Friday, July 2, 2010

Picnic at the Lake

Kind of at the last minute this afternoon... I asked the boys if they wanted to go have a picnic. They said yes so I packed a few sandwiches, etc.. and we headed out. We had a great time! Something different and definitely something we will do again and hopefully again! :)

Lots of pics that I want to post... if you are looking for cards.... go to the next post in line!! :)

Carver did really well. Last time we were at the beach... he was not a fan of the sand and the water. Michael and I were both really surprised that he liked the sand and he LOVED the water! Carver didn't want to get out! Next time we will come prepared with bathing suits, etc! :)

My boys

Eating Desert!

The Setup... :)

I have started keeping this quilt in our truck. I have a big black zippered bag that I keep stocked with things like this quilt, plates and napkins, extra clothes for Carver, etc etc. Just in case you wanted to know! :)

Feeding the geese (I guess that is what they are). They were scary... they even hiss... never knew that!

Carver's sand phobia.

Woo Hoo! Looks who is walking in the sand barefoot....

And he even got in the water... this is major progress people!!

Didn't take him long to start splashing!
I took this pic with my head turned... got lucky and think I got a pretty good shot!

Mommy and Carver

Drying off!

Peace and Love!


Alice Wertz said...

looks like a fun day! so glad that you had fun! thanks for sharing!

Winter said...

Awww looks like ya'll had a great day! We have been stuck in the house for days because of the rain! I hope it clears up tomorrow so we can go to the lake!
And I never knew geese hissed either, but they sure do! It's scary! Chance had to chase them off at the park one day so we could eat at the picnic tables! They were almost running to us to eat! Chance threw a jalapeno to one of them and it ate it! I couldn't believe it and it didn't act like it was hot! :)

travelingmama said...

Picnics are the best! And I love your quilt! Great idea to keep it handy! Hugs from Denmark!

Sarah Craig said...

Oooh, that is a great quilt! I'd like to see that one up close sometime! Were you at Bryant's Grove?

Vanessa said...

I am glad you had so much fun at the lake!! Love the photos!!

Janelle said...

Looks like a fun day, Kelley! Great progress in the Carver dept -- sometimes it just takes a reintroduction of whatever the previous "fear" was. Love the quilt -- and great tip about the bag in the car. Could've used that idea about 20 years ago! So glad you all had a fun day together!

Alison F. Collier said...

Such FUN! Good for Carver for giving into the sand and water. I think most people think sand is pretty, but a pain at the same time. Love ya'll!