Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bonus Room

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to pop on and post some pics of our finished bookshelves! So excited to finally have it done and it looks great! I have plenty of room for toys, coloring books, books, craft supplies, etc. with some room to spare. Room to grow I guess! :)

Now just some touch ups and clean ups and I will really be happy! :) I want to get some curtains, throw pillows and maybe a big rug at some point. Anyway... all of that is for my to do list... not my blog post! :)

BTW... only showing half the room because the other half (Michael's desk) is a disaster area! :) But hey... he has built me some awesome shelves so I will give him another day or two before I start in on him cleaning out/up his area! :)

No card to post... sorry! Still in home mode!

I have been working on getting my stamp log completed and I am very very very happy to report that I am almost done stamping all of my stamps. Whew... what a chore! One I started on over a year ago! Thinking about throwing the rest of them away so I can be finished! Ha!

I have like 8 books of just random things that I have kept over the years from magazines, etc! I am also working on going through all of those and throwing out all of the crafty things and decor things that I kept if I ever had a girl. Also just throwing away (well recycling) the things that don't interest me anymore. Thankfully... that is most of it! I hope to have 3 (not even half full) books... a decor book, a crafty/activity with Carver book, and a Holiday decor book.

Let's see... what else have I been working on? Fixing to start working seriously on my photo albums/boxes. I am going to take all of my pics out of photo albums (except C's albums) and put them in the boxes. I am 2 years behind on printing and I am not planning to catch up. I don't really need photos from 10 years ago in albums. I am getting rid of any blurry photos, etc! I am giving any 3rd copies of photos that I have away to the parent of the child in the photo. I can have doubles but triples are too many! I am hoping to eliminate a lot of the stuff on my shelves in the living room!

Anyway.... guess I am listing things again! Just feel like rambling I guess! Good thing this is my blog! :) Just excited about the progress that we made this past week! Sorry!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! Hopefully I will be back in a day or two with a card!

Peace and Love!


Winter said...

The room looks great! I love how the book shelves turned out! I really want to see this stamping log book. I am in the process of finding a storage solution for my clear stamps and I would like to see how other do theirs, (if you have time of course)! :)

Vanessa said...

That room looks fab! Love the book shelves!! Can't wait to see your cards again...
Vanessa x

Jane said...

Awesome bonus room!!!

Naomi Chokr said...

Your bonus room looks soooo awesome!!!! BTW i love lists too! I cant live without them.

Alice Wertz said...

really nice bonus room!!! awesome shelves!!

Jeanne said...

Excellent bonus room. Love the shelves!

You have certainly been very busy and making excellent progress.

Alanna said...

Love the room and how the shelves turned out. Sounds like you've been super busy and getting a lot accomplished. Good luck with the rest of your to-do list.

Sarah Craig said...

You make me feel like such an under-achiever!! ;-) The bonus room looks gorgeous and I know you are excited about getting so organized! I just wish I could clone myself so one of me could sew and the other could organize!!