Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday at my parents house. This is a picture of my beautiful niece, Paige. This was my favorite picture of the day so I wanted to share.

My mom fixed all of my favorite foods for lunch. Mom does this for all of us on our special day. I have the best mom in the world. We get on each others nerves at times because we are two different people with sometimes very different opinions. The older we get, the worse this seems to get. :-) I guess that is just life and probably that we are too much alike. But.... I love my mom and there is never a doubt that my mom loves me. I am pretty hard to love at times but she loves me anyway. I guess that is what good mothers do!

My family gave me some funny birthday cards and I got some money from my grandmother and from my parents. I can't wait to spend it on some Papertrey goodies... yum!! My siblings and I usually don't exchange gifts for birthdays, just cards, but my sister-in-law made me the sweetest scrapbook for my birthday. It is a poem, with pictures of me and my nephew, Alex, telling the story of how I became known as Boo Boo. Alex started calling me Boo Boo when he was around 2 years old because he couldn't say Kelley. Alex just came out with Boo Boo one day... we all laughed and I have been Boo Boo ever since. To this day if he slips up and calls me by my actual name, I am like "excuse me... i don' t think so... it is boo boo". My oldest nephew, Dustin, is married with a child older than mine and he still calls me Boo Boo. I love it! I will forever treasure that scrapbook.
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Margaret said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good birthday.....after you got over the initial crabby mood. :) I didn't forget your fact, it is one of the few that I can actually remember. April 17th is also my anniversary. This year was our 28th. Glenn and I spent the day working on the farm. We did stop in time to go out for a nice dinner at Demos. As the years pass, the celebration gets smaller. :( Love ya! Margaret

Kelley Eubanks said...

Thank you and belated Happy Anniversary to you! I am sure you have told me more than once that we share that date but I didn't remember that. I will write it in my calendar so I will remember from now on! I will call Glenn before next year and tell him he needs to make it a big celebration! :-) We will be married 11 years next month and we have never had a big celebration. I guess we should because it is a big deal! Love you too!!

Cindi said...

I'm happy you love the scrapbook, Boo Boo! :) I'm having Mike take my disk with him to work this next week so he can print off a few of the pages to where the photos are a little more clear. will notice that there is an empty sheet in the back of your scrapbook. I have something that goes in there, sort of a "PS" you might say. I ran out of time and didn't get it in there in time for your bday; however, I have the layout, I've just got to get it done. The scrapbook tells the story of how "Boo Boo" came to be, but the extra pages tell a little bit "after" Boo Boo, you might say. It has been a real pleasure doing this for you, Kelley. You are such a sweet, loving Aunt and sister-in-law! Love you!