Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Craft Room

Is clean... Woo Hoo!

Thought I would share some pics! If you want to check out the before pics... go here.

This was my 2nd sweep of cleaning out/organizing. I realized that I was dreading doing the actual cleaning in this room because I had so much stuff sitting around. Yesterday I worked to get some things that I don't actually use... out of site. I want to keep them but I managed to take some other stuff out of my closet to make room for craft stuff.

Still looks a little cluttered for my taste but... there is only so much room in here. I have plans to do other things in here but that will be a while. Money is needed elsewhere right now! :) Like... to eat and pay bills!

Anyway... today I worked from about 10am until 2:30pm just cleaning this room. Anything you see in these pics... was washed/dusted/wiped down.

I think I want to sleep in here tonight! After all... it is the only clean room in my house! :)

Okay... on to the pics...

I moved an extra piece of furniture (a nightstand) out from in front of the double window. It really looks a lot better. Now we just have to get it up into the attic until we get new bedroom furniture.

This is where I store my Unity and SU stamps. I have all of my Unity stamp sets in those buckets with the blue. On the 3rd shelf is my SU sets. On the bottom is my card collection and my Big shot. I have other things in there too but ... that is what takes up most of the room.

Speaking of card collection.... I had a whole tub of handmade cards that was sitting under my desk. I went through them yesterday and have a bag full to give away to my family/friends. I am super proud to only have this many. I really want to do better about actually using them or giving them to someone who will. I don't ever want to have more than what will fit in that basket. I do have one container of holiday cards that is stored in my closet... it is a small container.

I took this shot so you can see my chalkboard labels on my ribbon jars. Love Love Love these! I got them from Stampin' Up! and I need to order another set so I can finish the other two jars. You can also see my fav twine... Divine Twine by Whisker Graphics.

The Lance snack holder is holding my dies, etc that I use with my big shot. It is also holding my PTI felt.

This file cabinet holds all of my 8.5 x 11 paper and some other things. I have random paper/chipboard stored in the plastic bins. My flowers are in the basket. My May Arts ribbon is stacked on the shelf.

Well... this is just a corner beside my desk. It houses my printer and you can see my basket (formerly... bucket) of cards that I need to post, etc. On the wall in the CD cases are all of my clear stamps.

This is my desk (duh... ha) and you can see my two baskets of paper, etc. I got the idea to group paper and embellishments from a certain line in a big plastic bag and store it in a basket from Latisha Yoast. She had it on her blog some time ago and I am not going to take the time to search for the actual post but you can visit her blog here. One day I hope to have one basket instead of two. I really need to start scrapbooking and see if I can get rid of some of this paper! :)

I have two of those 3 drawer wire cabinet thingys... the one you see clearly holds my rhinestones/pearls at the top, tools in the middle, and random wood stamps on the bottom. There is another one right beside the filing cabinet and it holds all of my ink pads.

This is another piece of furniture that is suppose to be in my bedroom. However... my bedroom is not big enough for all the furniture we have. This bedroom furniture has seen its better days and those were probably before I was even born. I love this furniture though. I loved it from the moment I saw it... well... this piece and the bed anyway.

Okay... rambling.

I have my stamp indexes and other stuff stored in here. I have a lot of stuff in this thing. One day I hope to get rid of this furniture and have the handy hubby build me some shelves in this corner. Until then... this will do just fine! :)

I am showing this picture because that tan bag that says Crest (we have a dentist in the family) is full of cards to give away... woo hoo! I even threw some that were really bad in the recycle bin! Go me!

If I were really feeling brave I would have taken a shot with the closet doors open! :) However... everything might have spilled out if I opened those doors!

Last picture... woo hoo!

This is how I store my punches and paints!

Well... that's it! Thanks for taking time to look around my craft room!

Peace and Love! :)


Alice Wertz said...

very neat craft room! you are so organized, Kelley! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You have nice creativity Kelly. I have decided to buy furniture for my new flat from you suggest me some tip, how to to make my bedroom more beautiful?

Brandi said...

Girl please tell me where you bought those adorable wall buttons! I love them!

Anonymous said...

You go! This looks awesome! Hope you didn't work too hard at it. Karen B.

Savitri said...

LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing!!! I need a bigger room and more organizers like yours. I still have a few things in bins... big ones too... and like you I need to use up a lot of PP and that's why I've been trying to scrapbook more. I am a TERRIBLE hoarder! Great room!!!!

BananaStamper said...

Wow! Your room looks great Kelley! You may have inspired me to tidy mine a bit and share it on my blog. We'll see - I'll have to get in the mood to tidy and clean first!
Shanna :)

Amanda Winkelman said...

Kelley, YAY YOU!!! Way to go girl! I love what you have done with your space. So nice an organized, it's just begging for someone to jump on in and get their craft on! I began to clean out my craft room yesterday, and it's gonna take a bunch more days....I'm going to post pics on my blog here in a few! Hope you're doing well.

Winter said...

What a great craft room! I am so jealous of all your space! I can't wait til I have my own craft room in our new house with lots more space than I have now! Sure wish we lived closer so I could come over and craft with you! :)

Janelle said...

Doing some catching up tonight, Kelley. Loved seeing the pictures of your craft room and how you store all your things. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Petrella said...

Way to go, girl! Your craft room looks awesome! So neat and tidy!!!! I SOOOO need to clean and organize my craft space! It's a total disaster right now!