Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dot Garland

I made a mini version of some of the dot garland that I have been making for the Whisker Graphics blog.  This is not an original idea of mine but I don't remember where I got the idea. One of those things that I printed off the web a long time ago and kept.

As you can see... I made a longer one to hang on my window! I also made 5 strands to hang from Carvers door frame. He loves walking through them all day long! Super fun and super easy!

I can't wait to make some for Christmas!!

Peace and Love!


Lindsey said...

These are seriously fun, Kelley! I like how you keep your decorating CAS, too. ;) (And... what mess?)

Emily Leiphart said...

Eeek, Ugly Dolls!! We have a couple, too, and love them! Love your cute, easy garlands. ;)