Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eubanks Mothers Day

Tonight Michael's family came over to celebrate Mother's Day. This is a picture of my sister-in-law, Lisa, with Michael and my mom-in-law, Brenda.

We had a good time just hanging out and eating Chinese food and pizza. I felt rude all night because I was going around picking up crumbs off the floor. We have seen a few ants in the house and a bunch outside. We are doing everything we can to keep from having a major problem inside and outside. I explained this to everyone but still felt like a bad host. I know they understand. I just couldn't help myself!

I just hate.... hate bugs!!

All the kids had a big time playing together. Carver has been looking forward to Mimi (aka... Lisa), Bill, Natalee, Libby, and Rex coming over to our house. Carver is always excited to see his Granna and Poppy when they come over too. We just don't have the whole family over a lot so it was a special treat for Carver to have everyone come see him at his house. It was a special treat for all of us.

Here is the card that I made for Granna for Mother's Day.

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