Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day celebrating with the Eubanks! We had a great steak dinner (thanks Poppy and Granna) and we got to play outside in between rain showers. I wanted to share some of my favorite pics of the day.

Poppy and Granna recently purchased this 4-wheeler and a few bikes for the kids (big and little) to enjoy. Here is Michael and Carver taking it for a spin. Don't worry mom.... Michael drove slow! :-) Well... he did when Carver was riding with him.

I thought this was sweet of Carver and Michael watching all of the fun.

This is Natalee and Michael racing down the driveway... I think Natalee won!

Here is Michael trying to ride a bike that is obviously too small for him. I thought it was cute!

Sweet picture of Poppy and Libby!

Here is Bill waiting to ride with Rex. He looks like a guy ready to race!

Michael brought his airplane to fly! I got some great shots of it in the sky.... right before it would crash to the ground! ha... :-) love ya honey!
Here is Lisa and Rex after taking their turn on the 4-wheeler. Most of the shots I got of them riding were of their back so I was glad they took time to pose for me!
Check out Carver's Spider Man sunglasses.... he is too cute!
This is some kind of buzzard or something. After Michael flew his plane, this bird thing came around and hung out in a tree for a while. Bill finally figured out that it came over because it saw the plane circling around. It must have thought there was something dead lying around.
Granna wanted to do something special for Michael and I for our anniversary so she asked Lisa to make a stop on the way over. While I was outside taking pictures, this is what Lisa came up with. Too cute and very sweet!
After Michael would get finished tearing up the yard with the 4-wheeler, he would wash off his legs and feet with this hose. Carver watched him and figured out that water would drip on his foot if he stood there. So cute!
And last but definitely not least.... here is Granna tearin it up on the 4-wheeler!! :-)
Fun Day!!
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Michael said...

I had a great time that day! We should have taken a picture of those steaks! :-)