Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday Pictures

I wanted to do another post to share a few more photos from Tuesday. I can only fit four pictures per post. I am sure I could do more if I knew how but... I don't... so... another post it is! I will figure that out another time! :-)

On Tuesday morning, Carver and I went to my mom's work to wish her a Happy Birthday. Before we left the house, Carver wanted to pick a flower to give to Nana. Carver found one of those yellow flower/weed things in the yard. I don't know what they are called. Nana loved it and Carver was proud of himself for making Nana happy.

When we left Tuesday afternoon, to go to Granna and Poppy's, Carver wanted to take Libby a flower for her birthday. When he couldn't find a good flower/weed to pick in our yard, I told him that when we went by the church, to pick up Daddy, that we would look to see if we could find any flowers there. Carver talked all the way to church about finding a flower for Libby. Well... we found some so Carver was happy. However, we forgot to give Libby the flower. There was so much pollen on it that we left it outside at Granna and Poppy's and forgot to bring it in before everyone left to go home. I guess I will just have to send her a picture of his thoughtful gesture.
I don't know who this is... I can't see his face. Oh.. wait... i think I recognize that body! Silly boy... bags are for presents!

This is Natalee, Michael, and Libby being silly. Michael was having fun taking pictures of himself with the girls behind him making faces. He couldn't see what they were doing until after he took the picture. It takes so little to entertain him! :-) He got some really cute pictures though. This was one of my favorites!

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Courtney Baker said...

Fun pictures. I like the flowers story.

I think to add more pictures, once you add the first 4 you just start the process over. It's not that you can't have more than four, you just can't upload more than four at a time. Does that make sense?

The Quiles Family said...

I love the story of Carver picking flowers for all the ladies....he is growing into quite a gentleman!