Friday, April 2, 2010

Picking Up The Pieces Again!!

Here is the little stinker of a card that I had a hard time photographing!

It is also for the current Moxie Fab challenge!

It is a 3x3 card and I just think it is cute! Michael saw it and even said it was cute... without me asking him about it!

I used an older Stampin Up stamp set and paper pieced all the parts of the flower. Nothing fancy... simple and cute!

Hope you guys have had a wonderful Good Friday!

My SIL met us at their dental office and cleaned our teeth today. This was Carvers first time and he only got as far as having his teeth looked at... he never made it to the actual cleaning part! Maybe next time... :)

Here are a few pics that I took! I got a new camera last night (an early Bday gift) that I can carry around with me in my purse. I thought I would start putting it to good use. I am so excited about this camera... I will always be ready to take a picture! Woo hoo! I have wanted one for a long time and had finally just got tired of waiting! Now I am the owner of a Canon PowerShot S90!

Getting started

I just think this is a good picture... I like the lighting! ha

Peace and Love!

Oh... I should be back with another post before Monday but if not... I have my first 'invasion' appt. on Monday (post cancer surgery) so I would appreciate any prayers that you guys would lift up for me. I am most nervous about waiting for 'the call' to tell me if the test came back normal or abnormal. I still remember those couple of early morning calls like they happened yesterday and it turns my stomach to even think about it! :) God is in control so I am really good but... I will take any prayers that I can get too! :)

And.... Happy Easter if I don't post again! :)

Stamps - Dilly Dally (SU), Scripty Words (CHF)
Paper - White, Lemon Tart, Orange Zest, Spring Moss (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Real Red (SU)
Other - Jewel Sticker (LYB), SU corner rounder, tombow adhesive, zots glue dot and scissors.


Sharon said...

I will pray for you. I have had breast cancer...gone through the waiting, the chemo, surgery, chemo and radiation. I remember waiting for that call though. Not an easy time! All the what if's enter your mind. God got me through my bought more trusting of Him then ever! the simple card! Sometimes we forget that simple can be beautiful!

AnitaRex said...

I will be praying for you, this is actually the perfect time to have this appointment really where we celebrate our Lord dieing of the cross for our sins. He bore it all so you don't have to. I know you will have good results and be cancer free! Love your card and that photo is really cool. Makes me want a new camera too!

Alice Wertz said...

i love love love this simple card, Kelley!! it just makes me smile! fabulous idea!! =) Hope all is well with your appt. you are in my thoughts, my friend! =)

Sara Jones said...
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Sara Jones said...

Love the flower pop up, simple but beautiful. Most times I think simple is best... maybe which is why I love your cards so! You seemed to have mastered that art of balance and never overduing pieces.

I will lift you up in my prayers... that you may be cancer free and also receive lots of grace, support and strength to deal with each step as it comes. Waiting is the worst, but know people are praying for you and He does sustain through all (how I must remind myself of this daily).

blessings <3

Cindi said...

Kelley, you were in my prayers today, even before I read your blog here tonight. I prayed for you, Dylan, Brayden and Jennifer Griffin. All 4 of you are on my heart. You and Brayden both go to the doctor for important visits Monday. Hearing news today about Brayden has had me emotional all day long. But it was a good thing. It made me stop and sit down and let it out and talk to the Father about all my loved ones battling health issues. You will be covered in my prayers. I love you!!

Jeanne said...

What a sweet and adorable little card! LOVE it! Your flower really stands out and that little eensy weensy bling is perfect. You do simple and sweet so very well, Kelley!

Congrats on getting yourself that new camera. You took some great pictures to scrap this memory.

I will be thinking good thoughts for you as you get through this next step in your recovery!

Karen B. said...

I love cards that make me smile at first sight! Good luck on Monday.

Janelle said...

Oh, Kelley, I LOVE that card! It's absolutely perfect! Love the dentist pictures -- I think you'll love your new camera, too. I'll definitely be praying for you as you prepare for/go to your appointment and wait for the results.

Courtney Baker said...

Wow if you got that last shot with that camera.. VERY NICE. That is a really cute card!

Winter said...

Very cute card! :)
I just put my small camera in my purse for quick shots and so glad I did, I used it yesterday! But I must tell you, the camera feels like something out of a gumball machine compared to my good camera! :)Your pics turned out great, I see a layout on it's way! :)
Chace said he would pray for you and I have already started praying! God healed you then, so that healing is still good for today! Remember that! Love you! :)

Carly said...

WOW this card is just amazing! I love everything about it! So super cute. And you and your family are always in my prayers. Sending you big hugs!

Nancy L. said...

I always have my camera in my bag! Just wanted to say that you will be in my prayers! GOD is GREAT! Have a HAPPY EASTER!

Sarah Craig said...

You are always in my prayers, but will be especially there on Monday, just because you asked! And I love the card. You have a wonderful flair for simple!!

Lynnette said...

Awwww, that card is just so sweet. I love it. Of course, you will be in my prayers. I wish you and your family a very blessed Resurrection Sunday. Praise God the tomb is empty!

Cindy Lee said...

Have faith and be strong. We are here for you, Kelley. Hugs!

Cath said...

Hey Kelley! Thanks again for entering the Picking Up the Pieces Challenge in the Moxie Fab World!

I'm sending my love your way that your test results are clean! Hang in there, girlfriend! :)

~kelly marie~ said...

I missed this post, but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

I read this on reader awhile back & my thoughts have been with you! I'm so glad you're working to stay positive :)

Love the photos of Carver :) - what a great shot to have! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card - it's perfect in it's simplicity