Friday, May 1, 2009

Freckle Face

Can you see that sweet freckle? This is Carver's first freckle. He has had about 4 freckles come out, pop up, whatever they do, in the past week or so but this was the first one.

I love him!

Michael had several things going on last night so Carver and I had a mother and son date night. We went to eat at O'Charley's and then visited PetSmart to see the animals. Usually we only go to PetSmart to get food for our animals, but this night, we just went for Carver.

While we were in PetSmart, Carver watched the cutest little hamster run around on its wheel. The kid laughed and I mean belly laughed for a good 10 minutes watching that hamster. I love to hear him laugh like that!

The best part of the date happened while we were eating dinner. Carver is like his daddy and can hear a baby cry a mile away. Michael just usually wants the crying to stop. :-) Carver becomes concerned. He kept telling me that there was a baby crying. Finally, I suggested that maybe Carver say a prayer for the baby... pray that the baby wouldn't be upset or hurting anymore. This didn't seem to interest him too much so I said a quick prayer for the baby. Within a minute of my prayer, Carver put his hands together and prayed to God all by himself, for that baby, for a good minute. I have no idea what he was saying but God did! I made out some of the words... baby, crying, hurt, etc. Carver tends to mumble when he prays.

So a few minutes later, the manager came over to see how our dinner was. The manager was asking Carver questions about his food but Carver kept saying "baby crying". The manager didn't understand Carver so I told him what Carver said. The manager then asked Carver, "the baby was crying?" to which Carver replied, "I prayed for it". I had to tell the manager again what Carver was saying and boy was I one proud momma! The manager seemed shocked and didn't really know what to say.

I love him! Carver... not the manager. :-)
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Cindi said...

I LOVED this story. Made me cry. Carver has the most tender loving little heart. He is so lucky to have such wonderful parents...parents who teach him to PRAY. Teaching our kids to read and write and how to go potty...those are all important, but teaching our kids about God and Jesus and the relevance of prayer...THAT is vital. I'm in awe as I watch what wonderful parents you and Michael are, and how much yall love Carver, and how much Carver loves yall. You are truly blessed.