Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you Friends

Happy Wednesday!

Here are two cards that I made a few nights ago to send out to some friends of mine. Real simple and flat... great for mailing! :)

Keeping it short... Carver is napping but won't be much longer!

Hope you are all doing well!

I have to apologize before I go! I am still not back in the swing with blog hopping/commenting. Some days I try to do better and other days... I don't even try! I don't know what my deal is lately! I have noticed that ever since I took Carver out of school... right after spring break... I have been struggling. I wasn't getting a ton of time while he was away but I guess it was enough to at least keep the home part up. Now .... I seem to be spending that 'me time' doing those things. I am still crafting some most nights. I am just having a hard time finding a balance and being able to 'do it all'. So... again... I am sorry!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Thank you
Stamps - Green Thumb (PTI)
Paper - Vintage Cream (PTI)
Ink - Black, Hibiscus, and New Leaf (PTI)
Other - Twine (PTI), SU Corner Rounder

Supplies: Friends
Stamps - Beautiful Blooms and Green Thumb (PTI)
Paper - Vintage Cream (PTI)
Ink- Enchanted Evening, Melon Berry and Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - SU Ticket corner punch, Twine (PTI)


Ann said...

Hey, Kelley, cute cards! I love that berry one! And don't you worry about not what makes YOU happy!

Karen B. said...

No need to be sorry, I'm glad that you are working towards finding a balance and doing what you need to do. Love you cute and simple cards by the way!!

naomi chokr said...

Hey Kelley!!!!!! Love your cards!!!! Dont worry about it. I know what you mean though. I had to stop blog surfing and commenting for 5 months. It's tough... the day goes by so fast. So just pick and choose what make you happy and doesnt bring you stress. Take care!!!

Lynnette said...

Girl, your cards are so sweet. And don't stress, just take care of yourself and family. Focus on Him, and life will fall into place. Love you

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful cards, as usual! And about the other stuff, just relax, take a deep breath, and do what makes you happy! Everything else will fall into place!

Alice Wertz said...

very sweet cards, Kelley!! hope all is well and take care!! =)

Catherine said...

They are both very sweet Kelley. I hope you get your groove back and things start to settle down into a comfortable routine. Take care.xo

Jeanne said...

What lovely cards, Kelley. I really like the strawberry one! Must be a spring thing, I'm starting to see lots of strawberries popping up.

No worries on commenting. I well remember the days when it was all I could do to keep the house up, let alone try to do all the things I wanted to do. If it helps, it does get time. You do the best you can and try not to stress, that takes all the fun out of things!


Winter said...

These a 'berry' cute! ;) I love that little strawberry stamp! I know what you mean about not blogging, there are days that go by and I didn't even get to turn my computer on! But it will all work out, no worries! :)

Vanessa said...

Love your cards! I feel like you at the moment - so much to do and so little time! Can't keep up everything and feeling a bit helpless...

Janelle said...

Love your simple cards, Kelley -- especially the way you drop the twine down a bit. They're just perfect and so very you!
Funny you should use the word "balance" in your narrative. That is my word for the year (ala Ali Edwards) -- I made a little frame with the word, but didn't blog about it. Keeping balance in my life is the hardest thing for me. And, to be honest, I've kinda forgotten about my word lately. Thanks for the reminder -- now if I can just manage to find it (balance, I mean...)!