Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Carver is eating a late night snack of strawberries and cheese crackers before he takes a bath and goes to bed (late... again). I thought I would post pics of our day today!

Well... except this picture. This picture, of our house,was taken while we were across the street a couple of weeks ago. You can see how big our bushes are in the front and if you look hard... you can see how tall the red thorny bushes are to the left of the porch.

Well... this is what I spent all afternoon doing today! I am wiped out!

I don't understand why you plant shrubs, etc... and you water them and then you hope they live and grow... just so you can cut them down. Anyway.... apparently you are suppose to so... that is what I did! I hated to do it because it was all so big and pretty this year but we were starting to have to walk in a single file line up the sidewalk to get into the house. So... I just went ahead and cut them down real good... :) ... so I won't have to do again next year! That was the plan anyway! We will see how that works out. I think it has been a couple of years since the last time that I cut them back. Oh... and the holly bushes were starting to mess with my card picture taking. Can't be having that! :)

Okay... so.. glad to be done with that. I should have lost 5 pds today just from sweating! Of course... I gained about 2 lbs of big red whelps! I hate mosquitoes!

This is what the bonus room shelves looked like earlier today! Michael put all the trimmings on and since this picture was shot... filled the holes, sanded ... and now they are ready to paint. I guess once Carver goes to bed... that is what we will be doing!

This is what Carver did today while Michael was working in the bonus room and I was in another part of the house.

Carver came down the steps to show me his level and pencil that he had drawn on the wall with like daddy! Wasn't that sweet of him? Such the big helper! :)

These are just some pics of the sky this morning while Carver and I were running errands! I love clouds. God is Amazing!!

This is another picture of the sky when I left a few hours ago to go get us some yum yum Chick-fil-A for din din! I couldn't tell if that was rain coming down in the distance. I think it was but.. I am not certain about that. I just thought it looked cool so I pulled over and took a pic!

I love having a camera in my purse at all times!!

Oh... and this is a pic of my favorite little helper this morning in his car seat. Took this right after the 1st set of cloud pictures. What a cutie!

Oh xs 2... I hate mosquitoes!!

Peace and Love!


Karen said...

Looks like you all got a lot done today, including Carver!! I'm oh so not a fan of mosquitos either. When visiting family off the coast of Virginia and walking through black swarms of the little buggers, we would be sent to the bathroom to dab on vinegar on all of our bites. And while it stank, it definitely did help! :> Have fun painting and hope you get to bed soon! :>

Karen B. said...

Thanks for the laugh! Well, about your little helper anyway, but I kind of think you didn't laugh too much! It's a familiar site in my house-but our culprit used a sharpie. Needless to say that the sharpies are ALL gone now!

Lynnette said...

Wow, you are busy busy. I am with you about mosquitos and trimming shrubs (I'd also throw in weeding and poison ivy). Great artwork by your boy! So cute, and he's got your artistic side too. Oh your house is just beautiful.

Alice Wertz said...

lovely post, Kelley!! you have been working hard, girl! and your little helper is so cute!! thanks for the lovely photos!!

Jeanne said...

You have definitely been working hard, but it looks SO good, what a feeling of accomplishment. I admit to getting a chuckle over Carver's artwork, only because I've lived it and feel for you! He is a cutie though, so I'll bet it's hard to get on him too hard.

Why were mosquitoes created is what I want to know? I can barely go outside at night around here because I have a bad reaction to bites. Sigh...

Leigh Ann Baird said...

The mosquitoes are the only downside(for me) of living in the humid south. You would think I would be used to them since I've lived in East TN all my life! A screened in porch is almost a necessity around here unless you want to dip yourself in repellant. Mosquitoes love me too--I must be extra sweet! LOL Oh and I have an obsessive love for Chick-fil-a and often tell people that if you cut me I bleed chick-fil-a.

Christina Smith said...

I hate mosquitos, too! But even worse are these flies called deer flies. They have them in Michigan and Wisconsin and they are EVIL! Haha! I LOVE the cloud pictures! Isn't God just so amazing!! I could watch clouds all day long!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

You should submit that photo of the drawing on the wall to "s*** my kids ruined" - it's a really funny website. I'm thinking they need to make one for animals too!

Winter said...

Great pics! You have been a busy girl! :)