Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just because post!!

Just because it has been so long... I am doing a short post! Sorry I haven't been around here or on your blog. I worked my tail off last week and this week... I seem to just be out of steam.

I am frustrated right now with my new to me laptop and trying to learn how to use Photoshop. I am going to switch back to my old laptop and back to my old ways! It is just not the time to be learning so many new things... it just gets me frustrated because nothing seems to be working right. Anyway... just frustrated and needed to vent! It's my blog... I can do that, right?

Hopefully I can get my stuff together and get back in the swing soon!

Now... I am going to try to make something so I will have something better to post soon! I need some good crafting therapy to get me through the rest of the night without screaming! :)

Hope you are all doing well! Peace and Love!


~kelly marie~ said...

Ack! I hope your computer problems go away soon! There is nothing more frustrating than that! Hugs to you! :)

Alice Wertz said...

it always takes time to get use to a new computer. take your time and hope to see you back here soon! =)

Sarah Craig said...

You know you can always call me and vent! I've missed seeing your posts, but know that you are doing wonderful things at home!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh Kelley! I'm sorry to hear you are feeling lots of frustration. I so dislike when good plans don't work like you think they should. I hope you find a way to get done what you want to without any added aggravation!

Karen B. said...

Ach! I hear ya' Kelley! It's good to take some time off though, isn't it? Hope things get better soon!

Lynnette said...

Hey girl, Sorry you have had some stress going on!! I feel for you on the photoshop. I've had my share of frustrations with it too. Carlin bought me a book "How to Cheat in Photoshop", but I've not gotten into it much. Hang in there. Take the time you need and do not stress yourself :) Love you!