Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am A Bad Friend and I Know It

I am going to quit saying that I hope to catch up with you all today, tomorrow or even next week. I seem to be setting myself up to fail! :) I honestly do not know where time has gone these past two weeks. I promise you it hasn't been spent making cards (even though you can't tell it from all the Christmas cards/tags, etc... that I have posted)! Most of what I have been showing was made before I started being a bad blog friend!

So... I am just going to say today that... maybe I will visit you sometime this month!

If you quit visiting me and leaving comments... I don't blame you! :) I hope you won't but... I don't blame you!

Anyway.... I do have more Christmas stuff to share!

I bought these wooden tags/ornaments at Hobby Lobby at Carvers first Christmas. I wanted to make him an ornament for every Christmas with his picture on it!

Well.. I finally made the two that I had! I made his first and second year Christmas ornaments. I will have to get some more this year and hopefully I will get better at making them. They are made and that is the important thing!

This submission deadline for Christmas projects definitely helped me to complete two projects ... well... almost complete two projects (I will share the almost completed one later) ... that I have been wanting to do! So... that is good, right? :)

Here are the ornaments.... they are a little busy for my liking but... again.... they are done! I realized that for at least his first two Christmas's ... I don't have any really good ornament decorating pictures. Will have to keep that in mind while taking pics this year!

Supplies: combined
Ornaments (Hobby Lobby)
Paper - Making Memories Advent Mistletoe, White (Staples), North Pole collection (Crate Paper)
Ink - Vintage Photo Distress
Other - Distress Crackle paint (Ranger), Oval and Circle Nesties, NP collection chipboard (Crate Paper), AC Slick Marker, Distress tool, SU Dimensionals, Rhinestones (Kaiser and LYBicycle), Making Memories Mistletoe Masking tape, Flowers and Word Fetti, AC Thickers


Karen said...

Ya know what, Kelley?! Life happens! :> And sometimes you stay caught up and sometimes you don't. These last few weeks have been racing behind me at a race car's pace and I've been waving and calling out, "Isn't it just a nice day for a country drive??!" I've felt bad that I've been MIA online as well, but the time with my family was needed and while I was not overly productive at home either, I think a break and mellow time with my kidlets was just what needed to be on our agenda. Sooooooo.......with all that said, I'll keep comin' by, even if its not with perfect punctuality and when you get a chance I always love seeing you too, but obviously I understand that sometimes, life happens! :>:>

NOW!!!! In regards to your cute and what a fabulous way to celebrate Christmas memories, year after year! :>

Adrian said...

These are just GORGEOUS!!!

Sarah Craig said...

OK, I beg to differ, I KNOW FOR A FACT you have been making cards!! And they are beautiful... just like your ornaments! I agree the ornaments aren't your usual style, but I like them! (It doesn't hurt that they've got such a cute little boy on them!) So no more cutting yourself down, girl! Life happens to all of us - we forgive each other because we never know when we'll be in the same boat!! Love you!!

Amy Heller said...

Kelley - don't beat yourself up!! As Karen says, life happens, and I for one, don't want you to feel obligated to visit for any reason!!! That's too forced - and I don't think anyone expects you, or anyone else to visit on a daily basis - that's just too much. When you have a chance, and would like to, come on over - but please know, that you are not obliged in any way to do so. Enjoy your family, and enjoy your blog as your outlet for your creativity and life's adventures. But definitely don't let it become a burden - it's supposed to be a hobby, and fun!

Now you say you aren't a scrapper!!?? Those ornaments say scrapper all over them, I LOVE them!! So fun!! Great, job! :)

Karen B. said...

Thanks for a great idea, these ornaments are so cute and your little boy is as well.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful tags, Kelley. You have such a cutie there!

As for visiting blogs and you insisting you are not a good friend. I don't know how you do all that you do with a little guy in the house. I would hate for you to feel obligated when your free time is so short. As a previous commenter said, this is supposed to be fun and an outlet for you. Please don't make it hard on yourself. I think we all understand how busy life gets. Do what you can, when you can. The people who matter will still be there and the ones who get huffy, well, then they weren't real friends, after all and that is good to know, too!

Do what you can Kelley, and enjoy the ride! *Ü*

Elise said...

You SLAY me! We are SO on the same page... But reading this from you, of course, I'm thinking "oh, silly! Do NOT worry! WE UNDERSTAND!" And, although, I shouldn't try to speak for the masses, I can't help but think that after you've been blogging for a while, it's natural that your ability to "tend" to all of your friendships and blog-world obligations has it's ups and downs! Too bad, we can't do it alllllll! But as we know, life happens! Somehow, we have to find time to CREATE, in addition to all of the love and attention we want to give and receive. I vote for a collective understanding that "when we can, we do.... when we can't ~ WE UNDERSTAND!" How 'bout that!

In the meantime, these tags are darling! HOW MUCH IS THAT BOY GOING TO TREASURE THESE one day!?! Holy Moly! You are a wonderful mom and one fabulous crafter! I adore you!

Randee E said...

OMG how adorably cute are these ornaments!! What an awesome tradition :0) I try to kep all of hte ones the boys make in school and it's always the ones with their picture or handprint that I treasure most :0) When each one was born I took an ornament into the delivery room and had the nurse ink their footprint onto one for me. How special these are! Love your advent bucket too.

Winter said...

I know what you mean! Time just flies by!
I love these little ornaments! Great idea! :)

Alanna said...

Life is busy Kelley. I often can't make it to everyone's blogs who I would like to. It's just the way it is. So much great art out there and so little time. Please don't beat yourself up.

Your ornaments are super cute.

Janelle said...

Adorable ornaments, Kelley! Such a cutie-pie!
Now, take a deep breath and relax! No one can do everything so don't beat yourself up for not visiting & commenting on every person's blog every day! My goodness! People who do that must do that and nothing else! Listen. You have a life -- one life -- and you don't want to spend all of it on the computer, do you? Good grief!
And, you? A bad friend? Put that thought out of your head! There's no truth in it.
You are loved and it has nothing to do with how often you visit and comment on my blog!
So there. (Love you!!!)

Alice Wertz said...

wow! beautiful ornaments! i love the festive colors and the photos are so adorable!!! don't worry about not being able to catch up, girl! i love visiting you because i love your work not because you leave me a comment! =) just keep those fab projects coming!! =) see! i am catching up with my blog list from the past two days... and still have lots to go.... =) Have a beautiful day, my friend!

BananaStamper said...

Fantastic ornaments girl!
And, hey this is supposed to be fun. I love it when you visit and leave me love, but understand when you cannot and I know you understand when I can't. Though super fun and inspiring, there are more important things right!? When I can squeeze in the the time, I do, when I can't I can't. A lot of the time, I blog while on the treadmill - like right now, otherwise I would'nt be able to blog as often so I choose to multi task - the treadmill is so boring, bloggin makes the time pass much faster and I'm on way longer than I would be otherwise!

~kelly marie~ said...

Your Christmas cards and tags have been fantastic! Seriously WOW!

I get behind all of the time too. No worries, girl! :)

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

GIRL! I am so behind on reading blogs. I mean, this post is what? Four days ago? I don't really care if you visit my blog, I'll still read (ahem skim) yours. ;) I'd rather just chat. Hope you are having a great weekend!

I love these tags! Look at Carter's super cute face!!!

Stephanie said...

what cute projects and whatta cute boy!! Isn't it great when a challenge/publication call can help with that procrastination list!