Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well... we have made some progress this week... woo hoo! Hope to make a lot more before the week is over! I am feeling much much much better today... Thank you all for the get better wishes! :) Still coughing a little but no car on my chest! Allergies/Sinus suck! Sorry for the crude terminology but well... that is the only word that describes it! Weird how I only started having issues about 6 years ago or so. Wonder why that happens? Anyway...

So... today Michael worked on the shelves a little more. I took a load of stuff to the consignment shop and got the rest of the stuff (that I am planning to take as of right now) ready to take next week. I can't take any clothes until next month and I can only take 30 clothing items at a time so... that is going to take me a while to get all of those taken but hey... at least I have a plan. I took a lot of stuff today and the lady told me I could bring the rest next week. It makes me feel sad to get rid of it but at the same time it feels good to let it go and to get it out of my attic! I hope to make at least a little money off of it to put in Carvers savings account!

Here is a picture or two of all of the stuff that I took down out of the attic at the end of last week.

Here is a picture of what is going back in the attic until I can get it out and take it a little at a time to the shop! Considerably less and hopefully it will all be gone within a few months. Going to try to sell the bigger things myself and see how that goes before I take those to the shop so those are still in the attic as of right now! Wow... I am rambling!

Here is a picture of the progress that Michael has made on the shelves in the bonus room! I am super excited to be getting this project done. I can't wait to have that storage for Carver's toys, etc! It is making an unusable space... usable! Our ceiling comes down so low that if you walk too far towards the wall... you will bump your punkin!

I hope that tomorrow Michael can get the 'dressing' on it and then we can maybe paint it tomorrow night! I hope!! :)

The rest of the week will depend on how long it takes to get the shelves done. Plenty of other projects that need to be done... hopefully we will get to another one or two this week with a day or two reserved for me. I want Michael to keep Carver all day for at least one day and maybe 2 so I can really get some uninterrupted cleaning done! My house is screaming for a cleaning! :)

Anyway... I will really be glad to get the bonus room finished and then I hope to work my way down from there and redo just about every room in our house. This will take time because we are not made of money (ha) but... to get one room done will be great and then I can focus on the next! Laundry room is next in line.... just a fresh coat of paint! It is a small walk through from the kitchen to the bonus room/garage door and it is painted a dark blue/navy color right now. My appliances are white and my cabinets are white. I am thinking I may paint it white too... just to make it seem bigger. I am really feeling a little like Courtney these days (liking neutrals)... at least with my wall colors... wanting to go more neutral and work color in ... in different ways! We will see how it goes. I have always had A LOT of color going on. It just makes me happy!

Okay... enough rambling! Going to shut up now and go do something before I need to go to bed!

Oh... one more thing... I did a little blog hopping tonight after we got home (around 10:30 pm). Felt good! I went down my list on my blog and hopped until I felt like stopping! I didn't get too far down but it felt good to not have the pressure that I had been putting on myself to 'keep up'! I actually thought when we got home that I wanted to blog hop... not that I had to! Nice... Making progress here people! :)

Peace and Love!


Winter said...

Dang girl...your house looks like mine right now! I am in the process of bringing clothes to the resale shop and she only takes 20 at a time! It will be awhile before they are gone! :) I want to also sell the "big" items I have, but to lazy to have a garage sale. Maybe Chance will let me store it in his shop! :) The shelving is looking good!

Vanessa said...

Oh, I feel with you sweet Kelley! Our house looks like this all the time, it seems we'll never get everything finished! I am glad you are making process! I read all your ramblings and saw that cute card in your last post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are right that you are not alone with these! Love ya, sweet girl!

Sarah Craig said...

Love those bookcases! Maybe Michael could come over to our house after he finishes at yours.... ;-) I know that's going to make your space up there much more usable!!

Jeanne said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see the progress you are making. That must make you feel a whole lot better. Baby steps! I think shelves along that wall is a fantastic solution.

Keep up the great work!

Alanna said...

Looks like you're making good progress. Hopefully the stuff sells well the consignment shop so you can keep unloading.

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Take care.

Courtney Baker said...

That looks awesome! Go Michael. He's done a great job on those!

Elise said...

Sorry to hear that you were under the weather, sweet one! Things are looking mighty fine in the Eubank's home, if ya don't mind me saying! YOU are the queen of the organized! Yeah!