

It's Jenn! said...

Beautiful card Kelley! And don't feel you are the only one out there by far. In fact, I am in one of those funks myself. I guess being without craft supplies or internet doesn't help, lol. Not trying to out-down you, lol, but I feel worthless without my scrap store, ugly next to all the California girls, and I flew all the way to WA to take my son back to CA after a summer vacation and he doesn't want to go with me after getting spoiled by Nana....argh. This too shall pass, lol. Hang in there, you are wonderful in EVERY way!

Dawn said...

Had to stop and comment here. Kelley, hon, we as women, are way too hard on ourselves. We are expected to be financial providers, personal chefs, maids, nurses, entertainers, laundry service, tutors, disciplinarians, role models, therapists, and "wives" ;). And don't forget to look good while doing it!

A) that doesn't leave much time for hobbies or friends.
B) how many careers is that?

You can't do it all perfectly all of the time, but you can do some if it perfectly some of the time.

As for kids, they go through these phases. Mommy one day, Daddy the next. When I start getting overwhelmed and feeling like nothing is good enough, i remind myself of all that I do. And i remind myself that they are as lucky to have me as I am them. Chin up girl, this too shall pass.

Tenia Nelson said...

It's okay Miss Kelley....I have been a mom for two weeks and there are times when I totally think I suck at motherhood!! You are awesome remember that dearie!!! Super cute card btw!!! Feel better soon dearie!!! Much love!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I know Carver LOVES YOU!! I remember one time when I was visiting my family in Michigan and my little brother (he was probably 6 or so at the time) didn't like it that I was telling him to clean up his toys. He said to me, "I can't wait until you go back to Alaska!" I was like, "Whatever, clean up your toys." I knew that as soon as I was back in Alaska that he would miss me and want me to come back. And sure enough, he did! Kids are silly! Christina (

Sarah Craig said...

Kelley, kids are mean - Nancy used to tell me that I was the meanest mother in the world! I told her she was right, so she'd better get over it! He'll quit doing it if you don't react like it bothers you. You're a great mom and Carver loves you! Don't forget it!!

Laura B. said...

too funny!! I love it when others have pity parties! Makes me feel so much better about my hormonal, moody, grouchy self!!! kids are a piece of work aren't they, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!!! one thing is fo sho, YOU do not suck at cards, so there! :)

Susan Raihala said...

I used to beat myself up every dang day(depression does that to a person), but I don't anymore...except when I'm hormonal for 24 hours each month, LOL! Just remember that you are a child of God, that His mercy and grace pour over you like a balm, that He loves you even--and most especially -- when you fail.

Plus, you know you're a good mommy when your child says you're not. "I hate you," "You're the worst mom in the world" and "You're just trying to make me miserable" all are ways our kids tell us we're doing our job...and doing it well. It's one of the many great ironies of motherhood!