Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite Shoes

I promised Carver that we would go outside today and blow some of the bubbles he got for Easter when he woke from nap time. However, when he woke up, it was storming. Instead of being upset about not getting to go outside right away, Carver wanted to watch for thunder. He would hear it and thought he would be able to see it.

Most of the storm had passed by the time he woke up so it wasn't too long before we were able to go spend some time outside. When I told him it was time, he immediately ran to get his boots. These boots are Carvers favorite shoes. He can put them on himself. Anytime we go somewhere he gets compliments from the nice ladies in the stores. I let him wear his boots just about anytime he wants to. I am sure some people look at me and wonder why I let him wear rain boots with that outfit or why he is wearing them when it isn't raining. Carver wears them because he loves them and I love him. I have bigger things to worry about than if his shoes match his outfit. If I didn't let him wear them, I would be missing out on this precious memory I have of Carver. I will forever cherish these boots and the independence they gave him.

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Ever Changing Seasons said...

how stinking cute Carver's boots are. good for you for letting him wear them even when they don't match the outfit he is wearing. this is exactly what "memories" are made of.

Cindi said...

Rockin' boots, Carver! I wish I had some! I think the world would be a happier place if we would all just wear some fun little rubber rain boots with cute little faces on them. Don't you agree? :)